Dedham Library Shamed Into Putting Christmas Tree Back Up After Turtleboy Story Makes National News


Last week Turtleboy Daily News broke a story about the Dedham Public Library removing their Christmas Tree because two communist librarians arbitrarily decided that it was offensive and put their lives in danger. The story first came to light after another librarian named Lisa Desmond posted about how upsetting it was on her personal Facebook page, and was later accused of “stochastic terrorism” by the librarians who voluntarily outed themselves as the complainers on her post. Once again the mainstream media has reported on our story without any credit or citation. First it was the Boston Globe.

Then Fox News.


This isn’t the first time Fox News has done this, while the Globe usually ignores our reporting because it conflicts with their narrative. But even the people who clutch their pearls when they hear the word “Turtleboy,” can admit that this story only blew up because we wrote about it.

There is a Library Board of Trustees meeting tomorrow night at 7 PM that is open to the public, and people are allowed to speak. I wanted to go, but ironically I have my daughter’s Christmas pageant at that time, because we still celebrate Christmas in Worcester County. Luckily as a direct result of our reporting, the tree is going back up.

“What has played out on social media…”

Stop blaming people for talking about this. This is entirely your fault for creating this circus in the first place. Due to your your willingness to capitulate to blue haired nose ring they/thems, your town once again ended up on Turtleboy and Fox News. Dedham is a liberal town, but in the last election there were 110 towns and cities in Massachusetts that voted for Biden by a higher percentage. Dedham is not Cambridge, Somerville, or Amherst, but it’s governed as if it is. Most liberals would agree that it’s absurd to get rid of a secular symbol like a Christmas tree at a place that will be closed on Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Yet the Town of Dedham continually seems to cater to the fringe crowd, and can’t see to get out of its own way. This is a failure of leadership. Last week Dedham Human Rights Commission member Diane Loud incited violence towards incited violence towards the whistle blowing librarian by posting, “F*** YOU YOU PIECES OF TRASH, I hate each and every one of you and I do wish great suffering on you.”

This woman mocked Christians for believing in a “magic sky daddy,” while pretending to to combat bigotry and hatred. The Dedham Human Rights Commission still has not condemned this insanely hateful post directed at  28 year veteran librarian. No elected officials have condemned her hateful rhetoric, despite the high volume of “hate has no place here” signs adorning the laws of Dedham. The Town of Dedham to this day has not publicly condemned it, and their official response to the matter was to blame Turtleboy for putting the safety of the people we exposed in jeopardy by inciting harassment campaigns.

“What could have been something of legitimate discourse turned neighbor against neighbor….”

If the Town wanted a legitimate discourse then they would’ve asked for it before removing the tree in the first place. If they wanted legitimate discourse then they would condemn Diane Loud, the only person thus far who openly wished pain and suffering on people for liking Christmas trees. Your lack of leadership is why this is a national news story now.

Let’s also be clear – the only reason anyone knew the names of the librarians responsible for this was because they publicly commented on Lisa Desmond’s post.

Lisa never mentioned their names. They voluntarily put themselves in the public spotlight by taking credit for being Grinches. I have the right to criticize them for that, as do others who object to your anti-Christian bigotry.

Instead of being upset that their library made such an embarrassing decision that ended up putting them on Turtleboy, or perhaps calling out the town for remaining silent about Diane Loud’s bigotry, some Dedham residents like Matt Brophy are upset with me for mentioning Diane Loud’s “kid.”

OK boomer.

For the record, Diane Loud is a radical BLT-123 activist who parades around her grown daughter for thinking that she is a man.

First of all, Max Gorman is an adult who chooses to put himself in the public spotlight. Secondly, I only mentioned her because I believed it to be relevant to the bigger picture. It has long been my assertion that “transgender” kids only seem to be the children of militant activists like Diane Loud, so finding out that she parades her daughter around like this was relevant to understanding the political ideology at root behind her post.

Meanwhile, the communists continue to clutch their pearls about how Diane Loud’s adult daughter “must be off limits.”

Calm down Aoife. You’d probably be a lot happier if you didn’t spend all your money on vowels, but there was no homophobic, transphobic, hate fueled harassment, nor was anything I wrote dangerous. The only person who needs to be condemned is Diane Loud, which you have failed to do because your heart is filled with anger and bigotry.

Instead her and her friends are openly justifying Diane’s comments, claiming that her bigotry is only the bi-product of her of “feeling strongly about human rights.”

Brian, I have no idea who you are, but I assure you that I’m a much better person than you will ever be. I don’t make excuses for behavior like this:

You do, because you are literal human garbage.

This is the woman who is replacing Diane Loud on the HRC, once again attacking the whistle blowing librarian:

“I strongly encourage you to take a step back and rethink your approach.”

How condescending. Sari Chait has not said a word to publicly condemn Diane Loud’s hateful bigotry, so none of her opinions really matter until she does that. She also claims that Christians have no right to complain because they have “cishet white Christian privilege.”

The vast majority of black and brown people are Christian. Her hatred of black and brown people, and her assumption that they would be offended by a Christmas tree, is what real institutional racism looks like.

Meanwhile, Tracey Franklin is demanding that Lisa Desmond offer her coworkers an apology for putting them at risk.


The only thing that needs to stop is the Town of Dedham doing stupid things that end up with them on Turtleboy.

The bottom line is that this is what we do at Turtleboy. We expose people doing bad things under the cover of darkness, we shine a light on it, and in doing so we force them to correct their behavior and do the right thing. They don’t hate us because we’re hateful, they hate us because we’re effective.


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