Canton Coverup Part 109: Julie Albert Had Lawsuit Filed Against Her Last Week For Credit Card Debt, Defaulted In Separate Lawsuit By Skipping Court Friday


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In Part 8 we documented the financial troubles for Canton Selectman Chris Albert, who has had close to a dozen court judgments and tax liens against him in civil court. But his wife Julie has also had several judgments against her too, and was recently the subject of another lawsuit filed against her in Stoughton District Court.

Midland Credit Management wants the $4,849.12 she racked up in credit card bills and never paid. Her account became delinquent over two years ago.

In February it was Portfolio Recovery Associates trying to get the $824.77 she owed for her credit card bills. She had a summons to appear in court on Friday and defaulted. A capias has been issued for her.

Julie has been doing this for years, dating back to a 2007 judgment against her filed by Harvest Credit Management. She defaulted on that one too, and never paid the $6,862.74 she owed.

Keep in mind, this family was out at the Waterfall Bar and Grille and CJ McCarthy’s the night John O’Keefe was killed, paying for drinks. Chris was at the Waterfall last month during the middle of the day, doing the same. They’ve also hired an expensive attorney named Joe Krowski for their son Colin, after he was issued a subpoena to appear in front of a federal grand jury by 2 FBI agents in April. This family has plenty of money to spend on alcohol and legal fees, but can’t seem to pay their bills, despite the fact that they are well aware that they are in the public eye.

Chris Albert is still on the Canton Board of Selectman, and received financial contributions from Town Administrator Charles Doody, fellow Selectmen Michael Loughran and John Connolly, State Rep Bill Galvin, and close to 100 other people. As a Selectman Chris Albert is in charge of overseeing a $146 million budget, but he and his wife can’t seem to pay their credit card bills, including one for less than $1K that is almost 3 years old. If he can’t manage his own finances, then why is he managing the entire town’s?

Canton deserves better than this, and the citizens should start a recall petition.


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