Connecticut Mother Asks For Donations For New Baby Because Her Husband Is Gone For 6 Months, Forgets To Mention He’s In Jail Again


I am a firm believer that we should help our fellow man when they are in need. The people looking for a handout probably are embarrassed to do so, but it’s still up to them to be transparent so that people who are inclined to donate don’t feel like they’re getting scammed. A perfect example of that would be this post from a Connecticut woman in a Mommy’s group.

Her husband won’t be coming home for 6 months? That’s sad. When you first read that it sounds like he’s in Afghanistan, or maybe even hospitalized because something tragic happened. But where is really?

Jail. And his court appointed attorney, “isn’t doing her job,” by getting him out of jail.

Here’s a thought – maybe it’s your hsuband’s job to stay out of jail, not the attorney’s job to get him out of jail after he’s been convicted of a crime. What’s he in jail for anyway?

Driving under the influence? You don’t go to jail for a DUI unless you’re a career criminal, which evidently he is based on the cabinet full of Google trophies.

Justin Michael Dunnells, 21, of 310 Maple Ave., Durham, turned himself at Troop F state police headquarters Monday to face charges of risk of injury to child or impairment to the morals of a child, police reported.

According to police reports, Justin M. Dunnells, 21, of 310 Maple Ave. was arrested after a routine traffic stop led to the discovery that he was driving under the influence. Police reports also indicated an odor coming from the vehicle led to suspicions that proved correct.

Justin Dunnells, 18, of 310 Maple Ave., Durham; charged with breach of peace, second-degree threatening and carrying a dangerous weapon.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT — Justin Dunnells, 22, of 310 Maple Ave., was charged Tuesday with disorderly conduct, second-degree criminal mischief and interfering with an emergency call. He was released on $10,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

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Here’s a thought – don’t procreate with unstable men who might not be around in the future because they can’t stop breaking the law. I do feel bad for her child if they’re going to go without, but I also have no confidence that giving this woman $50 in her PayPal account will mean the baby gets the money. Generally it’s hard to trust people who choose to reproduce with career felons.

Either way, she’s intentionally being dishonest about where her husband is and why she’s in this predicament in the first place, because she knows people will be less inclined to give if she told the truth. Don’t reproduce if you’re dependent on strangers donating to your PayPal in order for your child to survive.


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