Canton Coverup Part 351: Allie McCabe Admits John O’Keefe Was Inside Brian Albert’s House Then Cries About Turtleboy And Denies Life 360 Data After Getting Caught Lying 


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Colin Albert’s getaway driver Allie McCabe stole the show at Day 12 of the Karen Read trial, and was exposed as quite possibly the biggest liar of all the McAlberts. It began when Auntie Bev allowed this ridiculous screenshot of a purported text conversation between Allie McCabe and Colin Albert on January 29, 2022 into evidence:

In August the McAlberts began to push the narrative that Colin Albert wasn’t inside Brian Albert’s house when John O’Keefe arrived, even though it wouldn’t matter if he was if Karen Read was the one who killed him outside. In a desperate PR push Chris Albert and Jennifer McCabe submitted that text message to Boston Magazine “reporter” Gretchen Voss, who blindly accepted it as proof that Colin had left Brian Albert’s house at 12:10, shortly before John and Karen arrived. If Gretchen was an actual journalist who sought truth she would’ve recognized the many glaring issues with the text:

  1. This is not verification that Colin sent Allie McCabe a message. You can change the name of any contact to make this fit. Allie McCabe could have been picking up anyone. How do we know this isn’t one of her friends she picked up?
  2. Why does it not say January 29 on the 12:10 AM message? iPhones automatically show a new date every time a text starts on a new day. This means the entire thing is blatantly altered.
  3. If this is in fact Colin Albert, then how did he get TO the house? And why does Allie McCabe act as his personal chauffeur during a blizzard?
  4. Boston Magazine was sent this screenshot by Chris Albert. They did not examine Colin or Allie’s phone or ask for a data extraction report.
  5. Colin tells her “u can get me now,” and then she says “here” at 12:10. But where is “here?” This could easily be interpreted as Allie picking Colin up at his house to bring him TO 34 Fairview Road, not from 34 Fairview Road. Why would Colin be at the house BEFORE his fun aunts and uncles arrived, and leave the minute they got there? Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense if Colin, who isn’t old enough to go to the bars, made plans with Allie to go to 34 Fairview Road after their parents left the bar? This would put him in the house minutes before John O’Keefe arrived.
  6. Colin and Allie McCabe don’t text again until February 20, when she suddenly says “on a zoom?” Are we to believe that after his neighbor was found dead on his uncle’s lawn, and someone was arrested for allegedly running him over just 10 minutes after he supposedly left there with Allie McCabe, and it was ALL OVER the news, that the two of them NEVER spoke about this? Here is a screen recording of a text conversation between me and former Bax and O’Brien morning host Bill O’Brien that took place from April 18 through April 20 when I went on his podcast. Watch how easily I can get rid of our messages from April 19, to make it look like we only spoke on April 18 and April 20:

Yet Auntie Bev allowed it to be entered into evidence. This is the same woman who wouldn’t allow pictures of Katie McLaughlin and Caitlin Albert to be entered into evidence because the defense couldn’t prove they weren’t fabricated.

Today the Commonwealth continued their defense of Colin Albert. They are doing this because they are incapable of showing the jury that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe, and if she didn’t do it then someone else did. This entire charade isn’t about convicting Karen Read, it’s about protecting the McAlberts.

Allie McCabe took the stand and attempted to explain how she picked Colin up at 12:10 and had him home by 12:20. This directly contradicts Chris Albert’s testimony, who said that Colin arrived home closer to 12:45. Allie told David Yannetti that she went home after dropping Colin off, arriving around 12:30, and stayed there the rest of the night.

But for months we’ve been hearing about how Life 360 data from Allie McCabe’s phone would further confirm that she had Colin home by 12:20. The McAlbert Mafia PR team put their full faith in Adam Lally to show this Life 360 data and exonerate Colin once and for all:

“They’re gonna back this up with the Life 360.”

Well, the Life 360 data was entered into evidence, but it was the defense that did so, and it showed that Allie McCabe is a pathological liar protecting Colin Albert. When confronted with the data showing she left her home at 12:26, which directly contradicted her story about dropping Colin off at 12:20 and arriving at her home at 12:30 where she remained the rest of the night, she had no explanation other than “No,” and “I don’t believe so.”

Whenever these people are confronted with cellular data proving their complicity in John O’Keefe’s murder they pull a Shaggy by saying “it wasn’t me.” They have no explanation other than the data is wrong.

Allie was confronted with more data showing that she left her home again at 1:08 AM, and was still out on the road at 1:28 AM. Her only explanation was “I don’t believe so,” before asking Yannetti to look at the data. Unfortunately for her he brought receipts.

Yannetti asked her if the data refreshed her memory, to which she replied “No.” Further data showed that she didn’t arrive at home until 1:30, which she claimed she couldn’t do because it would’ve taken her longer than 2 minutes to get from the high school to her house.

It is a 6 minute drive.

But Life 360 uses “bubbles” near a landmark like the high school. It doesn’t mean she was at the high school itself at that time. Either way, the fact that she was moving around at all at 1:28 proves that she lied under oath about getting home and staying there at 12:30.

If Allie McCabe left her home at 12:26 it would align perfectly with a phone call she received from someone inside 34 Fairview Road telling her to come and get Colin out of the house. It would also align with Chris Albert’s testimony that Colin arrived home close to 12:45. It would also align with Colin calling Erin Beatty at 12:33 to try to establish an alibi. Here’s a screenshot of him doing that, which Chris Albert tried to get Erin Beatty’s father to destroy.

Perhaps the biggest blunder was when Allie McCabe looked at the jury and pleaded with them that Colin Albert wasn’t inside the house, but accidentally admitted for the first time that John O’Keefe was inside Brian Albert’s house.

This led to the most egregious part of the day when Judge Cannone allowed Allie McCabe to cry about “harassment” from Turtleboy because the defense had “opened the door” to the subject. Except it was Adam Lally who opened the door by asking about the fake harassment, which led to Allie pouring on the fake tears:

There is no way the jury is buying her bullshit. They saw her get confronted with undeniable evidence that she lied under oath. Crying was her only defense, because that’s what the McAlberts always do – cheat, lie, and bully people before whining and pretending that they’re the victims. Her mother taught her well when she applied for and was denied a harassment prevention order against me after Judge Walsh ruled that my activism and journalism was free speech. But Judge Cannone is fully invested in protecting the McAlberts and has bought into the lie that peacefully protesting cop killers is “harassment.”

Just to review, these are things that are fake to the Commonwealth:

  1. Data extraction reports showing Google searches at 2:27 for “how long to die in cold.”
  2. Apple health data showing John O’Keefe ascending and descending stairs from 12:21 to 12:24.
  3. Life360 data showing Allie McCabe lying about what time she picked up Colin Albert.
  4. Phone calls between Brian Albert and Brian Higgins at 2:22 AM when they were both allegedly sleeping.
  5. Answered phone calls from Jen McCabe to Nicole Albert at 6:07 and 6:08 AM that Nicole says went to voicemail.

And these are things that are real to the Commonwealth:

  1. Screenshots of text messages.
  2. Six foot black blobs.
  3. Record amounts of butt dialing.
  4. Completely incorrect Cellebrite reports.
  5. Allie McCabe’s tears.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings as Alan Jackson gets to cross examine Colin Albert. If you thought Brian Albert’s testimony was bad, wait till you see Bang-Bang’s.




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