DA Pursuing Cocaine Possession Indictment Against Patrick Chung Recently Dropped Felony Drug Charges For Career Criminal Sex Offender


According to our sources at Turtleboy Sports, Patriots Safety Patrick Chung has been indicted on charges of cocaine possession. Here’s what we know:

  • Chung was indicted by a grand jury on August 8.
  • He is scheduled to be in Belknap Superior Court next Wednesday to be arraigned on a charge of cocaine possession.
  • The indictment says that he “did possess or have under his control a quantity of the controlled substance cocaine,” in his Meredith home on June 25
  • He wasn’t arrested, so there is no mugshot
  • Bellknap County DA Andrew Livernois is on vacation and has not commented
  • The Patriots released a statement stating that they have no statement
  • According to Jim Murray at 98.5 the Sports Hub, the police found cocaine at Chung’s home after his alarm tripped for a B&E, giving them probable cause to enter where they ended up finding the drug and an investigation began

The fact that the DA is wasting the taxpayer’s money with this is a disgrace. Patrick Chung wasn’t hurting anyone, he wasn’t doing cocaine outside of his home, and he has no criminal record. He wasn’t selling cocaine, he just had some in his house. He passes NFL drug tests regularly, so as far as we know he doesn’t have a drug problem. What’s next? Are we going to start arresting NFL players for possessing steroids too? Because they’re all on it and that’s illegal too. This is Lake Winnipesaukee in the summer. They have real problems to deal with, and the fact that they are wasting their time on incidental cocaine possession that the cops found on accident is an affront to the taxpayers.

This is just Andrew Livernois, who was just elected the DA last year and is clearly trying to make a name for himself. This is the kind of individual who gets elected to office in New Hampshire.

Nuff said.

Livernois is a Republican who ran on a platform of cracking down on the opiate epidemic:

“I knew it was a problem,” he said during an interview Tuesday, “but I didn’t know how serious the opioid problem was — the number of cases. Seeing firsthand the number of overdose deaths (was a real eye-opener).”

But cocaine has nothing to do with the opiate epidemic, and if you do want to crackdown on drugs then you go after the sellers. Funny, because Livernois specifically said while he was running for office that he believes addicts have a “disease,” and thus prefers seeking treatment for drug users instead of aggressive prosecution.

In addition to moving aggressively to prosecute major drug crimes, Livernois said he is very committed to the CORE and Drug Court programs which provide treatment and counseling to those “whose criminality is fueled mainly by their addiction.”

But I guess the rules change when he has a chance to make himself relevant by going after a Patriot.

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Here’s the thing though – he has a history of dropping drug cases that involve real drugs like heroin. Like that time James Karr got a break:

Prosecutors have dropped a drug charge against a local man. A charge of possession of fentanyl against James D. Karr Jr., 30, of Hounsell Avenue, in Laconia, was dropped by the Belknap County Attorney’s Office. A motor vehicle violation charge of driving after revocation or suspension of a license was also dropped.

Yet the charges were serious enough to warrant $10,000 bail. This is James D. Karr Jr.

He is a homeless, transient derelict, who has spent most of his adult life in and out of jail. He’s also a sex offender who was arrested in 2017 for not registering as a sex offender after a 2015 conviction for not being able to keep it in his pants.

James Karr, 29, pictured upper center right, of North Main Street in Franklin, on two felony counts of duty to report. According to the indictment, in June 2015, he was convicted of lewd and lascivious behavior in Clearwater FL Circuit Court and needed to inform Franklin Police of his presence when he was temporarily residing in his vehicle in February 2017.

In addition to that he also has a long and documented history of not showing up for court and running from the police.

A local man already facing felony drug charges, and with a history of failing to show up for court, was arrested by Laconia police Thursday for more drug crimes. James D. Karr Jr., 30, is due to be charged Monday on two counts of possession of a controlled drug — methamphetamine and fentanyl — with intent to distribute and two counts of simple drug possession, according to Assistant Belknap County Attorney Whit Skinner.

Keep in mind, he was arrested and charged with these crimes before Livernois was the DA, whose office chose to drop the charges against this career criminal. James D. Karr Jr. gets a break, but Patrick Chung doesn’t after police accidentally find cocaine in his house. Makes sense. 

The best thing Chung has going for him is the fact that Bob Kraft got caught at a rub n tug earlier this year and ultimately received no punishment for it because it was a victimless crime. It would look pretty hypocritical for the Patriots to take any action against Chung, on a charge that ultimately will go nowhere, when the guy running the show is no saint himself.


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