Canton Cover-Up Part 222: ER Doctor Mike Valkanas Assaulted Police Audit Supporter On Camera At Town Meeting, Stole Camera, Tried Hiding In Police Car


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The era of corruption and coverup and in Canton may be nearing an end if last night’s resounding vote to audit the Police Department and Select Board at the Special Town Meeting was a reliable indicator of sentiment in town. But nothing was a bigger indicator of everything that is rotten in Canton than what happened outside Canton High School as a turtle rider named Tom Derosier was assaulted on camera by an ER doctor who attempted to hide in a Canton police cruiser after the fact.

As you can see, Tom was live streaming the long line out the door with other turtle riders who were urging residents to vote yes on the audit. As he was walking along one man decided that he didn’t want to be filmed in public so he intentionally backed into Tom and elbowed him as he walked by.

Even the guy’s wife told him to stop.

But that wasn’t enough. The man then took Tom’s phone from him and began to film Tom who was understandably freaking out as a result of the incident.

Someone came over to the assailant and asked him “did you take his phone?” The man’s response was telling:

“Well, he’s filming me!”

This is the result of a culture created by Helena Rafferty where the First Amendment no longer exists in this town. If other people’s speech makes you uncomfortable it’s OK to use bullying tactics and/or violence to silence them. The well connected know that they can get away with anything, up to and including murder.

Major kudos should be given to Tom for standing his ground and refusing to let this assault go:

Townie: “Move along”

Tom: “Negative! I’m not moving anywhere!”

Apparently the police refused to arrest because they cannot arrest someone for assault that they don’t witness, even if it’s caught on film. The man stuck around but much to his dismay Tom (or someone friendly with Tom) got his phone back and kept on filming. When the man saw that he was once again being filmed his immediate instinct was to run to the closest Canton Police cruiser and get in the front seat. An officer immediately shut that down, at which point the unnamed man wrapped his arm around the cop in a friendly way as if they were best buddies.

The friendly pat on the back was this man’s way of letting others know, “the cops are all personal friends of mine.” And why wouldn’t he? Almost the entire police force was born and raised in Canton, and have known the well connected people in town their entire lives.

That interaction right there is EXACTLY why an audit is needed. The mere fact that this man felt entitled to hide in a police cruiser after assaulting someone and stealing his property tells you everything you need to know about the culture in Canton. I didn’t know who this man was, but I knew right away that he was there to vote No, and as a result felt that the police are on his side.

Sources tell us the man’s name is Mike Valkanas, and he is an ER doctor in Brockton at the same hospital where John O’Keefe was declared dead.

He is a hockey Dad, much like the other well connected McAlberts. Sources tell us he is married to Chief Rafferty’s ex-husband’s sister, so he was at one point her brother in law. This is what a former Canton Police Officer tells us:

“He was basically blowing (Ken) Berkowitz. He was deemed the medical officer by Berkowtiz. I’m sure that’s why he hopped right into the marked unit. His wife Lynne Valkanas (Findlen) was actually a special police officer or permanent intermittent in Canton for a while.  I think you’ll find he was connected to the Meterolec SWAT team as the medic or some stupid shit. He’s a wannabe police officer.”

I reached out to both Mike and his wife Lynne for comment. Both took down their Facebook pages minutes later.

Mike Valkanas is really no different than Chris Albert. In 2007 Albert got into a fight with the Lopilato brothers at Centerfields and immediately ran and told his off duty, drunk cop friend Mike Lank about it, who sprang into action and arrested the brothers. He called the cops on me twice for peacefully protesting on a public sidewalk, and did the same when 9 others showed up 2 weeks ago. He attempted to get a HPO on me for exercising my First Amendment rights. He made sure to shake every court officer’s hand during my arraignment, because without being good ol’ boys people like Chris Albert are just common criminal deadbeats.

The McAlbert Mafia use the Canton Police as their personal Pinkerton agency, who not only allow them to commit crimes, but threaten to arrest anyone who gets in their way. They feel emboldened knowing that Chief Rafferty will always have their back, and will weaponize her officers against anyone who questions them.

But last night a message was sent, and change is coming.


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