Canton Coverup Part 316: Beverly Cannone Says Dismissal Not Warranted Despite Admitting Jennifer McCabe’s 2:27 Google Search Is Legitimate And Michael Proctor Acted Unprofessionally 


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It appears as if we are headed for trial in the Karen Read case, as Beverly Cannone predictably denied the defense’s motion to dismiss. However, there were so notable things in her 24 page rulings that stuck out.

  1. Cannone said that Michael Proctor displayed “unprofessional and questionable conduct,” but that it didn’t warrant dismissal because she can’t see what impact his personal relationships with the Albert family had on the investigation. 

The mere fact that he had ANY personal relationship, and then lied about the personal relationship to the grand jury, is all you need to know. The entire case became compromised at that point. You don’t need evidence that these relationships affected the investigation, but we do have it:

  • Proctor never interviewed Colin Albert until 18 months after Karen Read was arrested, despite the fact that he was admittedly inside 34 Fairview Road that night
  • Julie Albert offered Proctor a gift as a “thank you” gift on the day he arrested Karen Read
  • Proctor intentionally spelled the names of 5 witnesses wrong in one report in order to protect their identities
  • According to Michael Morrissey, Proctor never even went to the crime scene on January 29, 2022
  • Proctor lied about what time he towed Karen Read’s car from her parents’ home in Dighton, leaving him unaccounted for with the vehicle for one hour and 15 minutes


2. Cannone admits that Proctor is under investigation by the State Police Internal Affairs. 

What will happen if Proctor is suspended before the trial? How will he be able to testify? Normally the lead investigator is one of the most important witnesses for the prosecution. Proctor is their biggest liability.


3. Matt McCabe told the state grand jury that he saw Karen’s car parked outside for a long time, and that he assumed John and Karen were arguing inside the car. 

How would Matt McCabe have any idea what they were talking about? He was clearly trying to make it seem to the grand jury that Karen and John were fighting – something he would know nothing about. He previously testified that they were getting along fine and seemed sober at the Waterfall.

More importantly, why does this dude stand in front of the window at parties looking at traffic? He was apparently keeping an eye on them, but somehow didn’t see or hear John getting hit by her car at a high rate of speed. His testimony directly conflicts Ryan Nagel’s statement to police that John O’Keefe was not inside Karen Read’s car, nor was he on the ground outside the car.


4. Cannone said the grand jury testimony about John and Karen’s trip to Aruba on New Years “may have been excessive” and that the “evidence may have been more prejudicial than probative.”

All the stuff about Aruba is just a distraction. It doesn’t matter if John and Karen fought during that trip because it doesn’t explain the dog bites, it doesn’t explain why Lucky Loughran said there wasn’t body on the lawn at 2:30, and it doesn’t explain why Jennifer McCabe Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM. The Commonwealth is hoping that if they paint a picture that Karen Read was angry enough then the laws of physics would stop existing in the town of Canton on the morning of January 29, 2022.


5. Speaking of that 2:27 Google search, Cannone agreed in her ruling that there is no evidence that an independent expert used by the FBI determined that McCabe did in fact Google “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM. She just believes that the fact that the State Police didn’t present this information to the grand jury wasn’t grounds for dismissal. 

“it appears that the more recent report used an updated version of software….that the previous software did not extract.”

She attempted to Lallyspain why the MSP’s forensic expert Nicholas Guarino didn’t find the deleted Google search. But that in and of itself is an admission that the search occurred at 2:27 and was in fact deleted. Nonetheless, it’s a complete lie that in 2022 the State Police didn’t posses the technology to find deleted messages, phone calls, and Google searches. It wasn’t the stone age. Guarino is either completely corrupt or completely incompetent. Either way, if the grand jury was aware that Jennifer McCabe made this search at 2:27 AM there is no possible way they would have indicted Karen Read.


6. Jennifer McCabe and Kerry Roberts sat down and wrote out a timeline of events that occurred on January 29, 2022, prior to testifying in front of the state grand jury. 

This alone shows collusion. Jennifer McCabe has been in control since the moment Karen Read called her at 4:53 AM. She delayed the return to 34 Fairview Road to ensure John O’Keefe would die in the cold. She made sure to speak with every cop who arrived at her sister’s house that morning, beginning to spin the narrative that Karen may have hit him, while Karen Read focused on saving John O’Keefe’s life. She called Michael Lank at 9 AM while Karen Read was in the hospital, to tell him that she suddenly remembered that Karen had repeatedly said, “could I have hit him?” She befriended John’s mother, creating a group called “Peggy’s Angels” in order to keep his family close to her.

I honestly didn’t think that Morrissey would want to go through with a trial, knowing how bad his witnesses would be on the stand. But I welcome it, and I know that there is no way a jury will ever convict Karen Read. The testimony given by the witnesses will be very beneficial to my case, as they are ripped to shreds by Alan Jackson and David Yannetti, and have their credibility completely destroyed.


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