Canton Cover-Up Part 96: Canton Citizens Revolt At Selectboard Meeting After Chief Rafferty Blames Peaceful Protesters For Making Jen McCabe Feel Unsafe, Says Turtleboy Broke The Law


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The movement for justice for John O’Keefe and Karen Read continues to grow by the day. Although Turtleboy was the first media outlet to really dig deep into this story, it has taken on a life of its own independent of our award winning journalism. The Facebook group dedicated to discussion of this topic has nearly 20K members and is one of the more active groups you will see on the platform. And last night, unbeknownst to me, dozens of Canton citizens packed the Board of Selectmen meeting to air their grievances about the Police Department, members of the board, and others for their lack of transparency and outright corruption. Their speeches were glorious, and I encourage you to listen to them all.

I had no idea the meeting was going on and I did not encourage people to go. Townsfolk I have never met are actively revolting because they have minds of their own, and this exercise in democracy a beautiful thing to see.

The meeting began with a rant from Police Chief Helena Rafferty, who brought further shame on herself and her department by victimizing herself, Jen McCabe, and other co-conspirators who murdered John O’Keefe. She began discussing a motion to alter language requiring members of the Board of Selectmen to treat others with respect, in light of Chris Albert yelling sexually derogatory things at a woman in a “Free Karen Read” shirt at the Waterfall Bar and Grille.

Any decent person would resign after bringing such shame to their community, but Chris Albert won’t because he is shameless. He suddenly took an interest in town politics and decided to use the popularity of his family name to unseat an incumbent who is more educated and qualified than he will ever be. Coincidentally he only decided to run for office after finding out his son was involved in a murder, knowing that as a member of the Board of Selectmen he would be in charge of both the police department and the DPW, who had the power to implicate his son Colin in the murder.

Chief Rafferty’s take was that the problem wasn’t Chris Albert, but rather a member of the planning board because she attended our peaceful protest rolling rally through Canton 2 weeks ago.

“Made residents of our community feel disrespected, targeted, and intimidated.”

Look how disrespected, targeted, and intimidated Julie Nagel’s neighbors looked.


We have a right to peacefully assemble and protest, and we would have no need to if Chief Rafferty did her job. She claims that the real problem isn’t elected officials harassing and intimidating women at bars, its planning board members who “intimidated” the Alberts, McCabes, and others who actively covered up the murder of a police officer in her town. The fact that the Chief of Police was taking notes on who was in attendance at the peaceful protest, and then used that information to call these people out at a public meeting for exercising their First Amendment rights, is exactly why the people of Canton were afraid to come forward for so long.

Chief Rafferty said that our peaceful protest was “most possibly” against the law.

“An event that I believe under statute 268 13a, could most possibly be deemed an illegal act.”

Wrong. MGL 268 Section 13A, picketing court, judge, juror, witness, or court officer, says the following:

Our intent was not to interfere with, obstruct, or impede the administration of justice. That’s what her Police Department has been doing. Our intent was to protest the obstruction of justice, and make it clear that we won’t tolerate this. It’s the most patriotic thing an American citizen can do.

Our intent was not to influence any witnesses, like Jen McCabe, Julie Nagel, or the Alberts, from the discharge of their duties. Our intent was the opposite – we want them to do their civic duty, which requires telling the truth about what they did to John O’Keefe.

The fact that anyone this ignorant of the law is in charge of law and order in Canton is a big part of the problem.


“We have an elected library trustee who is an administrator on a social site that is allowing residents of our community to be disrespected and dehumanized with innuendos, outright falsehoods, half truths, and bullying comments.”

I don’t know who this library trustee is, but apparently they are an admin in the Justice for John and Karen Facebook group. Chief Rafferty is proposing an ordinance that would ban elected officials from being admins of Facebook groups that discuss an obvious murder coverup that millions of people have taken an interest in, because the platform “allows” residents like Jen McCabe to be “disrespected.” I cannot emphasize how dangerous this line of thinking is, and what a threat it is to free speech and democracy. Chief Rafferty isn’t accusing a library trustee of intimidating or harassing anyone, she’s accusing the library trustee of NOT silencing the free speech rights of other people on a public platform.

