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Boston Teacher And City Councillor Kendra Lara Post Sex Video With Her Child Present While Naked From Waist Down

Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (23:35)

Boston City Councillor Kendra Lara (formerly Hicks) has been a lighting rod for controversy during her first year in office. She proposed legislation that would have ex-cons replaced police officers at traffic details, nearly started a riot at a City Council meeting in defense of her colleague Ricardo Arroyo after he was credibly accused by multiple women of rape, was revealed to have lied about being called the n word every day in emails after we conducted a public records request, and has been living in government subsidized housing that she no longer qualifies for due to her City Council salary that she recently voted to raise. But now there’s an even worse scandal she’s going to ignore involving her special needs son and a sex tape. 

For months we’ve seen the rumors on Twitter about the existence of such a tape.

But although some claimed to have seen it, no one seemed to have it. We kept asking around with our sources, and then yesterday we had it sent to us. The video is recorded by Boston Public Schools teacher Owen Thomas immediately after he claimed to have had anal sex with Lara. In the video he jokes about it, then pans the camera over to Lara who is naked from the waste down and tending to her child. She is aware he is filming, does not tell him to stop, and makes a joke about how he had anal sex with her “accidentally.” It doesn’t show any genitals, but is inappropriate at best, and abusive at worst:

Thomas: “Yo, what’s up y’all? Just chillin. Definitely just f***ed Kendra in the a**, it was crazy.”

Lara: “Accidentally.”

Thomas: “Yea, look, look, look.”

Lara even looks at the camera and smiles, while tending to her son.

This is abusive behavior. Lara should be investigated by the Boston Police and a 51A should be filed. Was the child in the room when they had anal sex? If not, who was watching him when they did? For her to think it’s appropriate to stand in front of her child with no pants on, while the f** buddy of the week brags about having anal sex with her within full earshot of the child, is so incredibly ratchet. This isn’t some run of the mill junkie. It’s one of the most powerful elected officials in one of the country’s biggest cities. It’s shameful that the City of Boston is being run by someone like this.

The Boston Globe and other media outlets chose not to write about her illegal occupation of low income housing or her blatant, provable lie about receiving emails that called her the n word. Will they cover this one up too?

Owen Thomas is a teacher at Boston Day and Evening Academy in Roxbury. BDEA is a public alternative school for kids who have either dropped out of the schools, had attendance issues, or been held back multiple times. They serve high school age students, but do not have designated grades (9th, 10th, etc). It’s very similar to the Fanning Learning Center in Worcester, where I used to teach.

According to Thomas’ bio on the BDEA website, he teaches critical history (CRT) and facilitates “restorative justice.” At his previous teaching job he taught “cultural relevance for students of color.”

Owen Thomas has taught critical history in Boston for the past 7 years. For the first 4 years, he worked at Diploma Plus, an alternative program housed with Charlestown High School. There, Owen helped to lead the history team and develop curriculum that broke down the artificial walls placed between the school and the community at large. He led interdisciplinary courses that included powerful experiential elements and highlighted the connection between historical moments and the world we live in today. He spent a year at Davis Leadership Academy, teaching 7th grade English, learning literacy techniques at Boston’s only middle school with a specific focus on cultural relevance for students of color. He is trained in a facilitates restorative justice and community building circles. Since joining BDEA he has continued his work building powerful communities of learners who tie together important ideas from the past with the challenges we face in our world today

In other words, he knows all the right buzzwords to say in order to maintain employment in Kendra Lara’s Boston. He can’t get a job at a normal public school, so they throw him in with the dropouts in order to keep them off the streets.

Lara often virtue signals on social media about her concern for children.

She made an unfounded accusation that 40% of cops abuse family members.

She feigned outrage over a sex scandal at Mission Hill School.

She called out ICE for “traumatizing children,” despite subjecting her own child to anal sex references as she stood in front of him naked.

She’s really worried about “trans children.”

She’s concerned that “environmental racism” is hurting black and brown children because too many white people are moving in (gentrification).

She says we need to care more about other people’s children.

Which is exactly why we’re writing this blog. But then she said that people who don’t have children of their own “don’t care about other people’s children.”

The emperor may have no clothes, but neither does the Boston City Councillor. And I’m sorry Kendra, but I do have children, and even if I didn’t I’d still have a right to be concerned about what you’re subjecting your children to.


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