Dave Portnoy Is Suing Business Insider For Second Hit Piece Where Loose Women Falsely Accuse Him Of Being A Sexual Deviant 


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Three months ago Business Insider wrote a smear piece on Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, alleging that he had kinky consensual sex with women in their early 20’s. He went scorched earth days later and ended up completely debunking their lies with text messages and a police report from one of the “victim’s” mothers, proving that the women BI spoke with were all just scorned women.

Granted it’s a little weird that a man in his mid 40’s with all the money in the world seems to be exclusively interested in 20 year old women who have no life experience and nothing to talk about, but to each their own. People are into what they’re into, and as long as they’re not underage and being fed drugs it’s really no one else’s business.

For the last three months Business Insider has been working on a Part 2 and asking women to come forward in order to smear Portnoy some more. The ultimate goal here is censorship – they want advertisers to be ashamed to do business with a sexual deviant. So yesterday they wrote another hit piece (behind a paywall, because they care about women or something) that was once again filled with lies, and it’s prompted Portnoy to sue.

To write this new story BI likely reached out to dozens, if not hundreds of women Portnoy has slept with, until they could find someone who had something negative to say. They found two girls who were given aliases:

  1. Kayla, a 21 year old he met on Instagram in 2017 and claimed she was traumatized from rough sex they had on his rug
  2. The 18 year old, who pretended to be 23 and even used her sister’s ID and name, and claimed to have been traumatized by rough sex he filmed without her consent

The big bombshells from Kayla’s story are:

Kayla and Portnoy continued to exchange flirtatious messages on Instagram and Snapchat for several weeks, Kayla said. The two arranged to meet at Portnoy’s downtown apartment.  Portnoy told her she was even prettier than her Instagram and Snapchat pictures. He made her a drink, and the two chatted on the couch. They started kissing, eventually moving to the bedroom, where they began having sex. Kayla said Portnoy immediately became aggressive.

Kayla told Insider that at one point Portnoy began to choke her so hard she couldn’t breathe and that she became frightened.

“I have never experienced that before,” she said. “Like, sure, it’s fun to get choked a little bit. It was just way too much. It was scary. I was getting no air. Not being able to breathe is one of the scariest things, and it sends you into such a panic.”

Kayla said she was too intimidated to try to push Portnoy off her.

“I just thought, like, ‘Oh, maybe he would notice that I was like, so red in the face because I can’t breathe,'” she said. “It’s hard to stand up for myself more. It’s like, ‘Oh, he’s so much older, he’s famous.'”

Kayla also told Insider that Portnoy pulled her hair so hard it felt as if it were “ripping” and slapped her on the butt so forcefully that it left red marks that lasted days. One of Kayla’s friends told Insider they viewed the red marks a few days later.

“He’s so intimidating and he’s already so aggressive and that’s scary, because I didn’t want to make him mad, so I just tried to tough it out and thought, ‘It’ll be fine,'” Kayla said.

Toward the end of their sexual encounter, Kayla said, she saw Portnoy holding his iPhone and recording her. “I just looked over and he had his phone,” she said. “He never mentioned anything.” Portnoy then propped the phone up on the pillow next to them, she added.

Kayla remembers thinking it was “odd and creepy” and being “definitely freaked out by it.”

“He never asked: ‘Is this good? Is this OK? Are you OK with this? Are you comfortable?’ Nothing,” she said of the recording. “I was still in that same position of just being intimidated by him and kind of letting it happen because I was too scared to speak up.”

After they had sex, they ate takeout pizza before Kayla took an Uber home. Kayla remembers feeling “startled” by the encounter, but she continued to reply to casual messages from Portnoy over Instagram and Snapchat in the weeks that followed.

She told Insider she was still drawn to his celebrity status at this point. Her friends, most of whom didn’t know the details of their sexual encounter, “thought it was kind of cool that I hooked up with him,” she said. She added that she enjoyed the attention he gave her.

About a month later, Portnoy asked Kayla to come over to his New York City apartment again. 