In April Chief Rafferty ironically used social media to urge the people of Canton to stop discussing the case, calling their interest and our reporting “sensational.” Last night she made it clear that she was in fact talking about me when she used the word “sensational,” and victimized herself by focusing on things I allegedly have said that have nothing to do with the murder of John O’Keefe. She then went on to complain about the way Jen McCabe has been treated.

“How Aidan Kearney, AKA Turtleboy, manipulated my message, was certainly not how it was intended.”

Her message was not manipulated. She asked people to sit on their ass, remain silent, and allow the most blatantly corrupt murder coverup we’ve ever seen to unfold in front of our eyes. She then accused me of falsely reporting that one of her kids was dating Jen McCabe’s kids, falsely reporting that she became Chief because she had an affair with former Chief “Kenny” Berkowitz, and falsely reporting that I said John O’Keefe called the cops on Colin Albert for selling drugs on his street.

I’ve published over 90 stories, and done dozens of 2-3 hour shows outlining all the corruption in this case. But instead of focusing on the things that actually matter, this woman decided to turn it into drama hour by focusing on who was sleeping with who, and whose kids are dating whose kids.

I’ve never once stated, or even looked into the angle that Colin Albert sold drugs, because there’s no real evidence of that. I’ve repeatedly stated that I don’t care who’s sleeping with who. I’ve intentionally chosen not to look into the reports that the McCabes and Alberts are swingers because it’s not germane to the murder of John O’Keefe, and I don’t care who you sleep with.

With that said, perhaps in her official capacity as Chief she shouldn’t refer to the former Chief, who she has never slept with and did not elevate her to the position based on their friendly relationship, as “Kenny.”  Especially considering “Kenny” planted tail light evidence in order to frame Karen Read on February 4, 2023, asked a reporter to take down a tweet mentioning Brian Albert’s name, and allowed Michael Proctor to smash Read’s tail light in the Canton Police Department garage in order to plant more tail light prior to the SERT team search.

She brought up these two allegedly false statements, which were never the focal point of anything, in an attempt to discredit all of our other reporting on the issues that matter. She did not bring up the fact that her officers didn’t find tail light or a shoe at the scene of the crime, failed to search the house where a dead body was found, and allowed Jen McCabe to amend her statement 3 hours after the fact in order to further incriminate Karen Read.

The Jen McCabe part was mind boggling:

“In the days leading up to his rolling rally, Aidan Kearney reported that Jen McCabe fled to Maine to avoid his event. Again, he was disingenuous. Jen McCabe was home when he and 75-80 people and 40-50 cars pulled up in front of her home with a bullhorn. She was inside with her husband and two of her four children. She watched this group of residents and strangers converge on her home. Can you imagine the terror she must have felt for the safety of her children based on the state of the world today. This is a witness in a case!”

Jen McCabe was still in Ogunquit Beach during the rolling rally, and the pictures confirm that.

It was WAY more than 75-80 people and 40-50 cars that pulled up to her home too. The street was backed with well over 100 cars, and at least 200-300 people scattered everywhere.

Just look how scary and intimidating these people are!

Imagine the terror poor Jennifer McCabe must have been feeling as she watched these pleasant looking people roll up to her house while she sat on the beach and watched it unfold on YouTube. Her poor children must have felt so unsafe watching all these law abiding women and children of all ages peacefully stand on a public road and express their objections to Jennifer’s involvement in a murder coverup.

Newsflash – Jennifer McCabe is not a victim. Chief Rafferty knows that she Googled “how long to die in cold,” before John O’Keefe’s body was placed in the cold to die. She knows that she attempted to delete evidence that would incriminate her, and that she repeatedly lied to police in order to send an innocent woman to jail for life. It’s disgusting and pathetic that this public official is treating a cop killer like the victim of a crime. This is the problem – the McCabes and Alberts are treated as royalty in this town, and they know that the police will go out of their way to protect them. This is why they felt so emboldened to kill a man, frame a woman, and think they could get away with it.

And safety? Let’s talk about safety, Helena. You’re the person in charge of making sure Canton residents feel safe, but we didn’t see a single Canton Police Officer in the 2-3 hours that hundreds of us drove through your town, caused gridlock, and occupied public roads. We were OUTSIDE OF THE POLICE STATION, and did not see a single cop. It was as if they did not exist. If the people of Canton felt unsafe, and that we were such a danger, then why did you tell your officers to remain far away from us? You know who felt really unsafe in your town? John O’Keefe. In his dying moments he found out the hard way that members of one of your officer’s family could beat him to death, throw his body on the lawn like trash, and get away with it.

