Canton Cover-Up Part 207: Jennifer McCabe’s Sister Scolds Concerned Citizens For Wanting Answers About Her Family’s Involvement In Murder Of John O’Keefe


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Two months ago Alan Jackson, Liza Little, and two female producers for 20/20 were accosted, threatened, sexualized, prevented from driving out of a parking lot, and told to go back to where they came from outside of D&E Pizza by Jen McCabe’s sister Denise Galvin, her husband Bob, Roast Beef Ronnie, and D&E Prius delivery extraordinaire Jim Farris, who is rude.

For months the Alberts and McCabes have watched as the town they once controlled through fear and intimidation began to stand up to their bullying tactics. In particular, the Select Board meetings have become contentious as concerned citizens have shown up to voice their displeasure against Chris Albert in particular, and for their failure to hold the Canton Police Department accountable. This award winning journalist showed up to a meeting in late September in solidarity with these “random f**ing citizens,” as they were called by member John Connolly.

However, now that 8 of the “witnesses,” include Selectman Albert, have asked the judge for stay away orders to insulate themselves from legitimate public criticism, I can not temporarily attend meetings. Although they do not physically fear me, the McAlberts lack the fortitude to stand up to tough questioning in person, which is why they have not shown their faces at one of these meetings. But that changed last night, as these people suddenly found their balls as a result of the stay away orders.

Denise Galvin apparently forgot that less than two months ago she threatened and harassed innocent people in the center of town and told them they had to go back to California, because she gave a speech last night in which she presented herself as some sort of victim. The speech was in reference to an upcoming Special Town Meeting at Canton High School on November 20, in which town residents will decide to vote yes or no on an independent audit of the Police Department and Select Board. Audits are routinely done by consulting companies for any business or public institution looking to be more efficient. But Denise Galvin and her supporters don’t want an audit because they fear transparency. They prefer things the way they are now because it means that her family members can murder people and frame innocent women after the fact, without worrying about being investigated. Watch:

All three people who threatened the out of own guests of Canton were there, along with Jennifer McCabe, Matt McCabe, Jill Daniels, Julie Albert, Jill Harrison, and a bunch of other members of the Canton KKK-Mart mafia.

Denise got a round of applause from her friends and family, who tried to convince themselves that they represent some sort of silent majority. But in reality most people in Canton support Karen Read because they know what Denise’s family did to John O’Keefe. Let’s break down her speech to analyze just how ridiculous it was.

I am disheartened and disappointed in members of the Canton community who continue to come forth to the select board to publicly vent frustrations and make accusations based on unsubstantiated claims that the police and select board are neglectful in their duties. 

Oh no! Not citizens coming to a town government meeting to vent frustrations! How very un-American of them! This country was founded on the principle that free people should sit down and shut up when they don’t like the way their government is functioning. So be a good boot licker like Denise and quietly accept the fact that the select board, which includes a convicted killer who owes over $60K in taxes, refuses to provide any sort of oversight to town departments.

These people, without justification or first hand knowledge, accuse the Canton Police of being incompetent and corrupt, while raising questions of the select board about the police department’s investigation into the death of John O’Keefe. 

How dare anyone suggest that the Canton Police are somehow neglectful, corrupt, or incompetent in their duties! It’s not like they failed to search a house where a dead body was found on the lawn due to the fact that the homeowner is a Boston cop, allowed a supposed confessed murderer to leave the scene of the crime with the murder weapon, or somehow missed 35 pieces of red tail light, a size 12 shoe, and a blood soaked baseball hat. Any such accusations are completely unsubstantiated and without justification!

Your accusations and anger against the select board and the police are based purely on speculation and rumors.

I could’ve sworn that the accusations of concerned citizens were based largely on the fact that one of the members is a tax dodging deadbeat who killed a Hungarian immigrant in 1994, while another one quite literally called the people he serves “random f***ing citizens” into his microphone at a meeting. Maybe I was wrong.

The Canton Police, the Select Board, and the silent majority of residents are not responsible for the divide within the Canton community.

The “silent majority” used to be the people who were too afraid to speak up due to fear of Denise Galvin’s family. Luckily this silent majority are no longer living in fear and have decided to stand up to the bullies. Sorry Denise, but there’s like 20 of you, and not one of you owns a pair of pants that needs to be dry cleaned.

The divide in the Canton community is caused by Karen Read’s defense team, an online blogger, his followers, and a small fraction of outspoken Canton residents influenced by imaginary tales of conspiracy. 

No, the divide in the Canton community is caused by the fact that your sister and the Alberts murdered John O’Keefe, and one of them is a member of the select board. The “imaginary tales of conspiracy” we are influenced by actually include evidence such as Cellebrite extraction reports, documented lies on police reports, Apple health data, and Newton’s laws of physics.

