Cambridge Woman Threatens To Lie To Everett PD About Tinder Date Raping Her If He Dumps Her, Threatens Plymouth Cop After Refusing To Relay Lie About Being Pregnant


Earlier in the month we wrote about Jessice DePatie, the Cambridge resident who faked her own death, pretended to be both her father and a Holliston police officer, and pretended to be pregnant after a Tinder love connection didn’t work out. We later found out that she had made up another lie about a murder victim’s brother who she met in the mental hospital, alleging that he was her ex-boyfriend and had choked and assaulted her.

Another one of her victims from Everett read these stories and reached out to us at the end of last week to share his experience.

I’m reaching out because a few months ago, back in September, I met this girl off tinder. We dated for less than a week before I decided to break up with her. It did not go well. She threatened to kill herself, to hurt me, to go to the police and say I raped her. All this wild crazy shit. I got restraining orders against her and tried to just move on with my life while cooperating with the police investigation she started against me. The charges were eventually dropped and the detective told me he was going to try and go after her for filing a false police report.

Earlier today I decided to look her up and see if she had ever been charged or killed herself or anything. And I found your articles about her. Jessica DePatie. 

We met for the first time on Thursday, September 5th. I broke up with her just barely a week later on Friday, September 13th. She became suicidal so I called the Cambridge PD and they sent EMTs and and officer over to talk to her. A few hours later one of the EMTs called me to ask if I knew if she was on any drugs or anything, I told him I didn’t know. He then told me that when they went to talk to her she attacked them, so they had to restrain her and involuntarily commit her to the hospital. She was supposed to be held there for 72 hours. The very next day she started messaging me on snapchat again asking to talk. I wanted nothing to do with her at this point so I just blocked her. That was Saturday, Sept 14th. On Sunday I started getting back to back calls and texts from an unrecognized phone number claiming to be her father.

On Monday I went to the Everett Police Department to tell them all about this to try and cover my ass. I showed them all the texts and screenshots I’d received so far. They very strongly suggested I go get a restraining order. So on Tuesday I went to the Malden District Court and got an HPO against her. The judge who read all the evidence I brought in was horrified by what she saw. Jess was served the order at around 9:30PM on Tuesday night, about 5 minutes later she was texting me again, threatening me and telling me to drop the order. I called the cops again to report that she had violated the order, an officer came by my house and I showed him everything and he made a report and told me they would charge her. The next morning I called the Everett PD to follow up and see if they needed anything additional from me. The officer on the phone was acting really weird (this was the original officer I had talked to who told me to go get the restraining order, he had been very friendly and helpful) and told me to call back in an hour. When I called back and hour later he told me that when I had called, Jess was standing on the other side of his desk at that exact moment, filing a report against me saying I had raped her. A few days later I was called by a detective and asked to come in. They asked me a bunch of questions and I cooperated as much as I could. Gave them all the screenshots and texts she had sent me. They thanked me for everything and let me go.

The detective told me he believed that I hadn’t done anything wrong, that Jess was just doing this as retaliation for breaking up with her. He also told me he would continue investigating and if thats the conclusion he ended up coming to he would try to charge her with filing a false police report. When I found your articles the other day I called him up and told him that I found evidence that she had done the EXACT same thing to multiple other people. But he told me that the DA wasn’t going to pursue any charges against her because they thought it would look bad and they didn’t want to set a precedent that might make real rape victims hesitate to come forward.

Over the last 2-3 months I’ve had to replace 5 car tires because I keep finding nails in them, none of my roommates have had any issues with their cars. So I’m probably going to invest in some sort of security camera system for my driveway.

If this is true, it’s disgusting that Middlesex County DA Marian Ryan isn’t pursuing charges against a woman who lied about being raped, because it would “look bad.” I certainly hope the Everett Police wouldn’t accept that for an answer. People who make up lies about being raped should get the same punishment as the rapist would’ve gotten.  Former State Trooper Robert Sundberg is sitting in a prison cell for the next 10-15 years, despite ANY physical evidence against him, because his lush state trooper ex-girlfriend made up a lie about being raped by him after he dumped her. When you make up a lie about a rape, there’s a good chance the person you’re accusing can be convicted based entirely on your testimony. Especially if you can smear them and put on a good show.

If you’re ever victimized by someone like this man was, it’s best to document everything like he did. Watch:

As you can see, he’s trying not to hurt her. He was polite in the way he ended things, and she’s pretending to be suicidal in order to guilt him into staying with her.

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Then she threatened to have her Dad Bill involved too.

After that she pretended to be the father, and the victim fell for it initially.

As you can see, she’s threatening to make up lies about being drugged with Liquid G and raped, unless he stays with her.

In a new twist she also pretended to be her ex-boyfriend.

Despite the restraining order she continued to harass him.

She bruised herself.


It is absolutely mind boggling that a woman like this can just walk the streets like nothing happened. Every guy she meets on Tinder is in danger of having fake rape charges made up against them.

Finally, one of her other victims reported her to the Plymouth Police after a series of threats and she responded by threatening the cop who responded to the call.

TL;DR – she demanded that the police officer investigating her contact the victim who called the cops on her, and when the cop didn’t she complained she was being harassed by the police, and threatened to have the cop’s badge. When that didn’t work she told the cops that she would lie about being sexually assaulted if they didn’t call up the guy who dumped her and lie about her being pregnant (which seems ill advised). This went nowhere, she threatened to have the cop charged, then called him a “f***ing a**hole” and hung up.

I feel bad for her parents, but I think even they would agree that the best place for her right now is behind bars where she can finally get some help. Until then she’s a threat to every man she encounters.


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