She continued to embarrass herself by complaining about a Facebook group that made an unnamed citizen (Jen McCabe) feel unsafe. She paid lip service to the First Amendment, while complaining that I was protesting witnesses like Jen and Matt McCabe at their homes and their children’s soccer games.

“These are residents who have not been charged with any crimes being bullied at their homes, at their children’s game, or on vacation, all under the guise of the First Amendment. This is a really slippery slope that if allowed to continue will cause a rapid decline in the amount of people who would ever step forward to be a witness in a case.”

“Under the guise” means an outward appearance that conceals the true nature of someone or something. She is suggesting that we merely seek to harass poor Jennifer McCabe, don’t actually care about John O’Keefe or Karen Read, and are hiding behind the First Amendment to do so. But we are not concealing why we’re protesting. We are protesting a horrible injustice BECAUSE the First Amendment allows us to. This is not a slippery slope, but I’ll tell you what is – suggesting that free speech rights be criminalized for nonviolent protesters because cop killers are made to feel uncomfortable.

“As one of the people responsible for the safety and well being of people in this community, I will not tolerate any persons in this town that place people in fear by throwing objects from moving vehicles, or other similarly aggressive actions.”

She is referring to town “fupasaurus” Diana White, who threw an egg at peaceful protesters from her BMW that nearly hit a crying 5 year old boy. The ongoing two-week investigation has not led to any results. According to the boys mother, Diana White is blaming the incident on her daughter, knowing that they’re less likely to charge a juvenile. That’s how low these people are – they will throw their own children under the bus for exercising behavior that they taught them.

She continued to urge citizens not to talk about the case.

“Be patient while all aspects of the case unfold. This system is painfully slow, and it should be.”

Tell that to Karen Read, who has to spend tens of thousands of dollars every week this farce is allowed to continue.

“Listen to all the information.”

We have. It’s painfully obvious to anyone with a brain that the McCabes and Alberts murdered John O’Keefe.

“Let the courtroom be the forum where both sides present their cases in full.”

Nah. We’re not gonna remain silent and listen to the lies that come out of Adam Lally’s mouth in court. They’ve had a chance to present their side in court and failed to do so. They cancelled an evidentiary hearing. We can see what they’re doing and we’re not going to remain silent and drink your tea, King George.

She then ranted about how she was willing to meet with Canton residents one on one to see what she stood for. But that’s the problem – people want transparency. They want you to do this in public and answer legitimate questions for the world to see. Saying that you’ll only do so in private where you can lie and not be held accountable is exactly the problem.

Finally, she ended her rant while outrageously stating that she can look her children in the eyes because there’s no evidence of a coverup.

“No matter what happens in the O’Keefe case, there is absolutely no evidence of a coverup in the tragic death of John O’Keefe.”

She actually said that and five idiotic boot licking statists clapped for her. Sure, there’s Michael Proctor not disclosing his personal relationship with the Alberts and McCabes, a completely made up plowing company that doesn’t exist listed in a police report in order to avoid speaking with the only eye witness, the dog bites, Brian Albert not coming outside, selling the house, replacing the basement floor, a complete lack of blood, no video surveillance, autopsy photos that contradict the narrative, eye witness testimony from the plow driver and Ryan Nagel stating there was no body on the lawn, Jen McCabe’s Google search, planted tail light evidence, and the fact that the home where a dead body was found on the lawn wasn’t searched because the homeowner’s brother is a Canton cop.

Anyway, I just wanna give a shoutout to the amazing people of Canton who are standing up to this nonsense. They delivered some impassioned speeches that I suggest you all watch, and several of them specifically demanded that Chris Albert resign. The problem in Canton isn’t Turtleboy, or peaceful women and children protesting an injustice, it’s Helena Rafferty, the Board of Selectman, the Alberts, the McCabes, and the culture and atmosphere of intimidation that has prevented decent people from speaking out. As one of the speakers said, if you don’t like the way things are going now, wait until Dateline and 20/20 happen. What do you think Matt Gutman and the Dateline producer are doing at the courthouse? Wait until the documentary streamed to millions of people comes out. Chief Rafferty may be able to look her kids in the face and pretend she’s a decent person, but millions of other people are about to realize that she’s not.


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