Canton Cover-Up Part 91: Kerry Roberts Posed For Staged Newspaper Photo Kissing John O’Keefe’s Nephew After Canton Won State Little League Championship


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In more positive news out of Canton, the undefeated Little League team won the State Championship last week and has a chance of going to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.

Twenty one years ago a team from Worcester had a magical journey that not only got them to Williamsport, but ended up with them making the Championship game against a team from Louisville. I remember it well because the star player from Kentucky Aaron Alvey looked just like me, despite the fact that he was 12 and I was 20.

Somewhere out there is a video of me being interviewed by Fox 25 News, pretending to be Alvey. I was at a parade downtown that was held for the Worcester players when people kept coming up to me, thinking I was him, and asking for my autograph. I went along with it and then one of the women brought a reporter over to me, I conducted an interview in which I pretended to be a nervous 12 year old boy from Kentucky, and I assumed it would never air because they’d figure it out. But I gave the mainstream media too much credit, and the interview aired in its entirety. I used to have the video but I’m afraid it appears to be gone, so if anyone has a way to dig that up it would be a hilarious watch for everyone.

Anyway, the LLWS is a really big deal because it’s nationally televised on ESPN and hundreds, if not thousands of MLB players have played in it. Back then it was harder for a team from Massachusetts to make it because to represent New England they’d have to make it thorough the State Champs from Rhode Island and Connecticut. Luckily it appears as if those two states have seceded from New England, and only Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire stand in Canton’s way. They beat Vermont 12-0 over the weekend.

I do not normally bring children into stories, but because this story is about Little League baseball it’s impossible not to. One of the star players listed as the starting pitcher for Canton’s game against Maine is Patrick Furbush, the adopted son of John O’Keefe.

He seems like a great kid who has overcome unspeakable tragedy. He has not only lost both of his parents, but his adopted father was murdered, he’s been told that his female role model of 2 years was actually a blood thirsty killer, and he’s been lied to and manipulated by the same people who killed his adopted father. Luckily Karen Read set up a trust fund for him and his sister, ensuring that they will not have to leave the only home they know or worry about financial difficulties moving forward. It’s unclear why the $336,735 raised for their GoFundMe didn’t go directly to that trust fund, and instead went to Paul O’Keefe.

But it’s great to see him experiencing this once in a lifetime moment that he will remember positively for the rest of his life. No one deserves this more than him.

Kerry Roberts also has a son on the team. In April she posted images of her son with O’Keefe’s nephew, wearing a uniform sponsored by a pizza shop owned by the brother and father of the men who likely killed the boy’s adopted father.

On Friday the Brockton Enterprise published this photograph:

The Brockton Enterprise knew exactly what they were doing when they took this picture. I’m sure he embraced many people prior to getting on that bus and going to Bristol, CT. But they chose to publish a photograph of him being kissed by Kerry Roberts – the woman who was driving the car when Karen Read discovered his uncle’s body on the front lawn of 34 Fairview Road. The same woman whose children are forced to witness drunken domestic abuse that has lead to their father being taken away in handcuffs.

The same woman who is good friends with Jen McCabe, goes to court with her, and is well aware that McCabe Googled “how long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM in order to cover up John’s murder.

Some have had the AUDACITY to suggest that those who have commented on this picture, or shared images of it, are somehow exploiting children. But Kerry Roberts is the one who went out of her way to pose for this picture in front of a reporter with a camera. How else did the photographer know to put her name in the caption?

She had to have given it to him. At any point she could have said, “I don’t want to exploit this child, and would prefer if his pictures weren’t posted in the newspaper.” But she wanted the world to see this picture of her kissing him.

Kerry Roberts knew EXACTLY what she was doing, and she does it all the time. Her best friend Jen McCabe brought John O’Keefe’s adopted daughter to Canton High School orientation night. These animals hide behind the children that John left behind, fill their innocent heads with poison, and then others have the NERVE to suggest that you’re the problem for sharing this image.

Laugh at these people or ignore them. They don’t give a damn about these kids. They only care about protecting their own reputations.

Without CT and RI in the picture it will be much easier for Canton to make it to Williamsport. If and when that happens all of their games will be televised on ESPN. If John’s nephew is pitching he will be the focal point of the play by play commentators, who are ALWAYS looking for a feel good story to discuss about the kids. There is a 100% chance the death of his parents and the murder of his uncle will be brought up. Kerry Roberts and Jen McCabe know that, and they want to be seen embracing and “loving” this boy, pretending to have empathy for him. They know that everyone who’s been following this story knows exactly who they are and what they did, and they know that this is their opportunity to show a new audience a different side of them.

You are not the bad guy for pointing this out. They are the bad guys for what they’d done to these innocent children.


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