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Canton Cover-Up Part 93: Canton Plow Driver Says He Never Saw John O’Keefe’s Body On Fairview Road, Was Threatened By DPW Not To Speak With Reporters 


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In Part 47 of the Canton Coverup series we first reported that a man named Brian “Lucky” Loughran, the brother of Selectman Michael Loughran, plowed Fairview Road the morning that John O’Keefe was allegedly lying on Brian Albert’s lawn dying after being struck by Karen Read. Lucky Loughran saw no body and is not listed in any of Michael Proctor’s reports. If he saw no body then it means John O’Keefe wasn’t dying on the front lawn and thus had to be inside 34 Fairview Road instead. Lucky is a simple, decent man, who has worked for the town for 18 years and wants to quietly live his life in Canton. He did not ask to be brought into this story, but unfortunately for him when he plowed Fairview Road that morning he became the most important witness in a murder investigation.

When I first contacted Lucky in June after finding out that he was the one who plowed Fairview Road that night he told me that he wasn’t answering questions “anymore.”

This implied that he was asked questions by someone, it was just unclear who that was since he is not listed in any of Proctor’s reports. Proctor did not interview him because he knew that if Lucky Loughran put it on record that he did not see a body on the lawn that it would implicate Proctor’s friends Jen McCabe, Chris, Brian, and Colin Albert. When Lucky’s wife Michelle tragically passed away in April, one of the first people to reach out to offer help was Chris Albert.

Michelle knew the Alberts, and posted a picture of Jill Daniels (the sister of Julie Albert) with her nephew Dillon (the younger brother of Colin Albert).

Jill Daniels campaigned for Lucky’s brother.

The current Board of Selectman includes three men – Loughran, Chris Albert, and Town Administrator Charles Doody – who had children or family members inside 34 Fairview Road the night John O’Keefe was killed, or were witnesses outside of the house.

The Board of Selectman oversees the Canton DPW which Lucky Loughran works for. They have the power to fire him, and Chris Albert had every reason to make sure he remained silent since speaking out could send his son Colin to jail for the rest of his life.

I recently contacted Lucky Loughran on the phone and spoke with him about what he witnessed that night, and the attempts to intimidate him into silence that have taken place since then. This was our conversation in its entirety:

TB: Did they say you couldn’t speak with police?

LL: Nope. They said as long as the police have ordered the testimony I can speak. But it’s gotta be attached to a subpoena or a badge. I talked to the FBI once already and the private investigators twice.

TB: Karen Read’s private investigators?

LL: Yes.

TB: Did you sign anything with the private investigators like an affidavit or anything?

LL: There was no affidavit but they were given the route, how I did the route, when I did the route, and when I go and plow that route. They took me to Fairview and I showed them what I did from Dedham Street to Cedercrest to Fairview.

TB: Did you tell them that when you went by the house there was no body?”

LL: Yes.

TB: What time did you go by? 2:30? 3?

LL: Somewhere around then. The FBI says they have GPS at 2:30 going by that house.

TB: The trucks have GPS in them and they were working?

LL: Yes.

TB: Because I think they’ve said the trucks GPS were not working.

LL: I just know that the trucks all have GPS in them.

TB: When did you last speak to the FBI?

LL: About a week after my wife passed away.

TB: I’m sorry about your wife by the way.

LL: I appreciate that.

TB: Did you happen to see any cars parked in front of the house.

LL: There was one.

TB: Was it Brian’s Ford Edge by any chance?

LL: No. It was a Ford Edge but it wasn’t Brian’s.

TB: I wasn’t trying to attack you in that blog, but what happened in that house is so messed up. Not only is an innocent person being blamed for this, but John O’Keefe will never get justice as long as this same continues.

LL: Right.

TB: You have the power, the fact that you went by there at 2:30 and didn’t see a body is game over. Did you ever speak with Michael Proctor? Did he ever interview you.

LL: No.

TB: When they reached out to you and said not to talk, did they put that in writing.

LL: Yes.

TB: Do you have a copy of that email.

LL: I do not. That was printed out and placed at our break room tables.

TB: And it said don’t speak with Turtleboy specifically?

LL: What it said was if Turtleboy, or someone from Turtleboy comes to us on the road we are to give you our names and the comment is to be “no comment.” If you come and ask we can give you our names but the only thing we can say is no comment.

TB: Are you cooperating with Karen Read’s lawyers?

LL: I have not met with them. I have only met with the private investigators and the FBI.

TB: If they reached out to you would you talk to them.

LL: I would have to be.

TB: I appreciate your time.

LL: Not a problem.

TB: Thank you.

LL: You’re welcome, bye.

