David Price Mocks Mainstream Media For Attempting To Divide Red Sox Along Racial Lines Before White House Visit


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The Red Sox are going to the White House on Thursday and it’s all the buzz because Alex Cora announced this week that he would not be going for political reasons. Others who will be staying home include Xander Boegarts, Mookie Betts, Sandy Leon, Rafael Devers, David Price, Jackie Bradley Jr, Christian Vazquez, and Hector Velazquez. In fairness, it’s kind of hard to ignore the elephant in the room on this one, since every player who declined is a person of color.

My take is simple – I’d prefer if they went for the sake of team unity, but it doesn’t bother me if they don’t go. I felt the same way about Tim Thomas in 2011. I’m more upset that this trip is scheduled in the middle of May after the Red Sox finally started winning some games, rather than during the long offseason.

But the media does not allow players to be republicans, or even democrats willing to go the White House, or even worse – athletes who are politically indifferent. Thus takes like this from Jemele Hill:

In other words, players who won the World Series are morally obligated to decline a once in a lifetime trip to the White House because some of their teammates elected not to go.

Then there’s Adrian Walker from the Globe:


He called the team the “white sox” and said that the decision for the team to continue the tradition of visiting the White House would haunt them for years to come.

This take is from the same newspaper that published this column in 2011:

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So how do you justify this level of hypocrisy? According to Bruins reporter Matt Kalman you just say that Cora’s opinions are the right opinions, and Thomas’ opinions are the wrong ones.

The media is trying to label conservative opinions as conspiracy theories now. This is their new tactic.

Steve Buckley from the Herald used similar terminology:

And it initially appeared as if David Price was endorsing Buckley’s tweet:

It looked to many as if Price was promoting Buckley’s race baiting to a larger audience, since Price has nearly 2 million followers compared to Buckley’s 38,000. But upon further inspection it was just more Price attacking the media:

David Price isn’t really an outspoken political guy, but he hates Boston reporters. That’s one thing he at least has in common with most Boston sports fans.

But by far the worst person in the media on this topic is this woman:

Britni de le Cretaz has been written about before. Here are some of the freelancer’s highlights:

She joined the chorus of media pundits who tried to create controversy in the Red Sox locker room.


“Not one white played is standing in solidarity with the players of color.”

Yes, generally in a free society adults are allowed to accept invitations to the White House after accomplishing such amazing things as winning the World Series.

What she and many others continue to ignore is that many of the players on the Red Sox probably approve of the job Trump is doing, which is perfectly normal since Trump’s approval ratings have never been higher. Yet the media expects players to skip out on this once in a lifetime opportunity because other players who aren’t going happen to not be white. They expect professional athletes to bow to their world view and view everything as a racial issue.

And why is J.D. Martinez lumped in as a white guy too? He’s arguably the Red Sox best hitter, but because he’s a Trump supporter he no longer qualifies as Latino.

I have faith in the Red Sox that despite the media’s best efforts, the team will remain united. I respected Mookie Betts and Alex Cora when they exercised their right to not go, and I’m sure they’ll respect their teammates’ decision to do the opposite. David Price of all people reassured me of that. And by doing so the players will be proving to the media that their job is to win baseball games, not act as social justice pawns for the MSM.


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