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Hopkinton Woman Also Falsely Accused A Hollison Murder Victim’s Brother Who She Met In Mental Health Hospital Of Strangling And Trying To Kill Her In May


Yesterday we blogged about former Hopkinton resident Jessice DePatie, after she harassed, stalked, threatened, and fabricated stories about a man because he didn’t want to date her. On top of pretending to be pregnant, Jessica also threatened to kill herself if he didn’t call her back, faked her own death, pretending to be a Hopkinton cop, her own father, and a radio executive, and harassed her victim and his boss for 24 hours straight on Thanksgiving.

As soon as the blog was published I got an email from the Jessice filled with the same sort of lies she told the man who now has a restraining order out against her. Except this time she pretended that they were together for four months and he beat and raped her.

Now she’s blaming the victim’s mother, and claims to have “evidence” that all this occurred, but she’s not going to show me the evidence because it will interfere with the imaginary trial against her victim. She mixed up her states though. Yesterday it was Colorado she was running off to, not Wyoming. But I guess all rectangles look alike to her.

She also sent this message using a burner phone to her victim’s boss.

Notice how she mentions an “ex” hitting her there? A couple observant turtle riders noticed a name from her ramblings on Snapchat – Lars.

Lars is another one of her victims who she pretended was her boyfriend, then fabricated lies about. His real name is Lars Bergstrom, an 18 year old from Holliston who was arrested in May for allegedly choking and threatening his “girlfriend.”

Lars met Jessica in a mental health hospital after his older sister Olivia was murdered by her boyfriend in February 2018.

Just like with the DJ she’s now stalking, she pretended that Lars was her boyfriend and made up baseless lies about him attacking her.

A Holliston man hit his girlfriend in the head with a candlestick, choked her with a phone charger and threatened to shoot her, a prosecutor said Monday in Framingham District Court. Police arrested Lars D. Bergstrom, 18, on Saturday, charging him with the incident that occurred last Wednesday, prosecutor Mikela Almeida said during Bergstrom’s arraignment. On Saturday, around 7:22 p.m., police went to Bergrstom’s 447 Marshall St., home for a disturbance. Once there, Bergstrom’s girlfriend said he had beaten her earlier in the week, police said. According to a police report, Bergstrom became enraged when the woman asked him for $60 he owed her.

“He hit her multiple times with different objects,” said Almeida. “He grabbed a phone charger and strangled her with it.”

According to the report, one of the items Bergstrom hit the woman with was a candlestick. She said she saw “colors” after being hit in the head and could not say what the other items were. She said when he was choking her, she scratched his face. Bergstrom told the woman since she was in his house “he had a right” to shoot her. The woman told police she knew Bergstrom had a gun and he kept in his car, police wrote in the report. The woman has bruises on both of her cheeks and injuries to her neck, police wrote in the report, and also found a realistic looking BB gun in Bergstrom’s bedroom.

Police arrested Bergstrom and charged him with strangulation, domestic assault and battery, domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and domestic assault with a dangerous weapon. Almeida asked Judge Jennifer Stark to hold Bergstrom on $1,000 bail, but Bergstrom’s lawyer, Christopher Shannon, said the allegations are all a lie.

“He adamantly denies the facts as alleged in the police report,” said Shannon. “He denies they were ever even dating.”

Shannon said Bergstrom met the woman, who is 23, about a year ago when they were both in rehab. The woman has contacted Bergstrom repeatedly, but he has no interest in her.

The word “rehab” makes it sound like he was in there for drugs. He was in there because he’s a victim of someone he loved being brutally stabbed to death by her boyfriend, who then tried to kill his own parents. He’s been through trauma, and now she’s revictimizing and the courts and police are allowing this injustice to happen.

This is almost the same exact story she made up about the DJ. A guy wants nothing to do with her, she pretends they were a couple, she stalks him, then calls the cops on him and covers herself in bruises to make it look real. She mentions the gun because he probably knows how unstable and dangerous she is, and told her that if she attacked him he’d defend himself. She knows that when police show up to a domestic and here words like “detox,” “gun,” “boyfriend,” and “money,” they jump to conclusions.

Then there’s the fact that he was the one who called the police. Why would a guilty man call the cops to his own house? When cops go to a domestic dispute it’s always he said-she said, and without indisputable proof they’re always likely to believe the woman, especially when she sounds distressed and tells a convincing story.

The event took place “earlier in the week” as well. How convenient. This gave her plenty of time to hurt herself and blame him for the bruises. If you don’t think she’s capable of that then read the messages she sent the DJ who dumped her.

Lars is being charged with four felonies for this, and there is no doubt in my mind that this woman will take the stand and lie. But because Lars was once in a mental health facility and wears flat brimmed hats, and because she’s a Northeastern grad who comes from a good family and can put on a good show, I think we all know who a judge and jury will be inclined to believe.

This is frightening. I’ve called the Holliston Police Department today to speak to an officer about it and I await their return call. Perhaps I’m missing something, but it seems like she’s making this up. If all they have is her word, then they have nothing, because she’s a pathological liar with a documented history of doing this to men who won’t date her.

ADA Mikela Almeida is new to the job too.

She’s working as a prosecutor in Middlesex County, which has gotten a bad rap by not prosecuting Jared Remy for domestic violence, who then went on to kill his spouse. Is there any doubt that Marian Ryan has made it a priority for her ADA’s to increase conviction rates for males accused of domestic violence?

This is the most obvious free muh boi situation in the history of free muh boi. I’ve contacted Lars’ attorney Christopher Shannon but haven’t heard back yet. Hopefully that changes shortly. Stay tuned for updates on this one.

P.S. A lot of people criticized us for writing this story because this woman is crazy and they felt bad for her. Do you still feel that way now? She’s not some innocent person who’s only dragging herself down. She’s manipulative, conniving, and knows exactly what she’s doing. She needs to be in jail where she’ll be forced to undergo mental health evaluation.


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