Concerned Parents Running For School Committee In Holden Accused Of Racism, White Supremacy, Homophobia By Local Communists  


I am not running for School Committee again in Holden this year. However, in my unsuccessful bid last year I learned a thing or two about politics, mainly that anyone who has the audacity to challenge the Democratic Party for any elected office will be labeled as a racist Trump supporter. Their party is a well oiled machine that is unwilling to cede any power, no matter how small it may seem. It’s why they control  every School board in the state, including in conservative towns. Holden is roughly 60-40 Democrat in most elections, but we don’t have a single School Committee member that actually represents the parents.

I would’ve loved to run this year but I’m not really cut out to run for office. However, there are a couple really good people who decided to run and they’re being treated the same way I was by the Holden Democratic Town Committee. There are 4 people running for 2 slots on the Board of Selectmen, 5 people running for 3 slots on the School Committee, and 1 person running for a temporary spot on the SC. If you drive through town you’ll see these 5 signs on lawns together, because they’ve once again decided who’s allowed to be elected:

I won’t bore you too much with local town politics, but Tom Curran and Geri Herlihy are your run of the mill, power hungry townsfolk who vote the way the Democratic Town Committee tells them to. But the School Committee candidates are some real gems. One of them is named Deb Femia, and she applied for an open position that I applied for last year, except she didn’t run for it the first time and couldn’t explain to the Board of Selectmen why she wanted to be on the School Committee. She pushes critical race theory and at last week’s debate brought a home made sign with her that said, “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

And we all know what that means.

Here are incumbent Maleah Gustafson’s thoughts on masks:

We should be forced to wear them on planes because Maleah doesn’t exercise and allowing people to breathe is equally and deadly a crime as allowing people to eat peanuts.

Jana Brennan was featured in a blog last August after leading the charge to force kids to wear masks in school. Her reasoning was that her kid would be unable to wear a mask at lunch and could catch COVID from other kids who ate without masks on.

“I hope we will have social distancing during lunch, if WRSD doesn’t mandate masks my son will wear one anyway but will have no protection when he eats.”

She refused to attend the meeting because there were too many unmasked, unvaccinated people there.

It goes without saying that people this ridiculous shouldn’t be in charge of anything, and you don’t have to be a Trump supporter to see that. The people running against them are just normal, hard working parents who don’t want their kids to be indoctrinated in school, and don’t want to be governed by mentally ill people who would abuse their children with masks. A woman named Stephanie Mulroy, whose family owns Seven Saws Brewing Company and a dental office, is running for Selectman.

She’s joined by a man named Steve Cooley with 7 grandkids in the Wachusett Public Schools.

On the School Committee side a really smart guy named George Kaminski, who works at WPI and opposes school indoctrination, is running. He’s joined by a married couple named Andrew and Elise Meader, the former of who is running unopposed, and the latter who is running for 1 of the 3 spots. Andrew is a Navy Seal, and Elise owns her own photography business. They’re raising 3 kids who go to the public schools and were motivated to run because they saw the nonsense of forced masking and couldn’t sit on the sidelines anymore.

They seem like nice people, right? Not according to this woman.

“Dr.” Jennifer Lish made an incendiary post yesterday, accusing these concerned parents of being racist, white supremacists, xenophobes, and anti-LGBTQ.

I’m used to attacks like this because I’m a controversial person who says controversial things. But this reaction shows that no matter how nice or polite you are the communist will always resort to dehumanizing you if you get in the way of them having power. It’s why I don’t bother being polite or civilized with people who hate me and want to harm my children.

Her post made the rounds on social media yesterday, and in typical Taylor Lorenz fashion Jennifer Lish was made out to be the victim because people rejected and criticized her divisive bigotry.

“You choose to doxx, screenshot, and try to humiliate a well respected local child therapist who was posting her opinion on her personal page.”

Her personal opinion was bigoted and dangerous, and she wanted attention by tagging the other candidates. You’re not a victim when people have a problem with that. She’s a private citizen, but the problem is that 3 of the 5 people the Democratic Town Committee is endorsing liked her post and thanked her in the comments.

I messaged Herlihy, Femia, and Curran to inquire if they support this sort of branding of other people in town as white supremacists, but none of them responded. They’re just so used to playing the game like this that they think nothing of it, and we’re not putting up with it anywhere. We used to deny it and say “I’m not racist,” but that only gives credence to their libel. What we’re going to do instead is take the high road and say, “I’m not going to allow a bunch of communists to abuse my children and indoctrinate them with critical race theory and lies about 80 gender pronouns.”

Then there’s this guy.

Walter Crockett is a washed up communist musician with no kids in the public schools, but still wants control over them. He was featured in a blog in December when he attacked Mulroy’s Seven Saws Brewery for not forcing customers to wear masks.

He’s obviously mentally unbalanced, and you should vote for whoever he doesn’t want you to. Naturally he’s sounding the warning bells that the “TRUMPERS” are coming for the town of Holden.

These are horrible people who mask themselves in the cloak of wokeness in an attempt to brand themselves as the good guys. But they’re really just vicious, ugly, mean people who dehumanize anyone who thinks differently from them.

They claim that “this is not normal Republicanism,” as if they didn’t act like Mitt Romney was the second coming of Hitler. They always say that “we can disagree on economic issues” because they want our primary focus to be on boring issues like tax cuts and spending. They resent this new, motivated group of parents who are more interested in stopping the communist cultural revolution happening in our schools, because they won’t be able to brainwash the next generation of kids if they don’t control the schools. They hate the fact that we’re speaking out at School Committee meetings, trying to stop political indoctrination in our schools, and paying attention like we never have before. They’ve seen what happened in Virginia when parents on both sides reject these things, and they fear it will happen here as well.

If you live in Holden please vote on Monday:

Selectmen: Mulroy and Cooley

School Committee: Kaminski, Meader, and Meader



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