Canton Coverup Part 310: Motions For Cell Phones Allowed By Judge Cannone After Brian Higgins, Brian Albert Butt Dialing Lies Come Out In Court


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Yesterday’s Rule 17 motion hearing in the Karen Read case revealed more damning information from the federal investigation that shows a conspiracy took place to cover up the murder of John O’Keefe.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Higgins told the federal grand jury that he stopped returning Brian Albert’s phone calls shortly after I began widely publicizing the story
  • Brian Albert became nervous about this and asked his brother, Canton Police Detective Kevin Albert, to intervene by contacting Higgins, despite the fact that Canton PD was conflicted out of the investigation due to the fact that Kevin Albert is Brian Albert’s brother
  • Brian Albert told the federal grand jury that after he received a grand jury subpoena Kevin Albert contacted Higgins and said “you went off the grid and Brian doesn’t understand, everyone got a subpoena but you”
  • Higgins testified that before testifying in front of federal grand jury on June 1 he spoke with Kevin Albert, who was supposedly conflicted out of the case
  • David Yannetti brought up the fact that this sounds a lot like witness intimidation, which the Norfolk DA’s Office has been aggressively pursuing against those who believe that Karen Read is innocent – “With all the allegations of witness intimidation thrown around by this DA’s office and special prosecutors why haven’t Brian and Kevin Albert been investigated for witness intimidation”
  • Brian Albert and his immediate family are not the target of the federal investigation
  • Brian Higgins is not a target of the federal investigation
  • Kevin Albert’s attorney denied his client participated in any sort of cover up
  • Higgins was asked at the federal grand jury if on January 29, 2022 he made any phone calls when he got home, he said he did not, that he lived alone, was alone that night, no one else in the bedroom, and that when he went to bed he placed his phone on bedside table
  • After making those admissions he was confronted with phone records, which revealed Brian Albert called him at 2:22 AM and that 17 seconds later Higgins called Albert back and that call lasted for 22 seconds
  • Higgins told the federal grand jury it was a butt dial, which led to this quote from Yannetti – “His butt was in the bed, his phone was on the table – the two could not have met.”
  • Higgins admitted that it would’ve been impossible physically for that to happen
  • Both Higgins and Brian Albert testified that no one from the State Police has ever asked for their phone records
  • Brian Albert also testified that his phone conversation with Higgins at 2:22 AM on January 29, 2022 was a butt dial
  • Brian Albert initially told the federal grand jury he was awake and watching TV when he testified the first time
  • Brian Albert was later called back by the federal grand jury and confronted with new evidence by the feds, which led to him changing his story, claiming that he was actually having sex with his wife at 2:22 AM and that he butt dialed Higgins during sex
  • Brian Albert had no explanation to the federal grand jury when asked about how his phone picked up when Higgins called him and had a 22 second conversation
  • Higgins testified that the call did not go to voicemail and that he did not hear any noises that suggested Brian Albert was sticking it to his wife at that time
  • The defense is also asking for former Canton Police Chief Ken Berkowitz’ phone records from January 29 to February 18 because testimony in the federal grand jury shows that Higgins and Berkowitz were speaking through the 18th, and the Brian Albert and Berkowitz were speaking from January 29, to February 4, despite the fact that CPD was conflicted out of the case and Berkowitz was not the acting chief at the time
  • Josh Levy questioned Higgins at the federal grand jury about why Berkowitz was inserting himself into the case, and used phone records that feds have but defense does not (this is why the defense wants the phone records)
  • On January 29 Higgins had a 3 minute call with Berkowitz at 7:22 AM, followed by a call with Brian Albert that afternoon for 12 minutes, another for 6, then 1, then 10, then a call with Berkowitz for 4 minutes. They also spoke multiple additional times after that until February 18.
  • Judge Cannone somehow didn’t know Brian Higgins was a witness in the Karen Read murder case she’s been presiding over for 2 years
  • After finding tail light while driving in a moving vehicle in front of 34 Fairview Road on February 4, Berkowitz called Higgins and Higgins then called Brian Albert.

It was basically confirmed today that Higgins flipped on the McAlberts as soon as Turtleboy’s coverage of the story began to shed light on it. Remember, back when no one was paying attention to this story in June of 22, Higgins, Kevin Albert, and Brian Albert attended Berkowitz’ retirement party together, which DA Michael Morrissey also spoke at.

But that was before Turtleboy came into the picture and blew this story up. That was when they thought they had gotten away with murder and could still be pals. Once the subpoenas started coming it was every man for themself.

