Canton Cover-Up Part 41: Boston Police, Canton Police, Canton Residents Donate Over $40K For Karen Read Legal Defense Fund

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Last week it became clear that Judge Beverly Cannone has no interest in seeking truth or justice in the murder of John O’Keefe when she cancelled a scheduled evidentiary hearing after discovering that key witnesses would be called who would be exposed by Karen Read’s attorneys. She made a statement towards the end that Alan Jackson could attend hearings on Zoom, as if a woman facing murder charges could be fairly represented in such a manner. Judge Cannone made it obvious that she has great disdain for Jackson and David Yannetti, and would make it as inconvenient and expensive as possible for Karen Read to continue to keep them on as counsel.

But we can’t let an injustice like that happen. This isn’t just about Karen Read, this is about an entire system that has been corrupted. If we live in a country where courts can blatantly hide evidence that can exonerate an innocent person while protecting cop killers, then we live in a banana republic.

For that reason I’ve elected to share Karen Read’s recently created legal defense fund, which I would urge you to donate to by clicking here.

Every time Jackson and his associate Elizabeth Little comes to court Karen Read pays out of pocket for the expenses incurred. For the last hearing she had to pay not only both attorneys, but forensic expert Richard Green, who planned on testifying about his expertise and how he determined that Jen McCabe deleted a Google search for “how long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM. All that money spent was for nothing, which was by design.

Lally said in an April 27 email that Read had to continue to pay car payments on her vehicle, which she cannot use because they took her car and her license.

They want Karen Read to become so frustrated that she gives up and takes a plea deal, and they’re not hiding it. It’s why they overcharged her to begin with. But she’s not giving up, and is clearly energized by all the support she’s received in our comments section, the blog itself, court appearances, and donations to her defense fund. You may notice that someone named William Gross was one of the donors.

Although we can’t confirm that it’s the same person, William Gross is the name of the former Boston Police Commissioner, who resigned shortly before his officer John O’Keefe was murdered. Gross was well liked by the rank and file, a rare quality amongst police chiefs who are often viewed as politicians. He was known for his honesty and fairness, and like almost all law enforcement officials we’ve spoken with he knows Karen Read didn’t do this. He had no time for corrupt cops like Brian Albert.

There is only one corrupt member of the Boston Police Department who seems to be buying into the lie – Detective Karl Dugal from A-1. He was last seen with his wife Jackie harassing Karen Read outside of court.

He made no mention of John O’Keefe while berating her, and is ignoring undeniable evidence that she did not kill him. He is a corrupt cop who is actively protecting his coworker and friend Brian Albert, and he admitted to me that I “may be right about who is responsible.”

It’s scary to think that people like him are in charge of solving crimes in Boston. No wonder so many murders go unsolved. Karl apparently gets his news on the Karen Read case from a YouTube channel called Masshole Troll Mafia Report.

Masshole Report is run by a woman named Kate Peter, who lost two of her children permanently due to years of abuse and neglect, and saw her other two children in and out of foster homes while she abused drugs and alcohol and chose drug addicted men over them. She recently lost miserably in court to me in Attleboro after weaponizing her 16 year old daughter in a failed attempt to obtain a harassment prevention order, which she hoped would get blogs about her removed. Kate Peter is currently being charged by Karl Dugal’s police department with violating a harassment prevention order, after she stalked, threatened, and harassed the daughter of a Boston Police Officer for over a year.

This is where Karl Dugal gets information from. He supports people who hurt Boston Police Officers and their families. All decent BPD Officers should shun him.

Luckily most cops are not as dumb as Karl, and the donations are filled with Canton cops, Boston cops, Canton residents, and others who have followed our reporting and want to help defend an innocent woman. We raised over $1K in donations for her defense fund on the Live Show Saturday night, and she has raised over $40K in just a couple days.


I did notice someone in the comments on our page named Ashley Brady, who had something to say about the donations.  

That would be her sitting next to Jen McCabe in court.

Ashley previously attempted to pursue a relationship with John O’Keefe but he had no interest. Shortly after that he began dating Karen Read, so naturally she feels the need to show up at Read’s court dates.

In case it wasn’t clear, none of these people care about John O’Keefe. They just hate Karen Read and are using his death to make her suffer. Not only is it important for us to help Karen, it’s important for us to to stand up for our country, our justice system, and for John O’Keefe. That cannot happen if Karen Read can’t pay her attorneys.

Tonight on the Live Show we will be doing a special episode reviewing the Top 50 things you have to ignore to believe Karen Read killed John O’Keefe. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in at 9 to watch.


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