Canton Cover-Up Part 242: Jennifer Coffindaffer Made A Complete Fool Of Herself On Court TV Trying To Defend Michael Morrissey And Colin Albert 


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Last night Court TV did a full hour segment on the Karen Read case, in light of the new developments that Michael Morrissey asked the US Attorney’s Office to stop investigating his office’s handling of the Karen Read case. Host Vinnie Politan invited on Boston 25 News reporter Ted Daniel, Boston defense attorney Peter Elikann, and disgraced former FBI agent turned Twitter boomer mouthpiece for the Commonwealth Jennifer Coffindaffer. Overall it was very positive for Karen Read. Ted’s tall ceilings at his house caused some acoustic issues, but he did a good job explaining the new developments. Both Daniel and Politan credited turtle riders protesting outside the courthouse for being informed and galvanizing support from “incredibly passionate” people.

Court TV also aired some of my greatest hits from the July 25 protest, including a rant about the close relationship between Michael Proctor and Chris Albert’s family.

The Boston defense attorney came prepared and did an excellent job pointing out key elements of the case, including the 2:27 Google search, the dog bites, Colin Albert’s history with John O’Keefe, Michael Proctor’s close relationship with the McAlberts, and Lucky Loughran seeing a Ford Edge but not seeing a body.

Then it was Coffindaffer’s turn. A lot of people object to her being invited on Court TV, especially after a public records request led to the discovery of emails showing that she was being used by the Commonwealth to spread their lies on social media. However, I’m glad she was on, because her stupidity and lack of facts when juxtaposed next to the factual statements made by Elikann, Daniel, and Politan, exposed just how devoid of facts the McAlbert propagandists are. She didn’t address Loughran or the relationship between the Proctors and Alberts, because those are indefensible positions. Let’s review some of the dumbest things she said.

“John O’Keefe’s hair was on the tail light, part of the vehicle.”

It’s like she can’t keep her lies straight. I think she was trying to say that the hair found on the quarter panel was O’Keefe’s hair, which is untrue because that “hair” was tested and came back to be non-human hair. The Commonwealth didn’t like that result so they want the hair tested again and destroyed. But to be clear, none of O’Keefe’s hair was found on the tail light, nor would it make any sense if it was.

“The O’Keefes like the Alberts. As a matter of fact they were at the pizza shop recently. They are in support of Karen Read’s guilt, not all of the individuals that were inside the house.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – all these people know how to do when they’re in a jam is hide behind the O’Keefe family. Paul O’Keefe’s stubborn stupidity is the gift that keeps on giving for them. Somehow this woman in Florida knows where Paul O’Keefe went to eat today, and is apparently happy to report that Paul is subsidizing the welfare pizza shop owned by a man whose family murdered his brother.

There are a bunch of gems in this clip:

“There’s no dog bites. You can’t see a second set of teeth. They’re not scratches. It’s the opinion of two medical examiners.”

These are clearly dog scratches:

They are deep parallel gashes that eerily similar to the one’s on Chew Toy’s face from a couple years ago:

Chloe has since disappeared, but prior to that sent two other people to the ER after biting them.

Additionally, an independent expert determined that they were in fact dog scratches. The government examiner, who was told that O’Keefe was hit by a car prior to drawing a conclusion, said that those parallel gashes were abrasions caused by grass and snow while Michael Proctor was standing in the room with her.

“All these individuals looking at this picture, which was leaked by the way….”

Who cares if the pictures were leaked? Why do they hide behind that, as if it matters? The picture clearly shows dog scratches, and the reason the Commonwealth didn’t want them “leaked” (the black and white images are in public court documents anyway) is because the public isn’t stupid and would immediately draw the conclusion that these are dog scratches:

Coffindaffer also seemed to finally admit that Karen’s tail light was not shattered and missing 35 pieces as she pulled out of 1 Meadows Ave at 5 AM.

“You can see as she pulls away that the tail light is well in tact.”

Thank you Jennifer.

Then she suddenly became a Google expert:

“That Safari was simply opened at that time stamp of 2:27 and so somehow that’s being attributed, it wasn’t the proper time, it was the time that occurred later.”

It’s painful to listen to a boomer attempt to explain a world she knows so very little about, despite spending so much time there – the Internet. Adam Lally tried this word salad in court and it made sense to exactly nobody, but Coffindaffer managed to make even less sense than he did.

Then came the “poor Colin Albert” defense:

“In terms of this poor kid Colin Albert, at the time he was 17 years old. He wasn’t even there. They are going to have not only text message proof of that, they are going to have witness proof of that. The individual who picked him up, drove him home, and his parents. So there was plenty of evidence that he wasn’t even there when the drop off occurred.”

When this is all said and done the first thing I’m going to do is put together a montage of all the people who staked their careers and reputations to this person:

They don’t have “text message” proof that Colin wasn’t there, they have what they claim is a screenshot of a text message showing Allie McCabe picking up Colin Albert at an undisclosed location at 12:09 AM.

The funniest part was when she said that his parents will be the key witnesses who exonerate him. Because the two deadbeats who constantly get sued and would say and do anything to keep their son out of jail are really credible. I for one cannot wait for Chris Albert to get on the stand and undergo cross examination from Alan Jackson. This is a guy who is too afraid to talk at Selectmen meetings and can only utter phrases like “I’m a witness” in order to get 17 year olds charged with intimidating him for standing on a public sidewalk. By all means, make Chris Albert the star witness for Colin in this trial. I’d pay good money to see that.

“There was no bad blood. This supposed bad blood occurred after a party when some kids dropped some beer bottles in John O’Keefe’s yard, but on the Ring camera it wasn’t even Colin Albert.”

Jennifer is an expert on all things Canton from her home in Florida. She knows all about Ring video at John O’Keefe’s house that she has never seen because Chris Albert is her exclusive source for information, as she accidentally revealed months ago.

Proving that she is simply a mouthpiece for the DA’s Office, Coffindaffer used the same excuse Morrissey did for the federal investigation into his office – it was all Rachael Rollins fault!

“Who began this was Rachael Rollins, a former US Attorney, who is not the US Attorney now because of an investigation they had on her.”

That is a complete lie. Rollins has never been involved in the investigation. Joshua Levy has been running point the entire time. The grand jury convened in July and August, months after Rollins resigned. But Coffindaffer just repeats whatever lie David Traub emails her, so you can’t really blame her for getting that one wrong.

Then there was this gem:

“Just because there is a grand jury doesn’t mean there will be a true bill or a no bill.”

Over 99% of federal grand juries end in an indictment. But yea, maybe the one that involves the coverup of a cop’s murder will be the one they let slide. Keep banking on that one and trotting Coffindaffer on TV to be your mouthpiece. Things are going great!


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