Canton Cover-Up Part 218: Karen Read Defense Asks For All Communications Between Elizabeth Proctor, Michael Proctor, Jennifer McCabe Based Off Information Revealed On Turtleboy


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Karen Read’s defense team filed a motion Thursday to get access to Michael Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Jennifer McCabe’s communications, based largely on reporting first seen on Turtleboy Daily News.


This is a big ask, but one that is completely called for in light of information first reported on Turtleboy. On August 25 Michael Morrissey stated during his pre-recorded press release that “Trooper Proctor had no close relationship with any of the parties involved in the investigation, had no conflict, and had no reason to step out of the investigation.”

The defense noted this as well.

They defense entered into evidence 6 pictures that prove otherwise, including 3 of which were first reported on Turtleboy.

1. Picture showing Chris Albert, Olivia McCabe, Courtney Proctor, Karen Proctor, and Colin Albert at a birthday party.


2. Wedding party picture with Michael Proctor and Colin Albert.


3. Picture of Michael Proctor and Colin Albert together at Courtney Proctor’s wedding (first reported on Turtleboy).


4. Michael Proctor sitting at wedding table with Chris Albert, Colin Albert, and Julie Albert (first reported on Turtleboy).


5. Picture of McCabe girls in background picture of Michael Proctor with niece.


6. Karen Proctor calling the Alberts her “second family” (first reported on Turtleboy).


They also could’ve included all of these images from our publication:

But the point is made.

The defense also included Proctor’s report of his interview with the Alberts, which as first reported by Turtleboy contained the phrase, “Following formal introductions,” to deceive the reader into believing that Proctor had never met Chris and Julie Albert before.

My arrest is also now being used as evidence against the Commonwealth, as was first reported in Part 161 of the Canton Coverup series, we caught Jennifer McCabe having a secret meeting at the Proctor household on September 25 after a passerby sent us a picture.

This was a shocking discovery that proved that the DA’s Office and State Police were lying about Proctor’s relationship with the McCabes and Alberts. But rather than discipline Proctor for lying to them, MSP launched an investigation into the whistle blowing journalist who exposed the corruption and charged him with conspiracy to commit witness intimidation. As a result of this award winning journalism Jennifer McCabe had no choice but to admit to Lt. Brian Tully that she was indeed inside the Proctors household, and came up with the excuse of “bonding” to justify her 6 PM social visit.

This proved not only that Morrissey lied on August 25, but that Adam Lally lied at a hearing on October 3, 2022, in which he stated that “these are not people that socialize together, there are not people who know each other, these are not people that Trooper Proctor has been over to their home.” That statement has aged about as well as Jill Daniels’ forehead.

The new motion also brings up the fact that Proctor never documented 5 visits to 34 Fairview Road in which he found more pieces of tail light on each trip, never photographed any of the tail light, and never explained who called him to go over there.

If he found tail light on February 8, why wouldn’t he keep searching? Why would he come back three days later, and then again on February 18? Did he just go over there when he was bored? Or did Brian Albert call him after Albert planted tail light? Access to Proctor’s communications would certainly clear up any allegations of wrongdoing if he is in fact innocent.

From the beginning I have pointed out how it wasn’t so much what Proctor did that was evidence of a cover up, it was what he DIDN’T do. The motion explains how Proctor has intentionally left things out of police reports, and lied in order to avoid implicating his long time friends, the Alberts and McCabes.

For instance, Proctor wrongly wrote in his report that Canton DPW trucks never plowed Fairview Road, and the night John was murdered an outside contractor called By The Yard (owned by a close friends of the Alberts) was tasked with the job but didn’t plow the road. We now know, thanks to Turtleboy’s award winning journalism, that Proctor lied about the Canton DPW not plowing Fairview Road in order to hide Canton DPW plow driver Lucky Loughran from the defense. Loughran has told virtually the same story to four investigators (the FBI, State Police, Private Investigator, and Turtleboy) – he saw no body when he plowed the road at 2:30, he would’ve seen a body if it was there, and he didn’t plow the road at 3:30 because he saw a Ford Edge parked next to where John O’Keefe’s body was discovered by Karen Read 2.5 hours later.

A public record’s request to Bridgewater State revealed that Colin Albert drives a Ford Edge that matches the description.

Proctor became aware of this on August 10 when he interviewed Lucky Loughran. To this day the State Police have not followed up on this CRUCIAL lead. They now have eye witness testimony from a reliable witness who told them that O’Keefe’s body was not on Brian Albert’s lawn at 2:30, which means Karen Read could not have hit him at 12:30, which means the charges should’ve immediately been dropped against her. More shockingly, they have not made ANY attempt to find out who was driving the Ford Edge parked next to where O’Keefe’s body was discovered shortly thereafter.

It’s not just what they did, it’s also what they didn’t do that makes the State Police guilty. They are fully aware that Karen Read did not kill John O’Keefe, and that the person who did was driving a Ford Edge. But instead of tracking down this mysterious cop killer they have used the resources of the state to charge a whistle blowing journalist with 9 felony counts of witness intimidation and conspiracy.

As the defense also pointed out in the motion, Colin Albert was never once mentioned in any police report as being present inside 34 Fairview Road that night. In October of 2022 Michael Proctor suddenly decided to interview Julie Nagel and Sarah Levinson for the first time, despite the fact that they were inside 34 Fairview Road until 1:47 AM, got a ride home from the McCabes, and drove directly by the location where John O’Keefe’s body would have been. Proctor suddenly decided to interview Nagel after 9 months because the defense had pointed out in court days before that not a single person inside the house had seen John O’Keefe’s body. In other words, they needed someone to suggest that they MAY have seen John’s body on the lawn or else there story wasn’t believable.

This is where Julie Nagel did her part. When Proctor interviewed Nagel, which he didn’t record, she told him that she saw a shadowy figure on the lawn. If she had said she’d seen a body it would’ve implicated her for not calling 911. If she didn’t see a body it would’ve helped Karen Read’s defense that John’s body wasn’t there. Saying she saw a shadowy figure was intentionally ambiguous. Sarah Levinson, who was in the same car as Nagel, was also interviewed, but didn’t mention anything about a shadowy figure on the lawn in Proctor’s report that contained 5 misspellings of witnesses’ names.

However, Proctor never included Colin Albert’s name as being present inside the house in Julie Nagel or Sarah Levinson’s interviews. That changed on September 29, 2023, when Proctor was court ordered to hand over his hand written notes to the defense. This time he DID include Colin Albert’s name, which meant that he INTENTIONALLY omitted Colin from his official report in two interviews. Proctor never interviewed Colin at all regarding the night of the murder until August 9, 2023 (the day before he interviewed Lucky Loughran), and all Colin said was that there was never animosity between him and John O’Keefe.

It’s noteworthy that Colin was interviewed weeks earlier by Yuri Bukhenik, but only in regards to how Turtleboy made him sad by leaving a satirical voicemail on July 8 during a Live Show.

A normal, non-corrupt judge would allow the defense’s motion, based on the plethora of undeniable evidence that the lead investigator is close friends with the key witnesses in a murder case. A non-corrupt judge wouldn’t have cancelled an evidentiary hearing the day before it was set to happen, and would’ve dismissed this case a long time ago. But unfortunately the judge in this case is Beverly Cannone, so the chances that she allows this motion are slim to none. Luckily for Karen Read we now know that Auntie Bev isn’t the final authority on anything.


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