Dedham Human Rights Commission Member Unleashes On Librarian And Christians In Unhinged, Vulgar Facebook Post Reacting To TB Blog About Christmas Tree


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All hell has broken loose in the town of Dedham as a result of a blog we published yesterday criticizing 2 activist librarians who pressured the cowardly library director to get rid of a Christmas tree because it put the lives of marginalized people “in danger.”

Editor’s Note: There is an update to this story

Sources tell us that as a result of the blog people brought Christmas trees down that are now on display in the library.

Turtle riders overwhelmed the library on their Facebook page with expressions of holiday joy.

What a beautiful sight!

Often when I publish a blog the villains in the story immediately claim to be victims because we pointed out and exposed the horrible things they were doing. They pretend that their lives in are in danger and call it “stochastic terrorism,” in an attempt to censor our voice and take the focus off of their own poor behavior. This did happen yesterday, but it also led to the most unhinged reaction to a Turtleboy blog I’ve ever seen. Pictured in this photo are members of the Dedham Human Rights Commission.

Everyone know that HRC’s are nothing more than organizations that Democrats make to cloak themselves in virtue and push their communist agenda. The woman circled in the image is called Diane Loud (appropriately named), and no has ever illustrated the true feelings of your Human Rights Commissions more than she did yesterday in a Facebook post reacting to the blog. She took out her anger on librarian Lisa Desmond, who first drew attention to the matter by complaining that the tree was removed in a Facebook post.

She seems nice. So much to unpack here, so let’s start from the top.

  • She immediately reverts to the “you’re putting lives in danger by talking about the horrible things we were hoping to do without anyone noticing” card, because she knows it’s indefensible to get rid of a symbol of unity, charity, and kindness.
  • Turtleboy is an award winning media outlet that has broken more real news stories than any other media outlet in New England. Turtleboy is not a trash heap, but we’ve exposed many trash heaps like Diane.
  • She accuses people of being too cowardly to have an actual conversation, but what she really objects to is the fact that people are having conversations about the tree.
  • The only hatred and bigotry on display are from people like Diane, who clearly hate Christianity.
  • I have as much connection to the town of Dedham as librarian Mary Ellen Stokes, who does not live in Dedham.
  • She thinks Lisa Desmond is bad for not giving into demands to censor herself and stop sharing opinions about Christmas trees on Facebook.
  • The tree was removed because it was allegedly putting lives in danger, and now discussing that fact also puts more lives in danger. I’m noticing a pattern.
  • She’s wrong about one thing though – it’s not just about a tree. It’s about standing up to the people who have perverted our culture, destroyed our institutions, and made this country a worse place to live.
  • Diane Loud is a disgusting bigot who clearly despises anyone who subscribes to Christianity. She serves on the Human Rights Commission, but treats other people in town as subhuman by mocking their religious beliefs (magic sky daddy).

But ya know what? I’m glad she posted this. What you read are the actual, true feelings of the average communist unmasked.

“I hate each and every one of you and I do wish great suffering on you.”

Thank you for your honesty Diane, it’s quite refreshing. I don’t think we should waste time pretending that you and I have any sort of respect for each other, or wish each other well. I too, wish you nothing but pain and misery, and I hate everything about your existence and what you stand for.

Thank you for yelling “FUCK YOU” at a woman who has served as the town librarian for 28 years, because she misses the Christmas tree. It showed that you don’t see people you disagree with as human (despite being on the Human Rights Commission), which was always obvious, but never vocalized in those specific terms.

To the surprise of no one Diane Loud’s daughter is now pretending to be her son.

Max Gorman, a 2021 graduate of Dedham High School, helped plan the event as part of the committee. He spoke about how he discovered his transgender identity at the age of 13.

“This was a time when I think gay marriage had just been legalized,” he said. He spoke about his ancestry of Irish and Portuguese relatives, wondering if some of them might have been queer.

“I consider myself and my generation to be so extremely lucky to have access to the internet and online communities of people who are like us,” he continued. “It’s a bit of an understatement to say that being queer is not easy, and it’s not always fun. But the community is definitely one of the best things.

“Don’t let your brain trick you into thinking you don’t also have community here,” he added as the crowd shouted and clapped.

“I think it’s really important for everybody to be celebrated and feel affirmed,” said Loud, who is Gorman’s mother. “This year, we have so many people helping. The number of businesses that supported us with the raffle was phenomenal. Sometimes you don’t know what support is out there until you look around, and that is important as well.”

Of course she has a transgender child. These people collect and pimp them out like show pets. It’s funny how pretty much every human being who declares that they’re a different gender than the one on their birth certificate has an activist parent behind them.

After her rant the Dedham HRC issued a statement that she had stepped down, and thanked her for her service.

Here’s a link to that post. Notice how they don’t say why she resigned, nor do they condemn her disgusting, bigoted, anti-Christian hate speech. They don’t condemn her for attacking and swearing at the town librarian for exercising the most basic human right we have – freedom of speech. I hereby demand that the Dedham HRC condemn her words, and would urge you to do the same in their comments.

But instead of condemning Diane Loud’s unhinged hatred, the communists in town are blaming Turtleboy for shedding light on it.

It’s not far right to believe that removing Christmas trees from libraries because they put people in danger is dumb. It’s not doxxing to screenshot things people say in public and criticize them for it. It’s not homophobic to object to kiddie porn in the library. It’s not encouraging harassment or violence if you’re not encouraging harassment or violence.

As for the people who send me story ideas like (there were over a dozen for this one), they come to Turtleboy because they know that we’re the only real news outlet that will actually tell the truth. And this is why they really hate us and demand that we be silenced. But we never, ever will. Not as long as people like this have societal power.


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