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Canton Cover-Up Part 141: Helena Rafferty Made Post Condemning Memphis Police For “Eroding Trust” In Tyre Nichols Murder, Praised Turtleboy For “Humane And Thought Provoking Inisight”


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Canton Police Chief Helena Rafferty has threatened to arrest peaceful protesters in her town, and used the official CPD social media accounts to urge people to stop paying attention to the Karen Read case. At a Board of Selectman meeting where she spoke with her back to the audience, Rafferty urged people to let the case play out in court, instead of in the court of public opinion, before making blatantly untrue comments that there was “absolutely no evidence of a coverup in the tragic death of John O’Keefe.” She’s also been a vocal critic of mine, criticizing my award winning journalism for inciting peaceful mobs of grandmothers and small children to show up and protest at her friend Jennifer McCabe’s house.

But it turns out that like many of the villains in this story, Chief Rafferty is a long time turtle rider, and a huge hypocrite.

In January of 2020 Chief Rafferty commented under a blog post I had written about Patrick Clancy, whose wife Lindsay had murdered their three children in his Duxbury home while he got takeout. That story still haunts me, and was incredibly hard to process while I was writing it. I did not defend what Lindsay Clancy, but I empathized with whatever demons she was dealing with that caused her to do something so heinous. More than anything I was in awe of Patrick Clancy, who issued a statement in which he said he still loved his wife. Chief Rafferty said it was “humane and thought provoking insight.”

In other words, Chief Rafferty doesn’t mind “sensationalism” about high profile murder cases, so long as they don’t take place in her town, and aren’t covered up by her officers. You can show empathy for Lindsay Clancy, but you can’t show empathy for Karen Read.

Right around this same time Rafferty also posted an official statement from the Canton Police Department about Tyre Nichols, a black man who was beaten to death by 5 black police officers in Memphis. In the statement she said that it “shocks the conscience” that officers who took an oath to protect and serve, would do the opposite. She asked where their humanity was, and rightfully stated that the murder “further erodes the trust earned by the righteous officers I interact with daily.” She also offered a plea to the black community of Canton that her thoughts were with them over the death of a man they never met 1,500 miles from Canton (because apparently she believes that black people are a monolith).

It’s OK to sensationalize police misconduct in Tennessee, but when you talk about it in Canton you’re part of the problem. It’s easy to condemn bad police when they’re 1,500 miles from home. It’s a lot harder when they’re the people who coach your kid’s Little League team.

In what way have her officers “earned the trust” of the community?

Lt. Michael Lank has been promoted twice since an incident in which he wrongly arrested the Lopilato brothers, while he was under the influence of alcohol, at the request of his ex-con friend Chris Albert.

Where was Lt. Michael Lank’s humanity when he saw a distraught Karen Read crying for her murdered boyfriend, went inside 34 Fairview Road, and purposely chose not to investigate the crime scene where John O’Keefe was beaten?

Former Police Chief Ken Berkowitz planted tail light evidence a week after O’Keefe was murdered, and asked a reporter to take down a tweet mentioning the fact that O’Keefe’s body was found on Brian Albert’s lawn because BA was a “pillar of the community.” When we reported this she didn’t bemoan how it “eroded the trust earned” by police. Instead she demanded that people stop paying attention to “sensational” reporting on the facts of the case.

Officers Saraf, Mullaney, Lt. Lank, Lt. Gallagher, and Sgt. Goode all searched the scene where John’s body was found and found zero pieces of Karen Read’s tail light. Yet their cowardice forces them to remain silent as the State Police, led by Michael Proctor, “found” 35 pieces of tail light that they somehow missed. This erodes the public trust.

When a peaceful rolling rally protest came to her town in July she ordered her officers to stay far away, despite the fact that residents were allegedly in fear. Many residents vocalized this concern at a Select Board meeting in August, but Rafferty said nothing to address it. How is this earning the trust of the community?

Speaking of Tyre Nichols, his autopy photos look eerily similar to O’Keefe’s.

Maybe he got hit by a Lexus too.

Why is Chief Rafferty encouraging protests in Memphis, while discouraging protests in Canton?Why has she criticized the Memphis Police but not the State Police? They quite clearly planted tail light evidence at a crime scene in her town, and in doing so made her officers look blind and inept. Why does she feel comfortable criticizing 5 cops in Memphis for doing something horrible, but makes demands that peaceful protesters stop demanding accountability for a corrupt MSP detective who lives in her town, and is leading the coverup of a murder?

It’s so easy for cops like Rafferty to criticize the Memphis Police Department, because she’ll never go there. But when it comes to cops in her own town covering up the murder of a fellow police officer she has nothing to say, except to ask people to stop talking about it.


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    1. I’d say put down the bottle Jill, but the vocabulary is too good. “Shut the fuck up and let me talk you losaaah, Turtleboy Colin wasn’t even in the house you fuckin looosaaah.” Lol

    2. You sound like a silver ponytail with sandals and white socks that puts kids to sleep at the local community college.

  2. This entire case is drowning in the hypocrisy of the police, prosecution, District Attorney, and other recipients of the “public trust.”
    Turtleboy is in a class by himself when it comes to eloquently pointing this out. Well done.

    As the defense has rightly observed: “How dare they??”

