Dave Portnoy Finally Fires Back At Business Insider For Hit Piece Smearing Him As Sex Predator, Mom Files Police Report After Daughter Coerces Sister Into Sleeping With Him 


The other day we published a blog about Business Insider’s hit piece on Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, which smeared him as some sort of sexual deviant/borderline rapist for having consensual rough sex with multiple women aged 19-20 who sought him out on social media.

For the record, I think it’s weird that a 44 year old seems to only be into women this age. Nineteen year olds have absolutely nothing to talk about, and are the least interesting people on earth. They have no kids, no life experience, and no interest in anything but themselves.

“So, what’s your major? Use any new Instagram filters this week? Cool, cool.”

Meanwhile, Dave Portnoy is one of the most interesting people in the world, and there are no shortage of smoking hot 25-40 year old women who would gladly bang him. If he was pulling a Steve Levine and specifically targeting psychological runaways with daddy issues while destroying families then I would agree that he’s a bad person. But he’s doing this with legally aged women who pursue him, not vice versa. His preferences might be weird and creepy, but they’re not illegal, and they’re no one’s business but his.

I’ve criticized Portnoy a number of times over the years for selling out, marketing his website to 20 year olds, and turning it into a woke left wing publication. So I was disappointed, but not surprised when he immediately didn’t go on the attack against Business Insider and people who did him wrong like this. The old Prez would’ve turned this into content and had a field day ripping them apart.

Well, he apparently reached his breaking point and decided to get old school over the weekend. First he published the police report filed by the mother of one of the women he had sex with, along with DMs from the allegedly traumatized 19 year old days afterwards.

This is the funniest police report I’ve ever read, and I once was asked in a courtroom if I ever said that I was going to kidnap a crackhead’s son and turn him into a transgender baby.

“She heard David Portnoy only hangs out with 18 year old girls.”

Good thing you went to the police. Sounds serious.

“Keep an eye on Portnoy when he is on the island because he shouldn’t be dating 18 year old girls.”

Yes, this is why the police exist. To make sure consensual adults don’t get each other off.

“Portnoy is 43 and shouldn’t be dating 18 year old girls.”

Newsflash – he’s not dating them. Your daughter knew this, and just wanted to get plowed.

“Portnoy always asks girls to come to his pool house to hang out with him.”

“She doesn’t want this to happen to other young girls on the island.”

“David always asks the girls if they are at least 18 and willing to have sexual intercourse with him.”

Breaking News!! Man makes sure women are of legal age before having consensual sexual intercourse with them!

“Workers from the fish and meat market told her that Portnoy came there with a different girl every time he goes there.”

Holy smokes! You’re only allowed to have sex with one woman per summer. Everyone knows the rules.

“Something happened and now she’s in the hospital.”

Translation – She got Bagwelled and is walking with a limp.

“She has no memory of going to Portnoy’s house.” 

If she has no memory of going to Portnoy’s house then how did she tell Business Insider all that information? And maybe instead of blaming him you should blame:

  1. Yourself, for being a complete failure of a parent who obviously raised your daughter to have no morals or values since she seems to think that seeking out celebrities to be one of thousands of women to take his cervix scraper in her stench trench is something to aspire to be.
  2. Your other daughter and her horrible friends who apparently pimped her out to Portnoy on purpose because of her age, and then pushed her into doing something she now says she didn’t want to do despite initiating the entire thing.

But wait….

“She has no memory of going to Portnoy’s house.” 

Actually, she remembered it so well that she bragged about “getting the word around” about having sex with him, said that she missed his dick, fawned over how she was speaking directly to a celebrity, and then sought him out to have sex AGAIN!

What a victim!

After that a Business Insider “reporter” named Matt Coffee started doing exactly what the cancel mob has been doing to me since 2015.

Contacting Barstool’s advertisers pretending to ask a legitimate question in good faith about whether or not they read the ridiculous hit piece that THEY published. This is not journalism; it’s activism. And this is exactly what I would expect someone to look like who wrote an email like that.

They’re not doing this because they’re interested in the answer. They’re doing it to shake down the company and bully them into no longer doing business with Barstool Sports. If they stand with Barstool they’ll go after them next for “funding” sexual deviants, and send this same email to any business that does business with that business. If they leave Barstool they’ll write a story about how Barstool is losing advertisers, and encourage other companies to do the same.

Shirley Leung and The Boston Globe did this exact same thing with Bob Murchison (who of course was interviewed in the hit piece) when they harassed Kirk and Callahan’s advertisers in 2018.

They did it to me in 2017 and even provided a script on what to say when they harassed our advertisers.

It worked, but it only made me stronger and more adaptable as I found new ways to generate revenue and I’m no longer dependent on forces outside of my control. Cancel culture isn’t a death sentence, it’s an opportunity.

Portnoy seems to finally be getting that. First he explained what was clearly happening.

Everything he said there is true, but it’s still whiny. He’s portraying himself as the victim, which he is. But people don’t like victims, they like winners. They like people who punch the cancel mob in the face instead of playing defense. What your fans want is for you to sink to your enemy’s level.

That’s the Turtleboy philosophy at least. Principles get you nowhere against these people. They want to make you destitute and harm your families, and for that they must destroyed. Nothing is off limits. Find out everything about them. Learn what their vulnerabilities are. Attack that. Don’t even go after them – go after their employers, friends, and people they love. Those unrelated parties won’t want to deal with it and will begin to pressure them to stop. Ruin their lives as best you can and make them regret the day they ever thought it would be a good idea to poke you.

Dave finally decided to go semi-Turtleboy and found out that Business Insider’s CEO was this toolbag:

Turns out Henry Blodgett had previously been busted for fraud and was charged with fraud by the SEC.

But that’s not enough because Henry Blodgett ignored him, so you have to go after people associated with him.

And when they don’t answer you have to go after people they do business with.

Every time he does this his millions of followers know what to do without him having to direct them to do it. The problem is that ratioing them on Twitter isn’t really much of a punishment. You have to direct them towards Morning Brew or Business Insider’s Facebook and Google reviews, which should be flooded with negative reviews accusing them of harboring pedophiles. That’s how the game works now. We didn’t make the rules, they did.

Dave Portnoy’s next step should be:

  1. Finding out the names of Henry Blodgett’s closest relatives and putting their contact information out there.
  2. Publishing the names of the women who ran to these lowlifes to try to ruin your reputation and business, especially the mother who filed the police report. (If he’s not vengeful enough to do that I’ll do it if someone wants to email me her information to [email protected])

These people are trying to ruin your life. Nothing is off limits.



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