Of course we’ve known that the McAlberts stopped trusting Higgins a long time ago thanks to Jill Daniels’ drunken debut on the Turtleboy Live Show in early August, in which she famously asked, “what about Higgins,” while complaining that we were focusing too much on her family. (56:55)

A federal agent like Higgins would naturally do what he could to save himself once being subpoenaed by other federal agents, and in this case that meant distancing himself and throwing his co-conspirators under the bus. As predicted, the McAlberts didn’t handle that well and began to turn on him.

Yannetti rightfully pointed out that what Kevin and Brian Albert tried to do to Higgins was witness intimidation. They wanted to confer with him prior to speaking in front of the grand jury to make sure they were on the same page. They wanted to make sure his testimony aligned with theirs and didn’t incriminate anyone but Karen Read. “Brian doesn’t understand,” because Brian is used to being in control. For the first time in his life he no longer was.

And why was Kevin Albert even involved in this at all? He wasn’t inside the house that night. The Canton Police Department was no longer involved in the case specifically due to his familial relations with Brian Albert. Yet he centered himself in the middle of it as an agent for his big brother at the most critical time.

The McAlbert supporters are celebrating that Greg Henning said in court that Brian Albert is not the target of the federal investigation. No shit sherlock. The feds are here to investigate the investigation. They know John O’Keefe was killed inside the house, and they know Brian Albert likely had something to do with it. But they’re here to find out who covered for Brian after the fact.

Kevin Albert and Brian Higgins’ attorneys both denied in court that their clients participated in any sort of coverup. Neither one of them denied that a coverup existed though. Neither one of them said, “there was no coverup, because Karen Read killed John O’Keefe.” Instead they just said that their clients weren’t involved.

The butt dialing stories are wild. All these people do is lie. When they get caught in lies they just tell more lies. They actually want people to believe that Brian Albert’s magical butt entered in his 6 digit passcode, then called his buddy Higgins while taking Nicole Albert to pound town, and Higgins picked up and listened for 17 seconds after answering the phone that was on his night stand with his butt. Then Higgins butt went back to the night stand, entered in his passcode with his right cheek, then called Brian Albert back with the left cheek, and then Albert answered the phone with his fat ass, but Higgins someone didn’t hear them boning.

This is what they told a grand jury under oath, just in case you were wondering if these idiots would lie to the feds.

Both Higgins and Albert know how damning their 2:22 phone calls were. There is no reason the two of them should’ve called each other after Higgins left that night. So butt-dial-gate is the best they could come up with on the spot.

Meanwhile, Berkowitz didn’t even bother sending his attorney to court and made no objection to the motion for his phone records. Berky would be the first to throw all these people under the bus, and he immediately shut down his social media after we wrote about his involvement in April. Remember, Berky went out of his way to contact a member of the media, asking him to take down a tweet that mentioned that O’Keefe’s body was found on Brian Albert’s lawn:

“When this happened, I wasn’t working in news any longer and just tweeting news stories on my own. I tweeted about O’Keefe’s death – essentially saying, this is the house where he was found dead, online property records show it’s located at (whatever the address is) and owned by Brian Albert, a veteran Boston cop who appeared in (name of stupid cop show he was on). I got the above DM from Berkowitz.”

Berkowitz, knowing this man’s status as a former reporter, allegedly requested that he censor his reporting so as to protect Brian Albert:

“I called him a half hour later. He asked me to take the tweet down, he said Brian Albert is a friend, a pillar of the community and he didn’t deserve to have his name smeared. I didn’t want to deal with his bullshit, so I said ok, hung up and deleted the tweet.”

Here’s a screenshot showing that be called Berkowitz at that number on February 1.

Why was Berkowitz so involved in an investigation that his department was no longer involved with? Why was he searching for evidence at Brian Albert’s house a week after O’Keefe was murdered there? Why did no one think it was suspicious that the piece of evidence he “found” was beneficial to his self-proclaimed friend and pillar of the community, Brian Albert?

It’s also interesting that Josh Levy himself questioned Higgins at the federal grand jury. It’s rare that someone as high up as Levy gets involved in the actual prosecution of a case. This means he’s heavily invested in the case because he knows how important it is to hold the people accountable who did this to John and Karen.

While I was writing this Auntie Bev surprisingly allowed all the motions for the phones:

The question is, will any of this prevent the trial from moving forward? Probably not. The only way the trial doesn’t take place is if the feds indict someone involved in the investigation between now and then.


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