Things we learned from this:

  • Lucky Loughran was approached by an FBI agent who confronted him with GPS data from his plow truck, proving that he went by 34 Fairview Road on the morning of January 29, 2022. If he wanted to remain out of it he was no longer able to do so.
  • The GPS data showed that Lucky went past the house at around 2:30.
  • Lucky did not see a body when he went by the house, meaning John O’Keefe was still inside.
  • This means that Julie Nagel was lying when she said that she saw a dark object on the front lawn when Jen McCabe drove her home at 1:47 AM.
  • Lucky Loughran has spoken with Karen Read’s private investigators, which she is forced to pay for out of her own pocket to do the work the police are supposed to be doing – solving a murder.
  • The PI drove Lucky Loughran on the route he plowed that morning. Reports from PI’s and the FBI would not be made public or entered into court documents, which explains why this has not been made public.
  • Lucky says that he did not go down Fairview Road when he passed by later because he saw a Ford Edge parked in front of the house and did not want to plow them in. The Ford Edge was not there when he went by the first time.
  • Brian Albert drives a Ford Edge, but Lucky claims it was not his. However, this narrows the population down to less than 1% of people who own a Ford Edge. This eliminates Karen Read as a suspect, but does not eliminate Brian Albert.

  • If a Ford Edge was parked outside of Brian Albert’s house between 3-5 AM, in the same spot where John O’Keefe’s body was found, it means they were using it as a shield in order to hide the body from Ring cameras across the street while it was being placed in the last spot where Matt McCabe AND Ryan Nagel saw Karen Read idling her Lexus. It also would prevent a plow from coming down the street and seeing the body.
  • Michael Proctor never spoke with Lucky Loughran, who readily admits he plowed Fairview Road that night and is the only witness besides Ryan Nagel who was not inside 34 Fairview Road. In a properly run investigation Loughran would be the most important witness Proctor could interview. The fact that he hasn’t tells us that he knew what Loughran would tell him and did not want it to be on record.
  • Loughran has been told by his bosses at the DPW not to speak with Turtleboy if I attempt to reach out to him. This is blatant obstruction of justice in a murder trial.
  • The memo instructing Loughran not to mention Turtleboy was NOT sent in an email, and instead was printed out and left on the break room table. The only reason to do this is to avoid a paper trail that could be accessed with a records request.
  • The Canton DPW is a government institution, telling an American citizen (Lucky Loughran) that he cannot speak the truth about something he witnessed. This is a blatant First Amendment violation.
  • Lucky would be willing to speak with Karen Read’s attorneys.

If anyone reading this has a picture of the memo that was put in the break room of the DPW please send it to [email protected] or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook. You can remain anonymous if you wish. That memo would set the town of Canton up for a multi million dollar lawsuit it instructs employees not to speak to the press, and in so doing protected a house full of cop killers.

I mentioned that I had spoken with Lucky Loughran during an impromptu Live Show last night. Within hours sources tell us that Loughran has already been spoken to, and is now in fear of losing the job he has held for 18 years.

We cannot allow this to happen.

We will not allow this to happen.

If any attempt is made to reprimand Lucky Loughran for his cooperation we will hold a massive demonstration INSIDE Canton Town Hall, confronting every single member of the DPW, protesting outside of their homes, going to their kid’s soccer games, and whatever else it takes to show them that we will not allow them to bully witnesses in a murder investigation in order to protect their murderous friends. The bullying ends NOW!

Stay tuned for a real bombshell coming shortly in part 94.



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  1. I wonder if the tingling and sense of anticipation of this crew’s demise I got when i read this is similar to the tingling Jen gets when she pulls up to the house with the upside pineapple? Jen better stay home and spend quality time with her own kids than with Colin’s buddies because the walls are closing in.

  2. If the memo was created on the town computers, I am sure it stored somewhere.
    If they made copies, the kind of copier you would find in a town hall surely has a hard drive and is storing every image that goes through it.

  3. I REALLY REALLY hope someone has that copy ….as this goes slowly the truth is trickling out they are probably in an absolute panic no way their sleeping at night well maybe they are evil evil people. Can’t wait for FBI to come knocking. That whole town works w each other it’s going to be bad for them guarantee they are not making an honest living they all are involved one way or another.They are online looking at plane tickets I’m thinking that’s what they would do run Lil bitch#$

  4. It was a blizzard! No parking bans in canton during snow emergency? Any CPD gps tracking showing cops ignored the cop-beater’s car on a drive-by which should have been towed or ticketed? When was the car r

    I wonder if twitterless, soon to be job/pensionless, Helena is about to erupt!

    They’re gonna have to start a friggin’ orphanage in Canton before this is done.

    The best part is that we know that these POS are reading this blog and it’s comments.

  5. I watched Luckys testimony yesterday. I is a very truthful man. Never saw a body on the lawn at 2:30 am. But then when Lally cross examined him he tried to change the times that lucky was plowing Fairview from 2:30 am to 12:30. Nothing but crooked people involved. Even Lally should be looked into once Karen is acquitted. And ever cop and state police involved need to be held accountable for their lies and cover up’s. Good luck to Jen McCabe and her “family”. God knows they will need it

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