Bruins Stanley Cup Finals Tickets GoFundMe Started For Amesbury Parents Who Never Reported Their Deceased Daughter Missing


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More and more people have reached out to us with troubling details about the home that deceased Amesbury 13 year old Chloe Ricard was living in prior to running away and ending up dead at a hospital in Lawrence on Monday. She was never reported missing, and her mother and stepfather seemed indifferent based on the things they were posting on Facebook after she ran away from home on a school night. Dad posted this while she was still missing.

He posted this after he found out she was dead.

Mom went on TV and forced some crocodile tears out for the cameras.

But when she got home she signed into her Facebook page, AND her dead daughter’s Facebook page, and unleashed on people criticizing her parenting skills.

And many who know them have alleged that Chloe ran away because she was living in an abusive house with parents who did not give her the love and attention that a 13 year old needs.

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Now the father is saying he wants to “turn the city of Lawrence upside down” to find the 40 something year old stranger who dropped her off there.

If he had the same enthusiasm to find her while she was alive, she might still be alive. Instead he was posting Bruins memes.

Despite the fact that someone already set up a GoFundMe for them which has raised over $7,000, an Amesbury resident named John Vigliotti took it upon himself to open a second GFM. But it wasn’t for funeral costs, it was for Bruins Stanely Cup Finals tickets:

No. Just no.

These parents aren’t victims. They’re the reason she’s dead. They deserve nothing less than scorn and judgement. And now someone is trying to reward them for their parental negligence by giving them tickets to the Bruins game on Monday.

John was criticized by many for his thoughtless GFM, so he complained about it on Facebook before starting a new, much more vague GFM.

These people are alleged to have substance abuse problems, and he wants to give them a blank check. What could possibly go wrong?


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