Kayla said that while she was “startled” by their first sexual encounter, “I wasn’t scared enough to, like, not talk to him again, if that makes sense.”

“I just thought you know like: ‘He wants to see me again? How cool is that? He likes me. I’m good enough to get a second invite,'” she added.

She arrived at about 8:30 p.m. Early on, Portnoy and Kayla were standing in the hallway of his apartment talking, when their conversation turned sexual, she said. Then, Kayla said, Portnoy suddenly slapped her across the face “full force.”

Kayla said she was shocked and afraid to speak up. “If he can hit me that hard, I was like, ‘I don’t want to make you mad,'” she recalled.

Her face still stinging, they moved to the couch, started kissing, and got undressed. Kayla said Portnoy then instructed her to get down on the living-room rug, where they proceeded to have rough sex.

Kayla said she could feel the skin on the small of her back “pulling away” every time he pushed into her. She developed a 3-inch-long rug burn.

After several minutes, Portnoy and Kayla moved to the bedroom and started having sex on the bed. She said he attempted to have anal sex without her permission.

“He didn’t ask — he just like, tried to force it in,” she said, adding that it was painful. “I had to say ‘No’ like three or four times at least and really was trying to convince him, ‘I do not want that, that is absolutely not going to happen,’ but he kept trying.” Eventually, she said, he listened to her and “gave up.”

Kayla said Portnoy then placed his iPhone on the pillow in front of her. She said she felt too intimidated to ask him to stop recording them having sex. Later, when he showed her the video he’d taken, she realized he’d been filming before she’d seen the phone.

Afterward, Portnoy and Kayla went back to the living room to clean up the blood from her back wound. 

“It was kind of like a, ‘What the fuck?’ moment,” Kayla said, adding that she was disturbed by how casual Portnoy was about her injury and the blood stains. 

Kayla spent the night at Portnoy’s but lay awake in bed. “I remember thinking: ‘I will not come back here. That’s it. I’m done,'” she said.

The next day, Kayla began experiencing pain and pressure in her chest as well as difficulty breathing. Embarrassed to explain to her parents why she would need to see a doctor, Kayla waited until she returned to college before visiting her school’s medical center. At that point leaning over, laughing, and working out had become extremely painful, she said.

“I started poking around in my chest and I could feel, like, a lump on one of my bones,” she said.

Insider reviewed a patient-visit summary dated September 4, 2017 — two weeks after Kayla said she and Portnoy had their last sexual encounter. The medical document said Kayla had “difficulty taking full breaths” and “specific site pain/swelling on chest bone.” The doctor did not order an X-ray, since most rib fractures heal on their own, but the provider’s assessment says “assumed fracture to left true rib #2” with advice to “rest and do deep breathing exercises to prevent pneumonia.” Kayla did not inform Portnoy about her injury.

In the months after their second encounter, Portnoy also sent Kayla at least three sexually explicit videos via Snapchat. “He would text me or message me and be like, ‘Hey, I thought you’d like this,'” she said. “First of all, no I don’t like it.

Kayla told Insider that while she never told Portnoy to stop during their sexual encounters, except during his anal-sex attempts, she felt as though her body language and physical responses communicated that she was in pain.

Portnoy made several attempts to meet Kayla in person again, but she refused, using her college schedule as an excuse, she said.

Kayla says it took months to process what had happened to her.

“I think it takes some time and being removed from the situation to really realize how fucked up that all was,” she said. “It all felt very degrading.” Even once she came to terms with what had transpired, Kayla said she was still too scared to speak with authorities.

“It’s Dave Portnoy,” she said.”Everyone kind of knows if you go against him, it never turns out well. He’s basically built his brand around that idea. Like you don’t mess with him,” she said, adding that the thought of reporting him made her anxious. “That just didn’t really seem like an option for me at the time.” 

Kayla told Insider she’s never had a sexual experience like the ones with Portnoy, before or since.

“I always think back to it like, ‘Yes, it was technically consensual sex, but that was not the sex I consented to.'”

