Canton Cover-Up Part 361: Elizabeth Proctor Makes Facebook/IG Defending Michael Proctor’s Text Messages, Makes Up Lies About Her Children To Cover For Bad Behavior


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Millions of people watched in horror today as Michael Proctor’s text messages were read out loud in the Karen Read murder trial. Proctor called Read a “wackjob,” “nutbag,” “cunt,” and “retarded.” He made fun of her “Fall river accent” and said she had “no ass.” He told his buddies that he had no luck finding noodz on her phone. He leaked sensitive information about her medical records and mocked her condition by telling his friends, “she’s got a leaky balloon knot. Leaks poo.” On the day she was indicted he texted his wife Elizabeth saying that he was “waiting to lock wackjob up.” In a group text message to other troopers (including his supervisors) Proctor said of Read, “she’s gross, f*** that b****.”

A normal wife would be disgusted with this sort of behavior from her husband. But Lizzie Proctor isn’t a normal wife. For the last several years she has been mocking people on social media, and even calling their jobs to try to have them fired, simply for writing critical comments about her husband’s unprofessional behavior on social media. After the disastrous testimony today Lizzie wrote what was quite possibly the most tone deaf, narcissistic statement you will ever see on social media:

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Lizzie used her two young boys as human shields to protect her and her husband from legitimate criticism:

This is what scumbags like them always do when they’re caught doing something deplorable – make up lies about people attacking their children so they can try to make it seem like the people criticizing their behavior are actually worse than they are. Kind of like how Jen McCabe made a completely baseless LIE that someone sent her a picture of one of her kids with semen on them.

Lizzie Proctor might be the most tone deaf person on the Internet. This is a woman who has the audacity to pretend to be a victim when she is constantly the aggressor. A woman who cried about “witness intimidation” when people gave her employer negative reviews on Facebook, after she literally called people’s workplaces and demanded they be fired.

Women like Lizzie LOVE being cop wives. They refer to themselves as a “LE family” and pretend that their husbands are off fighting in Gaza while they check into work at the DA’s Office in Canton. They think that sleeping with a cop makes them a higher class of citizen. They LOVE the fact that they can tell people their husband’s are cops. It’s what they live for.

Her husband wasn’t labeled as a corrupt criminal – he is one. He wasn’t slandered, bullied, or harassed. People just pointed out how corrupt he was and peacefully protested his involvement in the coverup of a REAL COP’s murder. The only “toxicity” on social media comes from people like her, who create dozens of fake accounts to attack others for pointing out what a trashbag she and her husband are.

The death of John O’Keefe shouldn’t be entertainment for us, but unfortunately the DA’s Office failure to drop these ridiculous charges has made it entertainment for millions. We are all collectively laughing at the McAlberts and Proctors as they are exposed in front of an international audience for their murdering and corruption.

Lizzie has the nerve to cry about people telling her she should kill herself when it will be revealed in court tomorrow that her husband wrote in a text message that he hopes Karen Read kills herself.

No one is trying to harm or intimidate Elizabeth Proctor. No one sent photos of their children to them. No one sent them a letter hoping their children would get cancer (if that happened they 1000% would’ve posted it everywhere and blamed it on Turtleboy). There are no voicemails from people threatening to kidnap her children. The only useful function her children have to Elizabeth is when she can make up disgusting lies about them for sympathy in order to mask the vile behavior of her husband.

Of course Elizabeth ends her self-victimizing nonsense by saying she “couldn’t be prouder of Mike.” And therein lies the problem. No self-respecting woman would be “proud” of a husband who bragged about looking through a woman’s phone for naked pictures. No self-respecting woman would choose today of all days to announce how “proud” she was that the man whose last name she took embarrassed her and the children she claims to care about so much in front of an audience of millions. A decent woman would feel nothing but shame and embarrassment after what happened today. But Lizzie Proctor is shameless, and she’s no better than he is. They are the perfect couple, and it’s going to be so sweet to watch their lives get ruined in front of our eyes. Couldn’t happen to two more terrible people.

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