Canton Cover-Up Part 139: Transcript Of Michael Proctor And Yuri Bukhenik’s Interview With Lucky Loughran Shows Them Pursuing Wiretapping Angle Against TB, Trying To Discredit Loughran’s Story


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Two days after I published Part 93 of the Canton Coverup series, in which I interviewed Canton DPW plow driver Lucky Loughran, State Troopers Michael Proctor and Yury Bukhenik traveled to Canton to interview Lucky themselves. You would think that these seasoned investigators would’ve sought out and interviewed a material witness in a murder case they were working, but they chose not to do so for 19 months because they knew what Lucky was going to say – John O’Keefe’s body was not on the lawn of 34 Fairview Road.

However, after I published my story, and they learned that the FBI had confronted Lucky and told him that his GPS said that he had plowed Fairview Road that night, they knew they were being monitored. So they temporarily had to pretend like they were real cops looking to solve this murder, but in reality they just wanted to know what the FBI told Lucky. It appears as if they also wanted to pursue a felony wiretapping charge against this award winning journalist in order to shut me up.

The transcript of Lucky’s interview was entered into a motion today by Alan Jackson, and it’s quite revealing.

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As Jackson pointed out, this is the ONLY witness they interviewed on tape.

They did this because they know the FBI is watching them, and they’re pretending to do things by the book. They know that there was no excuse for not interviewing Lucky Loughran, so they pretended like this was the first time they had heard about him.

The interview started off with them spelling their names correctly.

This proves how seriously the State Police take spelling people’s names in reports, which is further evidence that Proctor intentionally misspelled the names of 5 witnesses in his report who were at 34 Fairview Road that night.

They tried to trip up Lucky many times, but he never backed down. They wanted him to say that the snow was so heavy that it affected his visibility, but he pointed out that it wasn’t heavy.

Lucky told Proctor that the subcontractors were called in at 3:30 and did the same route as him.

This is in direct contrast with Proctor’s previous report, which stated that the subcontractors plow different routes from Canton DPW drivers, and that Canton DPW drivers do not plow Fairview Road.

And even if Proctor was told this, why didn’t he track down and interview someone from By The Yard, if they were plowing Fairview Road by 3:30 AM?

Bukhenik tried his best to discredit Loughran’s testimony, because it’s so damaging to the State Police and the Alberts. He suggested that it was out of the ordinary for Loughran to remember that night so well.

“What’s the reason behind you remembering this day and this snowstorm?”

Oh, I dunno. Maybe it was the dead cop found on a street that he plows in quiet little Canton.


Lucky confirmed what he told me about seeing a Ford Edge in the exact spot where O’Keefe’s body would be found a couple hours later. Loughran said that the vehicle was there for at least an hour, something he did not tell me.

They asked him the most important question – did you see a body outside 34 Fairview Road when you passed by at 2:30? When he told them no, they tried to trip him up by suggesting that he may have had his vision obstructed, but Lucky doubled down even harder.

“I would have seen a body.”

“I didn’t see anything obstructing me.”

The majority of the interview wasn’t about the murder they were supposed to be investigating; it was about this award winning journalist. They asked him to open up his phone and show them the call Lucky had with me, because for some reason they were there to investigate me. Apparently Lucky deletes all his calls though, so he no longer had my contact information. However, he did remember that I called from a 401 number, which is a Rhode Island area code. Rhode Island is a one party consent state.

Bukhenik put his detective skills to use by asking Lucky the really important questions, like “what were you doing when he called you?”

What were you wearing, Lucky? What did you eat for breakfast? This is really important police work. You wouldn’t understand unless your name was Jennifer Coffindaffer.

It became obvious from reading the transcript that their primary reason for interviewing Lucky wasn’t to find out who killed John O’Keefe, it was to build a case of felony wiretapping against me. Bukhenik asked Lucky how I could possibly have a transcript of our conversation, because he clearly believes it was recorded.

They kept pressing him to ask if I told him the conversation was recorded, or if there was anyone else on the line listening. Then Proctor asked him the really important question – how did I get his number?

The same way your stupid wife got the phone numbers for the employers of all the innocent people she harassed at work because they commented on Facebook about how corrupt her husband is.

It brings me great joy to know that Bukhenik and Proctor brought printed out copies of my blog with them to Canton, because they’re such big fans.

They asked Lucky to review the transcript of our conversation that I published in order to point out any inaccuracies. Lucky claims that I wrongly said that the FBI drove him on the route, which Proctor jumped on with “so, that transcript’s not accurate?”

But I never said in the blog that Lucky said he was driven around by the FBI (not that any of this is relevant to finding out who killed John O’Keefe). Here is a direct quote from the transcript I published:

TB: Did you sign anything with the private investigators like an affidavit or anything?

LL: There was no affidavit but they were given the route, how I did the route, when I did the route, and when I go and plow that route. They took me to Fairview and I showed them what I did from Dedham Street to Cedercrest to Fairview.

They got me! Although I accurately reported that he told me that the private investigators drove him on the route, I did later make the error of stating that they both drove him on the route. But it doesn’t really matter – two investigative agencies spoke with Lucky about what happened that night before the State Police did, even though the State Police were in charge of the investigation. Who cares who drove him around? How is that at all relevant to solving this murder? Proctor and Bukhenik were simply trying to impeach my credibility by focusing on something I said later on that was inaccurate, even though it was inconsequential (I have since updated that blog to correct).

