Canton Cover-Up Part 252: Criminals Who Violated Law By Protesting Tyranny In Massachusetts, Throwing Tea Into Harbor Now Viewed As Patriotic Heroes


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It was 250 years ago today when a bunch of patriots ran onto a British ship in Boston Harbor and dumped all the tea they could in the harbor to protest oppression and tyranny. This was the first act of outright defiance by people who knew that their freedom was God given, not granted to them by a totalitarian government. Their actions at the time were viewed as a criminal act, and led to more suppression, which just led to more rebellion. Benjamin Franklin criticized these patriots and offered to pay for the damages ($1.7 million in today’s money). Like many, he supported the patriots in spirit, but thought their actions were too confrontational. History has proven him wrong, and the hooligan patriots turned out to be heroic figures we teach our children about in school.

Now today, 250 years later, I have led a movement to stand up to oppression and tyranny in Norfolk County. On August 25 when Michael Morrissey ordered that I stop holding protests and speaking out against injustice, I defied him. I do not ask anyone’s permission to protest; it is my God given right. My actions were viewed by the oppressors and tyrants as a criminal act, and led to more suppression in the form of 9 felony charges and over $100K in legal bills. But all that did was lead to more rebellion, and now 9 more have been charged with the same crime that I have. Many today have played the role of Benjamin Franklin, claiming that they support me while criticizing my actions of being too confrontational. History will prove them wrong too.

In the end, I will win, Karen Read will win, and the Canton 9 will win, because we have God and righteousness on our side.

I don’t care if anyone is offended or uncomfortable with confronting Jennifer McCabe at public sporting events. She helped murder an innocent man. Her comfortability doesn’t concern me.

I don’t care if anyone is offended by a peaceful rolling rally in which we spent 7 minutes outside the homes of people who have helped cover up the murder of John O’Keefe. Samuel Adams would’ve done much worse to these tyrants, and wouldn’t give a damn who it offended.

I don’t care if people don’t like the language I use. If you care more about that then you do about the murder, coverup, and framing of an innocent woman, then your opinion isn’t one that I place any value in.

Two hundred fifty years ago today the formation of this country began when brave men who wanted to create a nation where individual rights mattered and confronting tyrants was encouraged, ran onto a ship and threw tea into the ocean. They didn’t care about the consequences of their actions, and I honor their legacy every day by continuing to fight back against a tyrannical government occupying the colony of Massachusetts.



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