Canton Coverup Part 308: Elizabeth Proctor Writes Email To Western Mass Superintendent Demanding That School Committee Member Be Fired For Posting Negatively About Husband Michael Proctor


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Elizabeth Proctor was up to her old tricks last week after news came down that her husband Michael Proctor was being investigated by Massachusetts State Police Internal Affairs. On Instagram she shared a screenshot of a comment she found on Facebook from a woman who suggested that Lizzie’s husband might commit suicide.

Imagine how tone deaf you have to be to have your husband’s face all over the news for being a corrupt cop who lied to a state grand jury in a murder investigation, and to go on social media and post about how YOU are the victim! Personally, if I were in her shoes I would be keeping the lowest profile possible because it’s so humiliating and embarrassing to have your husband exposed like that. But not Lizzie though. She goes right to Facebook to screenshot random people sharing their opinions and exercising their First Amendment rights.

For the record, there is nothing sick or evil about what this other random woman posted. Many people assume that if Brian Albert is charged with murder he will kill himself before turning himself in. Many of us might even consider doing the same if we were in his situation. Opining about what someone might due in order to avoid prison is not sick or evil, but covering up a murder by dumping a man’s nearly dead body on a front lawn to die in the cold certainly is.

But self-victimizing is all these people know how to do. They murdered John O’Keefe, subsequently covered it up, and then cry about “emotional harm” and “witness intimidation” when people post negative things about them. They are so used to the system existing to protect them that they can’t fathom a world in which other people are allowed to criticize them, even if they cover up a murder.

After shaming the woman of no particular significance Lizzie did what she always does – looked up the woman, found where they worked, and began crafting an email designed to get her to lose her job. As it turns out the woman lives in Western Mass and is on her local town’s school committee. The bosses of a school committee members are the voters who elect them, but apparently Lizzie doesn’t understand how any of this works. So she wrote her angry email to the superintendent, whining about how she’s being bullied, suggesting that her and Michael are going to press charges against the woman, demanding that the superintendent “take action,” and claiming to be worried about the safety of the woman’s children.

Just a reminder – Lizzie Proctor used her real phone number to harass a woman’s workplace for commenting on Facebook with her belief that Michael Proctor should be fired, then claimed she was the victim of felony witness intimidation when I wrote about it and posted a link to her employer’s social media accounts so that people could share their opinions about Lizzie’s behavior, and got me indicted for it after lying about what she did to a grand jury. She did this without even thinking twice about what a hypocrite this made her.

Yet she has the NERVE to lecture other people about bullying and bad behavior. She has the NERVE to call Jennifer McCabe and Michael Proctor “innocent witnesses in an ongoing murder case.” She has the NERVE to demand that the superintendent “take action,” while simultaneously claiming to be a victim of witness intimidation because the factual article exposing her poor behavior caused her “financial harm” (she didn’t lose her job).

The funniest part about this is that the superintendent works for the School Committee and is hired by them, not the other way around. This is like writing to an employee at Walmart and demanding that the manager be fired.

The Western Mass woman, whose husband is a police officer, contacted State Police IA to alert them to what Lizzie Proctor was doing on behalf of her husband, who is under IA investigation. She then received a call back from Brian Tully himself.

Ultimately they did nothing, because covering for Michael Proctor has been Brian Tully’s primary job for the last 2 years.

Lizzie then took to social media to let the woman know that SHE was a disgrace to police wives everywhere.

Imagine how pathetic you have to be to not only refer to yourself as a “police wife,” but to tell other police wives that they’re not living up the unwritten code that you came up with? Apparently being a “police wife” means you go around harassing anyone who has the audacity to speak out against police misconduct on social media.

P.S. she also posted this tone deaf comment while I was in the can:

The wife of the man who misspelled 5 names in one paragraph on a police report used in a murder investigation is correcting spelling mistakes of another corrupt cop whose name is spelled differently every time it’s written.


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