Chicopee Man Sexually Harasses Strange Women On Facebook Offering To Pay Them To Sit On His Face 2 Years After Being Shamed For Same Thing And Disappearing  


Two years ago we published a blog about this human spunk volcano:

David Strycharz is a vertically challenged wrestling enthusiast who lives in Chicopee and has been accused by dozens of women of sexually harassing them on Facebook, finding their phone numbers, refusing to take no for an answer, and then lashing out at them for refusing to sit on his face and receive a complementary tongue bath.


After the initial blog even more women came forward with allegations dating back to 2008. It was discovered that he uses an app to keep track of women who blocked him on social media. He then finds them on alternative platforms to let them know that he knows what they did.

After the blog he disappeared from social media altogether, but that could only last so long. Predators like this don’t stop being predators just because they’re temporarily shamed and embarrassed, and this week we were contacted by more women who alerted us that Jizz McMahon has been up to his old tricks.

As you can see, his pickup lines haven’t changed in the last 5 years.


This dude is obsessed with women sitting on his face.

Dude, if you’re willing to pay a woman to sit on your face then do it the old fashioned way – by going to the lunch buffet at Hurricane Betty’s and finding the GED princess with the most stretch marks who will do anything to acquire $50 in order to purchase crack rock off Diego the friendly neighborhood drug dealer. You can literally buy that, without having to be featured on Turtleboy, from women who are willing to sell you that service. There is no need to sexually harass strange women on Facebook who aren’t part of the 0.1% of the population that would take you up on that offer.

As he always does, Jizz McMahon found this woman’s phone number after she blocked him on Facebook and he began to text her, crying that she was “judging” him.

Hey shitdick, you totally deserve to be judged. You’re a creepy sexual deviant who will never, ever experience the feeling of consensual sex, and for good reason. You don’t deserve to know the awesomeness that is the sweet sensation of raw dog.

After she blocked him from texting he began to use his email to message her.

She Googled his name, found the Turlteboy blog, and sent it to him. He used a new email address to contact her again and tell her that it wasn’t true.

Bruh, it’s screenshots of you doing the same exact thing you’re doing now to dozens of women. It’s 1,000% true, and you clearly learned nothing from it. But congrats on not being a pedophile though. You may be a disgusting troglodyte who will die alone and horny, but at least you haven’t had sex with any kids yet. Good job.


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