Canton Cover-Up Part 65: Town Administrator Charles Doody Sends Email To Town Employees Calling Turtleboy “First Amendment Auditor,” Tells Them What Not To Say Moving Forward

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On Tuesday I went to Canton Town Hall and asked IT Director Louis Jutras why 3 minutes of footage, that would’ve shown Karen Read driving by the Canton Library at 12:37 AM on January 29, 2022, simply disappeared. He had no explanation and said this exculpatory evidence was gone forever. While I was there I ran into Town Administrator Charles Doody, whose daughter Kathryn Doody was not only present inside 34 Fairview Road on the night John O’Keefe was murdered here, but also had her first and last name intentionally spelled wrong on a police report written by State Police Detective Michael Proctor.

In response to this Doody sent out an email to all Canton Town employees, falsely labeling this award winning journalist as a “First Amendment auditor,” and warning town employees how to handle people like me.

At the Department Head meeting this morning a memo was issued that provides important information regarding First Amendment Audits and how employees should respond when confronted in the workplace by members of the public. Most of you are aware that we had a member of the public visit town hall yesterday who filmed his interactions with several employees including me, which he had a right to do. It is an unsettling situation to find yourself in but even more so if you do not have a good sense of what you can and cannot do or say. My sense is that this is not an isolated incident, so think about how you would react in advance.

First Amendment Audit Guidance V2 (1)

Newsflash – Turtleboy is not a First Amendment auditor. We’ve written about these people many times, and mostly they like to go around harassing cops and town employees on the job to see if they can provoke a reaction out of them. Sometimes they get it:


Josh Abrams doesn’t go around trying to solve murders. He doesn’t hold powerful people accountable and ask questions that matter. He gets a rise out of bothering random secretaries and seeing if they’ll snap so his followers will send more donos.

Charles Doody is a dishonest liar. He knows I’m not a First Amendment auditor. He knows that the questions I asked of him and of Louis Jutras were legitimate because they involved information about a highly publicized murder investigation. He knows that Jutras has information that could lead to the exoneration of Karen Read, he knows that we will be back, and he wants to make sure Jutras and other town officials don’t say a word about it.

But of course he didn’t mention Karen Read anywhere in his memo because he’s trying to brand me as just another 1A auditor.

During our visit to Town Hall Mr. Doody told me that he never met Michael Proctor and had no idea why her name was misspelled in Proctor’s report. He also feigned ignorance when I asked him if his daughter left before O’Keefe got to 34 Fairview Road by saying “that’s what I was told.” He didn’t specify who told him that.

However, I find it hard to believe that he’s never met with or spoken to Proctor considering they both attended the Mutch Classic Golf Tournament in Canton 2 weeks ago. Circled in this picture are Doody, Proctor, and Matt McCabe.

I find it impossible to believe that a father would be so unconcerned that his daughter was at a house where a dead cop’s body was found, that he wouldn’t have spoken with his daughter about it, and never spoke with the lead detective investigating it. But he serves on the Board of Selectmen with Chris Albert, and his daughter is friends with several members of the Albert family.

So Charles Doody has an active interest in protecting the Alberts.

Let’s also not forget that the woman at the DPW tried her best to stonewall me and prevent me from speaking with Superintendent Walsh (the man who dispatched plow drivers the morning John O’Keefe was killed), telling me that he’s “kind of busy,” before taking my contact information.

He never called or emailed.

That woman’s name is Heather Cahill. I’m sure Walsh had a cellphone she could’ve called him on, she just didn’t want to because she knew what I was there for. She even knew my first name and only asked how to spell my last name in the video when she took down my information. Heather happens to be¬†friends with the McCabes and Alberts.

During our show several turtle riders pointed this out in the comments. The next day she had unfriended all of them.

Charles Doody knows I’m not a First Amendment auditor. I’m much more serious, and much more dangerous than they could ever be. Unlike the Josh Abrams of the world I have an actual goal in doing this, and that is to find out who in town helped cover up John O’Keefe’s murder. It’s clear at this point that Charles Doody is more interested in protecting the people who killed John O’Keefe than he is holding them accountable.


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