Commenters Outraged Over Big E Brawl Blog, Accuse Turtleboy Of Racism And Assumptions About Ratchets


The Uncle Turtleboy Facebook page (which you should like and follow by clicking here) was on fire this week after the two blogs about the Big E got thousands of shares and comments.

However, not everyone was a fan, especially in regards to the blog about the family of hoodboogers who jumped those girls.

Let’s see what the critics had to say.

Sir, I’m also sorry I was born white. It doesn’t come with nearly as many advantages as was advertised. But it was a funny video showcasing ratchets acting inappropriately in public. It’s pretty simple really – if you don’t want to end up on Turtleboy then don’t get into brawls at the Big E.

Then there was Jose Antonio Santana Jr.

Jose, these were jokes, not an erection. No need to choke on them. I have no idea if they’re actually on welfare, although if you had a gun to your head I’m pretty sure you would guess they were too. Also, for the record, I have published blogs mocking the Spencer Fair before, and if you’d like to see a funny blog where Turtleboy mocks white trash engaging in this same sort of behavior then read this one about the Fall River Trap Queens fighting over the D.

Rosalyn Rivera didn’t like the assumptions that were made, nor did she appreciate the post appearing on her newsfeed.

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Ma’am, this is something called “satire.” The comments made about the participants are indeed assumptions, but generally speaking those who get into hairpulling ratchet rodeos at the Big E tend to be ratchet in other aspects of their life as well. It appeared on your newsfeed because unlike you many of your Facebook friends have a sense of humor and liked it, thus affecting the algorithm.

Rob Ortiz brought up perceived double standards.

Sir, I do public appearances all the time and sadly no one ever shows up to kick my ass. Your flat brimmed hat and defense of guttermuppetry pretty much tells me everything I need to know about you though.

The post was so racist it was reported to the Facebook Gods.

It’s only OK to mock bad behavior when it involves white people. Those are the rules now. Thank you for your service as the Internet hall monitor though Pat. Sounds like you had another productive day.

The blog was inappropriately racist according to Nicole Shaughnessy.

Nicole, the blog wasn’t inappropriately anything, but your hair cut was inappropriately Karen, and your botox inappropriately over the top.

Noah Sampson believed the blog was so filled with racism that it was dripping at the pores.

You’re a white northerner who says “y’all” unironically. You were never my target audience to begin with Noah. We actually exist to mock people like you, but thank you for chiming in anyway.

Finally there was Corey “he of many periods” Porter, who believed we were being “self.richeaous” amongst other things.

It’s a sentagraph, not a school email address Corey. No need for all the periods. I’m not sure what most of that means anyway, but Corey is “lagit tires” (ratchetese for “legitimately tired”) that “y’all mofos talkn.”

Those girls getting jumped “disserved” to be tossed around by a grown man while his children stomped on their friend’s face. So says this man.

After further consideration I apologize for nothing and could care less if any of you are offended. Instead of standing up for the dregs of society perhaps you should join me in speaking out against such deplorable public behavior that makes it impossible for decent people to attend public events.


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