These people are self serving while claiming to want justice for John and his family.

I want justice for John, but I never claimed to want justice for John’s parents or brother. They’ve chosen to align themselves with the people who murdered the man they claim to have loved. We’re just fighting for justice for John, his kids, and Karen Read. Paul O’Keefe is free to humiliate himself by aligning with his brother’s killers though.

I stand here today to tell you as someone who wants nothing more than justice for John, the O’Keefe family is appalled and outraged by the public accusations, protests, and harassment of people closest to John and his family. The O’Keefe family supports the Canton Police Department and the Select Board. 

We get it Denise – you’ve got them completely fooled and on a leash. You guys laugh at them and thank God every day you found people naive enough to overlook undeniable evidence that your family and friends murdered their loved one.

Sorry Denise, but justice for John means your sister spends at least a decade in prison. But thank you for speaking on behalf of the O’Keefe family, who loved John so much that they can’t seem to speak for themselves or utter a word in his memory.

Some residents tearfully spoke about anonymous harassment and fearing for the safety of their families due to receiving a mildly contentious letter. Have you been blind to the constant, vicious, hateful, abusive posts, letters, memes, messages, calls, visits, name calling, and profanity that has been directed at my family and friends for the last 8 months on social media? Pages that you support. 

Oh no, not memes! Sure, the residents of Canton have been threatened with anonymous letters in the mail for speaking out at public meetings, but someone called Denise’s sister “horse face” due to the undeniable fact that she conspired to murder John O’Keefe. They’re the real victims here!

My nieces have been threatened and sexualized.

That literally never happened. These people are so shameless that they intentionally drag minor children into drama that they created, and in this case sexualize them, in order to use them as human shields. Remember, the only reason Jennifer McCabe’s daughters are ever brought up is because she and Adam Lally both denied that a picture of her daughters Olivia and Maddie with Michael Proctor are actually her daughters.

The only reason for Jen’s children to be upset, embarrassed, or angry, is because their own mother denied they were her daughters in public court filings. Imagine how much it must hurt to have your Mom look at a picture of you and say, “that’s not my kid.” Ouch.

If you support and fuel this grand conspiracy that includes attacks on police and the select board, then you condone the abuse and harassment of everyone involved.

Translation – if you have a problem with public corruption then you support the completely fabricated sexualization of these two girls who Jennifer McCabe uses as pawns in order to avoid telling the truth about her family’s close relationship with the Proctors.

Unlike you my family didn’t ask for this, they didn’t insert themselves into the case, they are witnesses to some event, and a tragic death of someone they love.

Your sister Jen went out of her way to become a part of this case when she called Michael Lank at 8:38 AM and told him that she forgot to mention that Karen had allegedly confessed to hitting John O’Keefe on the way to Fairview Road. The only person who loved John was Karen Read, which is why she was the only person who tried to save his life.

I realize that this tale of corruption is exciting for some, but this case will be charged in a courthouse, not by a blogger charged with felony witness intimidation and harassment, who hurls profanities and attacks people’s physical appearance for pleasure. 

Look Denise, I hardly even mentioned the fact that you went full Blossom/Auntie Bev with your haircut.

But I got bad news for you – the felony witness intimidation charges are widely viewed as a joke, and no serious person believes they are anything but a transparent attempt to shut me up. But please, tell me more about how these people are offended by profanities.

It seems like the outspoken Canton residents may want to consider practicing tolerance and acceptance and ask themselves why they are so quick to believe a false narrative concocted as a legal strategy.

They’re probably quick to believe this narrative because it’s backed up by facts, data, and logic. Just sayin.

In closing, on behalf of my family and friends I would like to say thank you to the select board and the Canton Police Department. Don’t let the efforts of a few overshadow the gratitude and appreciation of many.

I for one am shocked that the woman whose family’s involvement in the murder of John O’Keefe felt the need to publicly thank the select board and police department who ensured that their family members would never be considered suspects.

For those of you who are not happy with the select board, have some respect for the democratic process and allow them to do their jobs. The constant derailing of these meetings interferes with town business.

Sorry dear, but part of respecting the democratic process means allowing citizens to come to public meetings and air their grievances to elected officials. If they were doing their jobs then none of these people would be there.

As usual, the MVP of the meeting was this woman:

Unlike the McAlberts, Rita Lombardi does not have any family members she’s trying to cover for at these meetings. She’s just a concerned citizen who doesn’t like what these people have done to her town. Last night she bravely stood up to them and was booed and laughed at by Jennifer McCabe, who helped murder John O’Keefe and now pretends to be a victim.

You can see her speech at the 42:15 mark, and I would love to have Rita on the show sometime to talk about her speech.



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