If he really did tape her without her consent then that’s a dick move. But he’s outright denying that, and they haven’t shown any evidence that he did. This is a woman who admittedly banged him because it would be a cool thing she could brag about to her friends, said she liked to be choked and have rough sex, and now she’s complaining about rug burns, which will happen when you get stuffed crust on the ground. She hated it so much that she kept coming back for more too. I also don’t believe for a second he was sending her videos and she wasn’t sending in response.

Anyway, if you’re gonna smear someone with a one sided sex story in a major publication (behind a paywall) you better hope the guy you’re smearing doesn’t have receipts. Especially if you claim that you were traumatized from getting drilled in 2017, but yet you continued to sext with him until 2020.


“Kayla says it took months to process what had happened to her.”

Yet years later she was texting him saying:

“Some good dick here and there.”

“I got f***ed in a sauna in a hotel room”

And this:

She sounds really traumatized about the ribs. And the dick pics sure seemed unwanted:

I’m not judging “Kayla” for being a whore, because so is Portnoy, but she definitely is one. But I really don’t want to hear some Instaslampig claim that she needed months to “process” the consensual sex she had with him, when years later she’s telling him she misses his dick.

What really sucks for Portnoy is that Business Insider and these attention starved loose women, forced him to have to publish these embarrassing messages in order to exonerate himself. No one should ever have to show anything like this, but what option did he have?

The second girl is an 18 year old who lied to him and told him she was 23. She complained that he filmed her without consent and was too rough with the rough sex. But after the first hit piece in November she actually messaged him to show support and alert him that a reporter from Business Inside was reaching out to her.

Imagine you’re a reporter and you think it’s your job to track down women (after getting tipped off by their high school classmates) some millionaire slept with and see how rough the sex was? That’s what Kat Tenbarge seems to believe journalism is.

This is the next generation of reporters. Writing stories about “influencers and virality,” and calling themselves “influencer watchdogs.” And they have the nerve to turn their noses up at bloggers for not being “real news.”

Either way, the “victim” clearly doesn’t think he’s a bad person at all, she’s just mad that he has a girlfriend so she’s no longer in the raw dog rotation. Here’s the text messages from 2019, which are absolutely hilarious.


This is the funniest exchange in the history of sexting.

“I have craved fill from you.”

I’ll take $20 on pump 5 please!

The story ended up being written by something called Melkorka Licea.

Another 20 something “journalist,” who likely lives in a left wing NYC bubble and hates Portnoy because he’s politically incorrect, unapologetic, and goes on Fox News when he’s invited. Her story consisted of tracking down a grand total of 2 women who had rough consensual sex with him, and both were proven to be liars. They were offered by Portnoy to meet in person and interview him while having it filmed so there would be no shenanigans.

They refused of course, because the last thing the media wants is transparency.

For doing such a shitty job her co-author, Julia Black, pimped her out on Twitter.

“I am SO lucky to get to work with one of the best.”

There is nothing journalists love to do more than congratulate themselves for being mediocre. You are self described influencer watchdogs. You will never be one of the best at anything.

And fearlessness? She wouldn’t meet with him for an interview. She took shots at him from afar, published a one sided hit piece, and effectively slut shamed him while giving anonymity to the women who willingly slept with him. Quite frankly he’s been way too kind by not naming and shaming these liars. These women are attempting to hurt him financially and severely damage his reputation. They deserve to feel the same way he does.

Good for him for suing. I have no idea if it will go anywhere, since defamation cases are almost impossible to win. But at some point enough is enough. When they get to discovery he’ll have to turn over all sorts of embarrassing and humiliating messages, which would deter a lot of people and is exactly what outlets like Business Insider count on.

People’s sex lives are nobody else’s business. Grownups sext other grownups. Get over it. If any of those messages are shocking to you it’s because you’ve been out of the game for too long. Dave Portnoy’s job is to entertain his readers with sports and culture content. I don’t care who he sleeps with or whether or not they got a rug burn in the process, and neither should anyone else.



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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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