Canton Coverup Part 306: State Police Union President Patrick McNamara’s Letter In Defense Of Michael Proctor Didn’t Age Well


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Due to the fact that I was fighting to stay out of jail for 120 days, I haven’t had a chance to properly celebrate and write about the fact that the State Police announced that Michael Proctor is under internal affairs investigation.

This is clearly a response to the shocking revelations exposed at Karen Read’s March 12 hearing, revealing that Proctor:

  • Lied to the state grand jury that indicted Karen Read about his relationship with the Albert family
  • Was offered a bribe from Julie Albert as a thank you gift on the day he arrested Karen Read for manslaughter
  • Told Julie Albert to send the bribe to his wife instead of him
  • Asked his sister if Julie Albert could babysit his son 2 weeks before John O’Keefe was killed, proving that he has a personal relationship with the Albert family

Proctor is still on the job and has not been suspended because the State Police don’t really care about appearances. But Internal Affairs doesn’t normally announce when they are investigating one of their own, so clearly it looks like they’re ready to throw Proctor under the bus. They saw the bad publicity and wanted to make it seem like they were doing SOMETHING. But it’s too little, too late. They’ve known all along that Proctor was conflicted, that he lied about what time he towed Karen Read’s car from her parent’s house, that he intentionally misspelled 5 names in one police report, and that found tail light on 5 undocumented trips to 34 Fairview Road in the 3 weeks after John O’Keefe’s death.

Proctor cannot be the only one to go down for this. For starters he also confirmed in front of the federal grand jury that he told Yuri Bukhenik about this relationship with the Alberts. Of course Yuri’s family knows the Alberts well too.

Bukhenik is his immediate boss and chose not to do anything with that information. Proctor has to do what he can to save himself so naturally he’d throw Bukhenik under the bus like this too. It’s really only a matter of time until they all start ratting on each other.

But the most corrupt of them all is Lt. Brian Tully. He is Bukhenik and Proctor’s boss, and the one who signed off on all of their fraudulent reports. In any other line of work a boss would discipline an employee for such an omission. But Tully is well aware of the conflict, and because the State Police have created a culture where no one is allowed to snitch on anyone else, he went along with it. And when I started exposing his corrupt underlings and peacefully protested them on public streets, Tully spent months putting together bogus “witness intimidation” charges against me in order to shut me up. He then conspired with a mentally unwell woman to set me up with charges that he knew weren’t real (assault and battery) in order to have me incarcerated.

Proctor’s lawyer Michael DiStefano issued this press release yesterday:

Trooper Proctor has been fully cooperative in responding to the investigations conducted by the US Attorney’s Office and the Massachusetts State Police Internal Affairs Unit. To be clear, Trooper Proctor remains steadfast in the integrity of the work he performed investigating the death of Mr. John O’Keefe. To the extent that Trooper Proctor’s personal text messages are alluded to in court proceedings regarding Ms. Read, he respectfully submits that the objective investigative steps he and members of his unit took are in no way undermined by the content of the personal messages.

I don’t even know what the second sentence means. His text messages, in which he discusses accepting bribes from witnesses he’s close friends with, do not undermine the “objective investigative steps” him, Bukhenik, and Tully took? What does that even mean?

Notice that nowhere in that word salad press release does he deny ANYTHING that was said in court on Tuesday. Ya know, the stuff he’s under investigation for. He can’t, because it’s undeniable – they have his phone and his grand jury testimony. They know he lied about not knowing the Alberts. They know that Julie Albert offered him a bribe for not investigating Colin, and that he didn’t turn it down. They know that he lied throughout the entire investigation. Attorney DiStefano doesn’t bother combatting any of these things because he knows he can’t.

None of this is news to anyone who’s been following our coverage of this story. We didn’t need these text messages to know that Proctor was conflicted – the evidence was all over social media. His mother called the Alberts her “second family.” But yet for State Police Union President Patrick McNamara released this ridiculous statement in defense of him last August:

The members assigned to the Norfolk County District Attorney’s State Police Detective Unit have been the subject of personal attacks from criminal defense attorneys and the media for doing their jobs. As we all know, State Police Detectives are assigned to each District Attorneys’ Office and to the Office of the Attorney General in Massachusetts.  In homicide investigations, they work at the direction of the District Attorney under M.G.L. c. 38, § 4.  State Police Detectives work under extreme conditions to professionally and comprehensively perform homicide investigations throughout the Commonwealth.  They do this work without favor.  They follow the evidence.

This is true in the case of the investigation into the death of Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe.  State Police Detectives worked as a team to investigate this homicide, which occurred during a severe snowstorm, at the direction of the Norfolk County District Attorney.  They followed the evidence and where it led. The evidence collected was presented by the District Attorney’s Office to an independent Grand Jury.  That Grand Jury – and no one else – issued the charges in connection with the death of Officer John O’Keefe.

Criminal defense attorneys and agenda-based outlets have baselessly smeared our members’ names and reputations. Additionally, there have been gatherings at our members’ homes with the intent to intimidate them and their families for the work performed in this investigation. Trooper Proctor has personally been defamed in the media and in court. This is not only wrong but unacceptable. Harassing and intimidating any witness in a criminal investigation is illegal.  We stand with you, Mike, as we do all of the State Police Detectives.

This case will be tried in court before a judge and a jury, not in the media. I would ask that we all stand with Trooper Proctor and our members assigned to the Norfolk District Attorney’s State Police Detective Unit as they pursue justice for Officer John O’Keefe in the face of unprecedented attacks.

As always stay safe and watch out for each other.


Patrick M. McNamara

This clown.

How dumb does Patrick McNamara look now? He personally vouched for the most transparently corrupt cop in history, cried about “witness intimidation” when people stood up and said something about it, and said Proctor was being “defamed” and “baselessly smeared” because of undeniable evidence that he knew the Alberts.

They followed the evidence where it led? They comprehensively performed a homicide investigation? They didn’t even search inside the house where a dead body was found. They didn’t even bother looking into who plowed Fairview Road that night until I tracked down and interviewed Lucky Loughran. And we now know that the grand jury that McNamara said was responsible for indicting Karen Read, was influenced by LIES told to them under oath by Proctor.

The Massachusetts State Police have had scandal after scandal, yet the corruption never ends. We broke the Ali Bibaud story over 6 years ago and although it led to the resignation of the highest ranking members of the State Police, they all got full pension golden parachutes on the way out. We broke the Leigha Genduso story 6 years ago and the only person that took the fall for hiring a drug dealing money launderer was her. There is an institutional rot that can only be fixed if they take it all down and rebuild. They need an audit more than anyone, because Proctor, Bukhenik, and Tully wouldn’t have done what they did if they felt like anyone else in the State Police would’ve stopped them.



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