Canton Cover-Up Part 138: John O’Keefe’s Medical Examiner Previously Changed Cause Of Death In Murder Cases After Being Coached By ADA’s


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The supporters of the Alberts and McCabes frequently point to the findings of Medical Examiner Irini Scordi-Bello in order to dismiss the allegations that John O’Keefe was murdered by anyone except Karen Read. They argue that she is a trained medical professional with no ties to the Alberts or McCabes, and that suggesting she’s part of a wider conspiracy is absurd.

However, I’ve never argued that she was, and neither has anyone else. We’re just pointing out the obvious fact that these injuries didn’t come from being backed into by a Lexus, before landing on snowy grass.

The fact of the matter is that medical examiners gets it wrong quite often. Two years ago we wrote a story about a Lowell woman named Emely Nieves, who documented the abuse she received at the hands of her boyfriend Devante Degree on social media. One morning she was found dead in Degree’s mother’s house from blunt force trauma, but the medical examiner determined that it wasn’t a homicide – she had simply died from falling out of bed.

After that there was nothing the police could do. Devante Degree got away with cold blooded murder because of the incompetence of a medical examiner.

Dr. Scordi-Bello said that the parallel gash marks on JO’s arm were simply “abrasions” caused by a blunt object, and said she observed no signs of a physical altercation.

These are not abrasions.

She claimed that they were caused by a blunt object, which is defined as “any solid object used as a weapon, which damages its target by applying direct mechanical force, and has no penetrating point or edge.”

But those cuts were not caused by a blunt object like a car because it requires a sharp object to be able to penetrate skin like that.

Scrodi-Bello also said that there were no signs of defensive wounds, despite what appear to be bruising from punching something on his knuckles.

Dr. Frank Sheridan also inspected John’s body and determined that those were dog bite marks on his arm. The DA’s Office basically laughed him off for disagreeing with Scordi-Bello.

Scordi-Bello performed the autopsy of John O’Keefe on January 31, in the presence of State Police detectives. They had told her ahead of time what they believed happened to him (he was run over by a car), so Scordi-Bello worked backwards from there. What she should have done, and what all medical examiners should do, is examine a dead body and try to figure out what happened without the assistance of law enforcement.

But this is not the first time she has done this. Prior to becoming a medical examiner for the Commonwealth in 2016, Dr. Scordi-Bello was a ME in New York City. In 2013 she was the medical examiner in a case in which Brooklyn plastic surgeon Oleg Davie was charged with criminally negligent homicide for performing liposuction on a woman with a medical history that should’ve prevented her from getting the procedure. Scordi-Bello initially wrote that the cause of death was “undetermined,” but later changed it to homicide after speaking with two ADA’s.

It is not her job to solve murders. It’s her job to look at a dead body and determine how the person died.

In 2014 she was the ME for a case involving a mother accused of killing her son. She conducted an autopsy on the two year old boy in February of 2014, but couldn’t figure out the cause of death. Eight months later she finally determined what the cause of death was after speaking with other medical examiners.

She didn’t consult with any other ME’s about the cause of John O’Keefe’s death because the police already told her how he died, and it was all over the news. Michael Proctor got in her ear, influenced her findings, and once she was taken care of it became a lot easier to indict Karen Read.

Why would Scordi-Bello feel the need to include in her report that there were “no signs of a physical altercation or fight”?

Does she often share what she believes were NOT the causes of people’s death? I’m surprised she also didn’t include in her were report that John wasn’t eaten by Godzilla.

Perhaps Trooper Proctor specifically asked that question in order to try to rule it out. By saying that there were “no signs of a physical altercation or fight” it gave Proctor justifiable reasoning NOT to pursue the possibility that he was beaten inside 34 Fairview Road.

P.S. This is the most Lally-esque run-on sentence I’ve ever seen, and I can picture him in court reading it out loud in a monotone voice off of a piece of paper that he brought in his 5-ton lunchbox.



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