Canton Coverup Part 328: Public Records Request Shows Ken Mello And Nelson De Gouveia Have Bill Taxpayers More Than $100K And Counting To Investigate Turtleboy


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As we reported last week, Special Prosecutor Ken Mello has been ignoring our requests for mandatory discovery for months, including most of the grand jury testimony that led to my indictment on 9 felony counts of witness intimidation. He ignores our emails and flagrantly violates the law, but has time to file motions to have my bail revoked and take away phone privileges in jail. All this lawfare to silence an award winning journalist for asking questions and peacefully protesting the historic injustice of framing an innocent woman for murdering a Boston Police Officer, while letting his murderers walk free.

As taxpayers you should all be offended by this because this is what your hard earned money is going towards. We live in a state where criminals regularly walk free as DA’s cut them sweetheart deals and give them unlimited chances. Instead of investing that money into cleaning up our streets and ridding it of crime, the Norfolk County DA’s Office is spending it all on me. But how much is this costing the taxpayers? That’s the question we wanted to know when we did a public records request in late February. As it turns out the bill is over $100K and counting.

MSP and the DA’s Office had it planned for quite some time to arrest and charge me with witness intimidation. The problem is that the NCDAO couldn’t prosecute me because it would look bad due to the fact that I am their biggest critic, even though I’m also a vocal critic of the same state police detectives who led the investigation and arrested me. So they had to find a special prosecutor and no one wanted to do it. Luckily for them Ken Mello needed the work and was willing to declare war on the First Amendment, so Michael Morrissey got him on board in late September. In a September 26 email Debra Leahy from the NCDAO Fiscal Affairs told ADA Lynn Beland that Mello would bill them $400 an hour, with a ceiling of $30K.

But that wasn’t enough for Mello because God knows he can’t prosecute this case on his own. So he told them he needed them to also pay Attorney Robert Novack $20K and his private investigator Nelson de Gouveia $15K. Leahy told Mello three weeks after my arraignment that his terms were acceptable.

De Gouveia is a former employee of the Sheriff’s Department who runs what appears to be the most bootleg PI company of all time, called Trust Know 1 Investigations. He apparently couldn’t afford a web developer so he designed this bootleg website.

According to the “about” section, Trust Know 1 Investigations only hires people with “core values of integrity, bravery and relentless tenacity.” Because nothing says “relentless tenacity” like this man.

But that apparently wasn’t enough money for Mello. In late November after they decided they were going to indict me in Superior Court, Mello signed a new contract that would pay him $80K maximum.

Keep in mind, most ADA’s in Michael Morrissey’s Office earn less than $80K a year and are assigned dozens of cases. Mello, who is completely incompetent with a long and documented history of legal malfeasance, is making more than them in a year to work a single case for a few months. And he’s not exactly working very hard at it.

By the end of December Mello had already billed the Commonwealth $71,200. His commentary about his “professional services rendered” is ridiculous even for his standards.

So many lies I don’t even know where to begin.

  1. Mello working “every day including weekends and legal holidays” is hilarious in light of the fact that he took over a month off because he was allegedly too sick to work.
  2. The mere thought of Mello ever working a 12 hour day when he constantly comes to court unprepared and without doing any legal research is unfathomable.
  3. The fact that he openly states that he is billing the taxpayers to “review 8 months of daily internet posts and blogs” has to be the most egregious government waste I’ve ever seen. And for the record, there is no way he’s reviewing 8 months worth of blogs and videos. As Krusty Panties pointed out during her HPO hearing (where a full year order was granted against her), she is the one “furnishing information” to Mello.

4. Mello says that part of his duties include “communicating with opposing counsel,” yet he has been ignoring our emails and requests for discovery for months.

5. The fact that he capitalizes “Taint Team” like they’re the Boston Celtics is so Ken Mello it hurts. And to be clear, we asked for him to agree to a taint team to look through my phone 4 months ago and he still hasn’t done it yet.

But they weren’t done fleecing the taxpayers yet. De Gouveia was only allotted $15K, but in October Mello needed him to fly to California with Brian Tully to interview Natalie the German. The interview lasted one hour and they learned absolutely nothing from her, except that she was upset with Karen Read for not being best friends with her, and upset with Turtleboy for calling people cunts. De Gouveia billed the taxpayers for 28 hours worth of work on that trip, and you paid for his hotel and flight too. He also billed the taxpayers $1,000 to come to my hearing on October 26 in Norfolk Superior Court.

After that they needed him to track down Turtleboy’s side chick and investigate fake babies, so the bill got to be over $28K.

No biggie though. Debra Leahy just added another $15K to his contract, because when you’re paying people with other people’s money fiscal responsibility doesn’t really matter.

We also saw several emails from media outlets on December 5 asking about rumored new indictments of Turtleboy.

Public Records manager Brandon Hunt ignored my public records request for information on a case in which the DA’s Office chose not to prosecute obvious witness intimidation. Instead of responding to me Hung sent and email to Ken Mello on November 20 alerting him that I was asking these sort of questions.

Hunt has never returned any of my emails, and instead contacts Tim Bradl who tells him to contact me directly. These people think that they’re untouchable and not accountable to the public, because they haven’t been for years.

This is what your tax dollars are going towards while your kid’s school lays off another teacher. Silencing me is a bigger priority for them than prosecuting actual criminals.




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