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Charlie Baker Ordered RMV Hack Thomas Bowes Not To Testify In Front Of State Legislature In Massive Coverup 


There was supposed to be hearings held today in Boston as the state legislature was scheduled to question several RMV higher ups who ignored 53 bins of notifications from other states about licensed Massachusetts drivers who should’ve had their licenses suspended. Because of this dereliction of duty Volodymyr Zhukovskyy was able to continue driving trucks, despite getting a DUI in Connecticut last month, and eventually killed 7 bikers in New Hampshire.

But alas the meeting was not held today because Charlie Baker is covering up again.

Massachusetts lawmakers opened and then abruptly suspended their inquiry Monday into troubles at the state motor vehicle department that were exposed by a crash that killed seven motorcyclists. The Legislature’s Joint Committee on Transportation voted to recess just minutes into its oversight hearing after Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration didn’t make some requested officials available for testimony.

Democratic state Rep. William Strauss, the committee’s co-chair, expressed frustration the Republican administration didn’t make certain registry officials available for testimony and also didn’t provide a trove of requested documents. The committee had sought internal correspondences and other registry records and data.

“We owe it under the horrible circumstances of this case to find out information and get the witnesses,” he said.

Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack and Acting Registrar Jamey Tesler had been present and prepared to testify at the hearing. But Pollack warned her agency would not be able to meet the committee’s full request for information and witnesses because of its own investigation into lapses at the registry. She said later the administration will work with the committee on a way forward. Strauss, whose committee lacks subpoena power, said he and fellow committee co-chair Sen. Joseph Boncore will confer with the Legislature’s leadership on next steps.

The hearing was prompted by a June 21 crash that killed members or supporters of the Jarheads, a New England motorcycle club that includes Marines and their spouses. Connecticut officials twice alerted Massachusetts about a drunken driving arrest against Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, but the registry failed to suspend the West Springfield man’s license before the deadly crash in Randolph, New Hampshire. Massachusetts officials later revealed the registry had been storing notifications of serious out-of-state driving violations since March 2018 instead of acting on them. The registry’s top official, Erin Devaney, resigned days after the crash.

Baker’s administration has said an ongoing review has led to some 1,600 drivers having their licenses suspended. Baker has also proposed legislation raising the state’s standards for commercial driver’s licenses above federal standards. Under the bill, those applying for a commercial driver’s license would have to demonstrate a history of good driving and would be ineligible if they have been suspended or disqualified from driving at any time in the prior three years.

Charlie Baker is the most openly corrupt elected official in the history of politics, and he could care less because he knows he has the highest approval rating of any governor in the country. This is him giving the middle finger to the State Legislature just because he knows he can. The guy they wanted to speak to today was Thomas Bowes from Braintree, who was appointed by Baker to head the Merit Rating Board at the RMV. Here’s his job description:

The Merit Rating Board’s “primary mission is to maintain and update individual driving records and to report this information to Massachusetts auto insurers and other government agencies involved in transportation and public safety.”

You had one job – make sure drunk drivers, and people arrested for driving infractions in other states, aren’t driving in Massachusetts. He failed. Yet Charlie Baker specifically told him he did not have to show up and answer questions from the people elected to be our representatives in Boston. I wonder why? Oh right, because they know that he’d admit that Stephanie Pollack and Charlie Baker both knew about those 53 bins in Quincy.

Bowes was with Charlie Baker in London when this scandal broke, and didn’t come home early from the global warming conference because he was at the Red Sox-Yankees game. This six figure hack has no business having a job, considering he got seven innocent people killed. And now he feels like he doesn’t have to answer for it. But he’s really good at showing up for photo ops with a shovel though.

This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. The fact that our RMV suspended 1,600 people’s licenses as soon as they cross referenced with out of state agencies, tells you just how problematic this was. Luckily Republicans like Steven Howitt, and democrats like William Strauss and Speaker DeLeo are both calling out the shenanigans.

Every single state rep and senator should be holding Charlie Baker responsible for this. He is an incompetent stooge never misses an opportunity to chime in on Trump’s tweets:

Because his life goal is to show liberals he’s one of the “good ones,” and he knows that whining about Trump’s tweets is the easiest way to do that.

At the end of the day Charlie Baker takes care of his people. Stephanie Pollack still has her job as Secretary of Transportation, and Thomas Bowes is still in charge of the RMV’s Merit Rating Board. They were both appointed by Baker, and he refuses to hold any of them accountable. This is what really matters, not calling out Trump’s tweets.

P.S. This hack Thomas Bowes is running for Mayor of Braintree, and is a sitting city councillor. So if you live in Braintree, and you want your city to be run as terribly as the RMV, then vote for Bowes.


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