Canton Coverup Part 342: Caitlin Albert’s Boyfriend Tristin Morris Threatens To Punch Award Winning Journalist In Front Of Children After Provoking Confrontation  


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This afternoon I was grabbing lunch at Sullivan’s in Southie when I noticed a guy staring at me. I thought I recognized him as being Tristin Morris, the boyfriend of Caitlin Albert, but I couldn’t be sure.

We got our food, left, and spent 20 minutes eating on a bench overlooking Boston Harbor. We then began walking around Castle Island and went back to my car. While we were walking I was confronted by this guy again:

He asked me if I had something to say to him since I was such a tough guy and wanted to talk to him before. I realized then that it was in fact Tristin Morris, but didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of me recognizing him, since he’s just a bit player in the McAlbert Mafia. He was apparently upset about a story I published in December in which I reported that he drives a Ford SUV that is similar to the one Lucky Loughran described seeing outside of 34 Fairview Road at 3 AM on January 29, 2022. He told me that I messaged him prior to the story, and I informed him that I was looking for comment and had some questions.

The person I was with was filming initially because he looked like an ogre, and since she didn’t recognize him she assumed he was a Giannetti-esque crackhead confronting me. He asked me not to film our encounter and said that he just wanted to have a talk, so I agreed and motioned for her to stop recording.


However, it became clear he had no intention of talking about what I actually wanted to talk about, which I realized after I asked him 2 questions that made him very upset:

  1. On the night of January 28, 2022 you got dinner at the Waterfall Bar with Caitlin Albert and her mother Nicole, and according to Nicole Albert’s interview in a police report you picked her up and drove her back to your house in Easton at 12:15. Where did you go after dinner, and why did you leave your girlfriend?
  2. Caitlin Albert told police in August of 2023, after testifying in front of a federal grand jury, that she left her parent’s house at 1:45 AM, not 12:15 AM as they initially told police. Why did she change her story, and why did they lie to police?

He refused to answer my questions. This confused me since he told me that he wanted to talk. What did he think I wanted to talk about? Clearly I didn’t message him to ask him about his favorite movies. He’s a McAlbert, and the only interest I have in speaking with them is to ask them about what happened to John O’Keefe.

It became clear that he thought that I was one of those guys who talks trash on the Internet but will cower and walk away when confronted in real life. He thought that by coming up to me with his arm tatoos and saying “you got something to say to me,” that I wouldn’t have anything to say to him at all. He probably should’ve Googled me, because instead of running away or taking my camera out to humiliate him I just asked him exactly what I intended to ask him when I messaged him in December. This caught him off guard and he said he was leaving.

However, as he walked away he yelled “Karen Read fucking did it,” so our truce was off at that point and I pulled out my camera and began recording. He threatened to punch me in the face in front of small children, called me a snitch, then ironically called the police on me:

Him yelling “Karen Read fucking did it” was clearly a hostile move that he knew I would respond to. I asked him the same questions I asked him moments prior and he demanded I leave because “you’re not from here.” According to Tristin’s LinkedIn, neither is he:

But it doesn’t matter, because no one in Southie under the age of 40 is actually from Southie anyway. Fact check – you do not have to be from a place to go there.

This comment says so much about the mentality of the McAlberts. This is how they view the town of Canton – it belongs to them. If you’re not “from here” then you don’t get to criticize the way things are run. Brian Albert is royalty in the town of Canton. If you’re not from there you wouldn’t understand. When a dead body shows up on his front lawn the cops don’t search the house. Only people who aren’t from there would think that would happen. Every cop who responded was “from here.” The lead detective Michael Proctor was “from here.” The entire Board of Selectmen is “from here.” These are people who think that because they were in a place first that it belongs to them, and that they can be aggressive and threatening to outsiders like John O’Keefe and Karen Read because they’re not “from here.” Remember Tim Albert’s threatening Facebook post to her defense team?


Tristin then called the Boston Police to report me for…..something. Because McAlberts view the institution of the police as a weapon they can use to attack anyone who challenges them. The police exist to protect them, not anyone else. It’s why you get charged with felony witness intimidation when you ask them questions. It’s why they don’t when they tell Tom Beatty he needs to tell police that Colin Albert never called his daughter at 12:33 AM on January 29, 2022. It’s why Lizzie Proctor can call your workplace and demand you be fired for criticizing her husband, but you get charged with a felony or visited by Bukkake and Tully if you leave her employer a bad Google review. It’s why Chris Albert has Ken Mello’s personal cell phone and can have 9 peaceful protesters kicked off a sidewalk and charged with a felony. They control the institution of the police because they are part of its makeup. Brian Albert is a cop. Kevin Albert is a cop. Tristin Morris is banging Brian Albert’s daughter, so he gets to be 5th in line on the Canton Police list while acting like a thug in public:

Two reputable sources from Canton also have reported to Turtleboy that Tristin Morris hit a pedestrian in 2021 and was never cited for it. According to this 2021 news report, a Canton Police Officer hit a pedestrian on his way to responding to the accident that Tristin was allegedly involved in. If true, his name was never made public, just like Helena Rafferty’s wasn’t, because they’re part of a protected class.

It’s no wonder the McAlberts welcome Tristin as part of their family though. He isn’t afraid to call people a “f***ing pussy” or say “you’re lucky I don’t punch your f***ing head in” in front of small children.

The comment about punching me in the head was also pretty telling. If a McAlbert feels comfortable doing that in broad daylight in front of hundreds of people, then imagine what they would do to a guy like John O’Keefe behind closed doors after drinking all day, if he stood up to them. Physical violence is second nature to the McAlberts. So is victimizing yourself after the fact and calling the cops. Being a McAlbert means that you get to be both a bully and a victim. Just ask Jennifer McCabe, Chris Albert, Colin Albert who have run around their entire lives bullying and threatening people, who even helped cover up a murder, and now get to be victims of “witness intimidation.”

The incident with Tristin also showed us more about the McAlbert mentality with his comment about me being a “rat f***.” These are people who subscribe to the “no snitching” creedo. They’re thugs. Imagine how quickly they’d demand “no snitching” if they beat a man to death inside 34 Fairview Road. Does anyone wonder why people like Sarah Levinson and Julie Nagel were too afraid to tell the police what really happened that night? Now they’ve bound themselves to the lie and there’s no going back.


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