Canton Cover-Up Part 232: Police Report From Chris Albert’s 1994 Hit And Run Homicide Shows He Hired Judge Beverly Cannone’s Expensive Attorney Brother, Police Never Questioned Him About Drunk Driving 


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When he was running for Selectman last year Chris Albert intentionally hid from voters the fact that he was a convicted felon who killed a man in 1994 when he was 22 years old, and served 6 months in prison for it. Albert led State Police on a 30 hour manhunt after rear ending a car on I-95 in Attleboro and killing the driver Peter Berger at 3 AM before fleeing the scene. Passenger Peggy Lau survived. Berger was a 23 year old exchange student attending Johnson and Wales, and was described as “one of the top students in the MBA honors program.” Peter had a bright future ahead of him which was stolen from him by Chris Albert. He would be 54 years old today, and possibly have a family of his own. To make matters worse Berger’s parents couldn’t travel across the world to grieve him, and had to send their younger son instead.

Albert received a suspended sentence of two years in jail with 6 months to serve a year later after negotiating a plea. The victim’s father “lost his will to live,” and the parents couldn’t travel from Hungary to attend the proceedings. Albert was represented by John Prescott, the brother of Judge Beverly Cannone, who has issued countless judgements that are favorable to Chris Albert in the Karen Read case.

We initially reported in Part 102 of the Canton Coverup series that Albert’s Attorney was Cannone’s father, John Prescott Sr, who spent much of his career as a public defender. Thus we assumed that 22 year old Chris Albert was indigent and needed the services of a public defender.

But as it turns out his attorney was actually Prescott’s son, John Prescott Jr. Unlike his father Prescott was not a public defender, but rather worked for the pricey law firm Taylor, Ganson, & Perrin LLP in 1994, which mostly represented “high net worth clients.”

Since Albert turned himself in it would be impossible for him to have a public defender. Somehow this 22 year old man was able to afford a pricey defense attorney who happened to be the brother of a Judge who is currently taking steps to protect Albert’s brother and son from being looked into for a murder.

We have obtained the full police report from the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office. Chris Albert cut across three lanes of traffic and rear ended Berger in the process, who was driving the speed limit. Albert’s murder weapon was at a pizza shop in Cumberland, RI where he worked at the time. Albert refused to give a statement to police.

At no point during questioning did police ever ask Albert if he had been drinking, or why he fled the scene. He did explain that he lived with his parents and four brothers (presumably Keith, Kevin, the alien looking one, and Fredo), and that he managed Sakis Pizza in Cumberland.

Police asked him if he had ever been arrested before, but his response is redacted. However, it’s apparent from the number of spaces it takes up that the answer was yes. This is further backed up by the fact that it led to a back and forth exchange between State Police investigators and his attorney.

Of course he has a fighting Irish tattoo as well. Because, of course he does.

When we assumed that Albert’s attorney was Cannone’s public defender father, so it was plausible that the Albert family had no connection to Cannone. However, the fact that Albert sought out Cannone’s expensive private attorney brother makes it much more likely that the Albert family did have some connection to Cannone in the past.

Albert was treated by State Police much the same way his son Colin has been – protected with kid gloves. At no point did they ask him any tough questions or try to prove that he was drunk driving before he fled, which would have led to much more serious charges. Instead his family got him a well connected attorney who brokered a deal for him that allowed him to do just six months in jail for taking a man’s life. He was able to keep all this hidden from taxpayers and voters in Canton.

State Police were able to get away with this because Peter Berger’s parents lived in Hungary and had no connections to Massachusetts. What uproar could they make over this? In much the same way John O’Keefe’s family has been silenced, but more so through their own gullibility and stubbornness.

We grieve for Peter Berger, who never received justice. He was the first of many victims of the McAlbert crime family, and there will be many more to come until these criminals are finally held accountable.



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