Canton Cover-Up Part 19: Tim Albert Applied For Permit To Remove Pool 1 Week After Court Order To Preserve Family Cell Phones, 5 Days Before Threatening Facebook Post

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Yesterday we published a story about how a pool at the Canton home of Tim Albert (formally owned by Brian Albert) was mysteriously filled in with grass. There is now a hole in the fence that faces directly across the street from the Canton Police Department.

This is probably the first story in this saga that wasn’t received well by a significant portion of readers, because it doesn’t prove anything. Indeed, the blog consisted largely of speculation, rather than the cold hard facts you’ve become accustomed to on Turtleboy. My first reaction was that if I was trying to get rid of a dead family dog or a bloody basement floor, the last thing I would do is bury it in my backyard.

But I still found it worth pointing out because this family has done a lot of openly brazen things that all rational people would consider suspicious (selling their generational family home for $50K less than asking price, getting rid of the family dog with no explanation, removing a basement floor). Maybe there’s nothing to this, but there’s also the possibility that they’re incredibly stupid. I can tell you through sources that people who matter in this case do consider this pool filling extremely suspicious, and steps are being taken to investigate it.

What I failed to report was that the even more suspicious timing of it all. Tim Albert applied for a demolition permit with the town of Canton on October 11 to remove the in ground pool.

October 11 was significant a week earlier on October 3 in open court, Judge Peter Krupp approved of Attorney Yanetti’s motion to order Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, Matt McCabe, Julie Albert, Brian Higgins, Colin Albert, and Julie Nagel (all of whom except for Julie Albert were known to be inside 34 Fairview Rd), to preserve their cell phones.

This was the first time any of them were ever mentioned in open court in this case as potential suspects.

Five days after Tim Albert applied for the permit he updated his Facebook profile picture to a meme warning people not to f*** with his family.

Why would he suddenly feel the need to announce to the world that his family was not to be f***ed with? Who else, besides Karen Read’s attorneys, were trying to f*** with them?

There could be nothing hidden in that hole where the pool is. Maybe his kids decided they didn’t like their perfectly functional pool and wanted take up croquet instead. Maybe it wasn’t worth the hassle of maintaining it. But the fact of the matter is they suddenly decided that filling in the pool was something they needed to do a week after being named as suspects in a murder investigation in court. Shortly after that Brian Albert put up his house for sale and his dog was never seen again.

Besides that there’s nothing to see here I guess.

P.S. We have also learned that 19 year old Colin Albert now has an attorney. We’ll report more once we have more information on who that is, and why an innocent 19 year old boy with a penchant for middle fingers and hardo death stares, would need an attorney.


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