Regardless, Lucky did in fact meet with the FBI, which meant that they were investigating the murder, and the State Police’s coverup of the murder.

Lucky told me that the FBI told him that they had GPS of him going by 34 Fairview Road at 2:30 AM. When I told him that they claim the GPS was not working, he seemed to have no knowledge of this.

LL: Somewhere around then. The FBI says they have GPS at 2:30 going by that house.

TB: The trucks have GPS in them and they were working?

LL: Yes.

TB: Because I think they’ve said the trucks GPS were not working.

LL: I just know that the trucks all have GPS in them.

But after I published the blog Lucky called me in a panic and we had another 12 minute phone call. He told me he had been pulled aside by his bosses and was in trouble for speaking with me. He sounded panicked because he believed he was going to lose the job he had for 18 years. His bosses had likely told him the lie that the GPS was down, because two days after I interviewed him Lucky suddenly had knowledge of the GPS allegedly not working.

At one point Lucky told them that I reported that he had old me that the FBI presented Lucky with GPS information from the FBI, and that this was “utterly false.”


Here’s his exact quote to me:

LL: Somewhere around then. The FBI says they have GPS at 2:30 going by that house.

I never quoted him as saying that that he was presented with GPS information. I quoted him as saying that the FBI told him they had GPS data.

After that they went back to pursuing the wiretapping angle.

Keep in mind, I have a photographic memory, I never stated what state I was in when I spoke with Lucky, I love day trips to Woonsocket and Tiverton, and when I do record conversations I always say “live to tape,” or “this call is recorded” BEFORE hitting the record button (in order to adhere to the wiretapping statute).

Bukhenik continued to put words in Lucky’s mouth, telling him that the snow was coming down “so hard and so heavy at such a rapid pace,” – something Lucky never stated – while asking him aa question.

They once again tried to trip him up by asking him if there was any way that a body was there and he might not have seen it. Lucky continued to grow stronger in his conviction that he would have seen John’s body if it was there because his lights were illuminated, and he was sitting up on a high perch.

Notice Bukhenik pivoted by asking him if he saw anyone dragging a body out of the house. Of course Lucky said no. I have no doubt that they will try to argue that the Ford Edge being there isn’t suspicious because Lucky didn’t see them planting the body.

Then Bukhenik tried to suggest to Lucky that perhaps he hit John O’Keefe’s body, which was never there when Lucky went by.

Proctor continued to push this angle by asking him if he had hit anything else that night. When Lucky told them that the top of his truck clipped a basketball hoop overhanging the street they pressed him on that and suggested that he was a negligent plow driver.

They just wasted all that time and energy grilling this poor guy about grazing a basketball hoop, which Lucky reported to his boss. Keep in mind, these detectives are supposedly trying to solve a murder.

Lucky stated that the Ford Edge he saw was tan, but also admitted that he’s color blind, so he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Bukhenik then immediately went back to asking leading questions that suggested that Lucky had his view obstructed that night from the snow, or from power outages.

These two clowns couldn’t make it more obvious that they couldn’t get Lucky to say what they wanted him to say.

Bukhenik then stated that there were rumors that I had recorded my conversation with Lucky, or had someone else record it in my presence. They were baffled how I could remember this entire conversation in order.

What rumors? It had been 48 hours since I published the blog. Since when do detectives follow up leads on unsubstantiated rumors? And what were they there to investigate – the murder of John O’Keefe, or the alleged wiretapping of a phone call?

Lucky claimed that I misquoted him.

But I didn’t. Here is a direct copy of the transcript I published:

TB: Did they say you couldn’t speak with police?

LL: Nope. They said as long as the police have ordered the testimony I can speak. But it’s gotta be attached to a subpoena or a badge. I talked to the FBI once already and the private investigators twice.

TB: And it said don’t speak with Turtleboy specifically?

LL: What it said was if Turtleboy, or someone from Turtleboy comes to us on the road we are to give you our names and the comment is to be “no comment.” If you come and ask we can give you our names but the only thing we can say is no comment.

This is exactly what Lucky told the police that he told me. The exact words I published. Proctor and Bukhenik were just trying to get him to say that I had misquoted him in an attempt to discredit my reporting.

They continued to ask him the dumbest questions, like, “did you see the body after police arrived?”

How would he see the body if the street was blocked off? And how does that help them figure out who killed John O’Keefe?

Lucky did tell them something else that was interesting which he didn’t tell me – there were several other cars on Fairview Road that night.

Several more cars means several more witnesses who did not see a body on the front lawn of Brian Albert’s house.

Finally they tried to trip Lucky up one more time by asking him if there was snow on top of the Ford Edge that he saw, but Lucky said that there wasn’t.

In other words, it had recently gotten there when he saw it. Whoever had driven that vehicle there had parked it there to obstruct the Ring cameras from the neighbor’s houses, while they went into the backyard, down to the basement, and helped Brian Albert move John O’Keefe’s body to where Karen Read would find it.

All this interview did was prove how little Proctor and Bukhenik care about finding out who killed John O’Keefe. Their goal wasn’t to help solve this murder, their goal was to discredit Lucky Loughran and pursue wiretapping charges against me. My reporting is going to get them in a lot of trouble, and they would LOVE to shut me up. But I’ll never stop, and I’m not the least bit afraid of them.


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