  3. She’ll eventually resign in disgrace. Not a big enough fish to make a splash. Barely a mention in the Netflix series. The “here’s what happened to them” text on the screen before the credits roll.

      1. Maybe, but she’s gone on record way too vehemently to come out unscathed. Asked citizens (that she’s responsible for protecting) to stop talking about it. Ordered her police to stay away from a peaceful protest. Speaking up in favor of murderers. Likely has no confidence from any honest officer on the force. It’d be a very uncomfortable tenure for her. This isn’t going away for somebody like her, even when it’s over.

        1. But why would she be “forced” to resign? Who is calling for her head? How many of these people are there and do the players who control her job care?

  4. Why did she interject race into it? It was 5 black cops that beat the black victim to death. SHE brought race into the equation for no apparent reason.

      1. Well. We know it won’t happen in Canton because of demographics. Not anything the Chief bureaucrat of the police department says. It’s utter unfounded bullshit and phony altruism.

  5. Hos long has this been going on?
    Hos long has this been going on?

    Well, if friends with their LEO profession
    Don’t admit that it’s part of a scheme
    But I can’t help but have my suspicions
    ‘Cause I ain’t quite as dumb as I seem

    And they said they was never intending
    To the investigate the scene the right way
    But there ain’t any use in pretending
    Karen Read’s we could all be any day

    Hos long has this been going on?
    Hos long has this been going on?

    Ooh, your friends with their LEO profession
    Don’t admit that it’s part of a scheme
    But I can’t help but have my suspicions
    ‘Cause I ain’t quite as dumb as I seem

    Oh, they said you was never intending
    To investigate the scene the right way
    But there ain’t any use in pretending
    Karen Read’s we could all be any day

    And hos long has this been going on?
    Hos long has this been going on?
    (Hos long?)
    Hos long has this been going on?
    (Hos long has this?)
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    (Hos long?)
    Hos long has this been going on?

    1. Great stuff Ace

      Just another example . . .

      TB has the most talented
      most generous followers

      Love Paul Carrack
      He wrote it
      Actually not about adultery
      Its about the bass player
      who starts the song
      with the awesome bass line

  6. Why couldn’t I just have John?
    I practically threw myself at him, touching him and he refused. I’m just tired of Matt and I knew he’d show me how a real man does it.
    What don’t I have that she does?!

  7. This article perfectly explains why in the minds of some there literally are no good cops. When you refuse to call out the wickedness alongside you, you are just as wicked.

    1. Cops are only as good as the community they police. There are more cops per Capita in Holden than in Boston. Yet one town is on orders of magnitude more criminal than the other. It’s not the cops that make a good town or city, it’s the quality of the people.

      1. that has nothing to do with my comment. 🤦‍♀️I’m talking about the so-called “good cops” staying quiet through all of this BS instead of calling out and condemning the corrupt. The same thing literally happened in the catholic church.

        1. It happens everywhere. It’s called “in group preference.” The Stanford Prison experiments were a test into a similar phenomena.

          And yes. It does have something to do with your post. The sample of a hiring pool gives preference to residency and race. Hire more diverse people from a diverse area, generally the less law abiding and ethical police you will get (generally).

          1. there is not a single thing you’ve said for me to address other than what I already have. Again, your replies have nothing to do with my original comment. Run along, now and take your uneducated opinions with you.

          2. “This article perfectly explains why in the minds of some there literally are no good cops. When you refuse to call out the wickedness alongside you, you are just as wicked.”

            This is what you said. ☝️

            I said the police are only as good as the community they police. Corrupt citizens allow for corrupt police. It’s like John Adams explaining that The Constitution can only be maintained with a moral and honorable citizenry. Is this too difficult for you to comprehend?

            Why do you think some police departments are worse than others?

          3. I know what I said and what I meant by it. You clearly are either too dumb or ignorant to understand. As I said, take your uneducated opinions and go away.

  8. I the police chief lady of Canton hereby shout out to my black peeps i will sometimes honor my oaf and pledge allegiance to the antifa flag and saint george floyd.

    I may be emotionally compromised and dumb but I listen to the teachings of PBS and Tik Tok. As police chief I will order all my white officers to watch every episode of The Jeffersons and join Oprah’s book club to create equity in Canton. Looting is equity!

    All Hail Monica Cannon Gunt and Dildo Dilgado!!!!

  9. Food for thought: What’s the most OBVIOUS difference between incredibly violent Memphis Tennessee and very law abiding (by contrast) Canton Massachusetts?

    Also Rafferty like most bureaucrats is a hump. She is an affirmative action appointed system cog who cares about her growing pension. That. Is. It.

  10. Can you imagine how pissed BA was when he found out about JM’s 2:27am google search?! What a rookie mistake to make.
    And so brazen of JM to wear a BPD fugitive unit cap in public – an insult to the entire BPD and task force

  11. That’s what people like her, the “new white liberals” do: they claim to NOT be racist, they claim it’s US that are racist while doing and saying the most racist things imaginable. Just look up Ami Horowitz’s video on Youtube where he asks a bunch of white Democrats about why voter ID’s are racist. It’s very telling.

  12. Will KR lawyers be calling Proctor’s Mom as adverse witness and grill her on her and her sons (2nd Family) relationship??

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