Canton Coverup Part 331: Adam Lally Claims Karen Read’s Booking Video Shows Her Confessing To Witnessing John’s Murder, Then Plays Tape In Court Showing That Lied


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In court today Adam Lally told Judge Cannone that he wanted to enter into evidence a June 2022 booking video of Karen Read at the Milton State Police barracks, in which she allegedly claimed to have seen Brian and Colin Albert bashing John O’Keefe’s head into her tail light, which was the reason it broke.

“She said something to the effect of are you in on the joke? Then made some sort of reference to having witnessed Brian Albert and Colin Albert smash John O’Keefe’s head into the tail light, indicating that’s how her tail light was broken.”

If she actually said this it would suggest that Karen is constantly changing her story in a “desperate attempt to reassign guilt,” as Michael Morrissey would say. It is a laughably absurd story that no rational person could possibly believe, and would destroy Karen Read’s credibility in front of a jury. It would also undermine her own allegations of planted tail light.

The propagandists on Norfolk County DAO spokesman David Traub’s mailing list, who are used by the Commonwealth to spread their lies on social media, immediately began to tweet out this new “information” about Karen Read as fact.

“What a stupid, stupid woman.”

Karen Read graduated from Bentley, has her MBA, and probably was making over $200K a year at Fidelity prior to being framed for murder. Krusty Panties barely graduated from high school, doesn’t have a job, and lost 2 of her kids to the state.

But yes, Karen Read is the stupid one.

I’ll tell you what’s really stupid though – believing ANYTHING the Commonwealth says about anything. Judge Cannone asked Lally to play the tape for her in court later on in the day. When he did it showed something very different:

“OK, you’re aware he was beaten up by Brian and Colin Albert? We’re all in the same joke, right? My tail light was cracked and John’s head was pulverized.”

That is COMPLETELY different from what Lally said Read said, just hours earlier in open court:

“She said something to the effect of are you in on the joke? Then made some sort of reference to having witnessed Brian Albert and Colin Albert smash John O’Keefe’s head into the tail light, indicating that’s how her tail light was broken.”

There is a HUGE difference between Karen Read saying that:

  1. Her tail light was broken as a result of Colin and Brian Albert smashing John’s head on it in front of her.
  2. Brian and Colin Albert beat up John, AND THEN mocking the ridiculousness of John’s massive head injuries being caused by a cracked tail light.

All the booking video shows is that Karen Read knew what was happening to her more than a year before Turtleboy ever wrote about this story.

If Adam Lally was this willing to lie about something in open court that he intended to present as evidence hours later, then what else is he willing to lie about in order to lynch an innocent woman? Traditionally you expect defense attorneys to bend the truth in order to exonerate clients who may be guilty. But when ADA’s blatantly lie like this it’s hard to have any faith in our institutions. If we can’t trust our publicly funded prosecutors and police, who are supposed to protect society from violence and criminality, then we are living in a lawless society.

This is essentially the same thing they are doing to charge me with witness intimidation. Here’s an example of how the Commonwealth quoted me in the charging documents, followed by what I actually said:

“I’ll be back,” “Get used to this,” “These people think that I’m fucking around, you haven’t seen the last of me,” Get used to it, get used to it.”

Those are phrases they chosen, out of context, from a much larger rant, commenting on the lack of service and professionalism from the DPW employee. Bolded are the parts the Commonwealth cherry picked.

“Nobody wants to work because they get paid the same no matter what. Does he (Walsh) have a cell phone? Can you get off your ass and do some God damn work? She knows who I am and she doesn’t want to help me out. But I’ll play her game. She’s friends with the McCabes and Alberts, so this is what we’re dealing with here. But I’ll be back, Miss Boy’s Regular. You haven’t seen the last of me. He never called. Walsh and Trotta never called me back. If you think you’re gonna get rid of me that easily you’re badly mistaken. I will literally sit there all day, all day. We’ll order Chinese, I’ll make a day of it. I will sit there all day, because he’s (Walsh) gotta be back sometime. I have unfinished business, I didn’t see Michael Morrissey today, I’ll be back. Get used to this. These people think I’m f***ing around like I’m Mr. Internet Guy, like I’m gonna sit here and write blogs all day that they can ignore. No, no, no. I live an hour away. I have a Lexus now, it’s not a problem, with great mileage and a good engine. It’s not a problem. Get used to it, get used to it. 

We should all be concerned that the people who have all the guns and get to decide who loses their freedom would be this openly corrupt and dishonest. We’ve been trained to trust institutions, which is why some people are having a hard time believing this conspiracy. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that the people we have put our trust in would lie to us like this. But they are, and they’re not hiding it anymore.



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