Dedham Librarians Pressure Director To Get Rid Of Christmas Tree Because It Puts Their Lives In Danger, Bully Other Librarian For Complaining About It


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This is Lisa Desmond, who’s been a librarian in Dedham for 28 years.

She’s normally an optimistic person, but over the weekend she made her first negative post ever on Facebook after being told that the Dedham Public Library would not be having a Christmas tree like they always do because unnamed people were uncomfortable with it.

Remember, “There is no war on Christmas.” It’s all just a made up right win conspiracy theory because we hate gay people, or something.

Question – if a symbol of Christmas makes people uncomfortable, then why is the public library, and every other public institution, closed on Christmas itself? Shouldn’t the people who are offended by a Christmas tree be demanding that the library be open on Christmas, because they don’t celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is a celebration of love and togetherness. Jesus, regardless of what religion you are, was a nifty fella whose message promoted peace, love, and tolerance. According to the Gospel he walked around healing the sick, making friends with lepers and other societal outcasts, feeding the hungry, and preaching about the important of love and forgiveness instead while rejecting materialism. No human being has ever embodied the values of diversity, equity and inclusion more than Jesus. Christmas is the celebration of his birth.  You don’t have to believe he was the son of God to agree that those are all good ideas. You don’t even have to agree that he’s real. I never saw him in the flesh, and even if I didn’t believe he was real or the son of God I would argue that the message he sent makes the world a better place.

But apparently these ideals make people uncomfortable in Dedham. We are now living in a world where libraries host children’s events where men dressed as hookers read books to kids, and promote child pornography like This Book Is Gay, and Gender Queer.

But a Christmas tree is a bridge too far because people are uncomfortable looking at it.

Just to review. This makes people uncomfortable and therefore must be shut down.

This makes people uncomfortable but you must shut up and like it, or else you’re a stochastic terrorist.

Makes sense.

One of the people taking credit for getting rid of the Christmas tree is this hyphenated human.

Dale Meyer- Curley claims to be the parent of multiple kids, so I guess we’ll take her word for it, but she told people who think it’s wrong to take down a Christmas tree that they need to check their privilege.


“The exercise is to listen to our underrepresented members of our community.”

But that’s you – you’re the member of the community who had a problem with this. The vast majority of black and Latino people are Christians, and they celebrate Christmas. But here is a white woman telling them that they need to check their privilege. But it’s OK, because she apologized for not posting a BLM meme on June 9 when she was required to do so by law.

People like Dale don’t object to symbols of Christmas because it marginalizes other religions. They object to it because their religion is communism, and the only things they worship are Pride flags and abortion.

But it wasn’t just this one patron who felt the need to play the Grinch this year, it was also two librarians. This is Mary Ellen Stokes, one of the other librarians who makes almost $90K a year.

Mary Ellen is an old school lesbian. As you can see by her appearance she does everything in her power to look masculine, yet remarkably does not identify as a boy. Thus proving that the concept of “gender” is ridiculous, since you are not required to look and act feminine if you are born female. Some women just have short hair, tattoos, and are attracted to other women, and that’s OK. They’re still women, and their lesbianism will not be erased by transgenderism.

Mary Ellen does not live in Dedham, but for some reason she gets to decide what the people who pay her salary are offended by. Here was her initial response to her coworker’s post.


First of all, as a minority? You’re white ma’am.

Secondly, as Catholic? Girl, stop. You know you don’t go to church.

Thirdly, no one is in “pain” over a Christmas tree. That’s as completely made up as the 98 genders you have to choose from on a job application.

Fourthly, I don’t know who you’re referring to when you mention “years of oppression and attempted eradication of an entire race,” but I know full well the people who are complaining about this aren’t Jewish. They’re communists, like you, and they’re projecting their misery on others.

Fifthly, your library is likely covered in Pride flags (and I would guess BLM flags when it was trendy), so your library is already promoting a religious cult.

Sixthly, if you have the power to cancel Christmas, then by definition you are not marginalized. You’re literally more powerful than one of the biggest religions on earth.

As far as “creating space,” and making people uncomfortable, here’s what Mary Ellen thinks about “straight white folks” who don’t think kiddie porn should be easily accessible in public libraries.

It’s OK to crap on straight white people because they’re the bad guys. They’re not racial minorities like Mary Ellen. It’s OK to make fun of them.

She claims that these protesters “hate the queers.”

No ma’am, they just don’t want this in the kid’s section of the library.


It’s just that simple.

They’re also “f***ing morons,” and “total dummies,” who are causing “trans kids” to commit suicide.

Imagine being a normal parent in town who agrees with these protesters that libraries shouldn’t promote kiddie porn, and then seeing that that the librarian who doesn’t live in your town thinks you are a “f***ing moron” for your beliefs. Would you feel welcomed at the library? Of course not. So they’re taking away the Christmas tree too, in case you didn’t get the message.

Apparently one of the library trustees last year said that he believed that the people in those images had the right to peacefully protest, which made Mary Ellen upset because they weren’t protecting her safety.

This is the only thing they know how to do now. Pretend that any legitimate criticism of the horrible things they do (including putting kiddie porn in libraries) is putting the lives of the BLT-123 mafia in danger. They call it stochastic terrorism, but it’s nothing more than an obvious attempt to silence the free speech of people who have legitimate concerns about children reading kiddie porn.

Then right on cue she used this threat of “stochastic terrorism” to tell Lisa that she was a bad person for sharing her opinions on Facebook, because it was putting Mary Ellen’s safety at risk.

Just shut up and remain silent as the communists erase our cultural institutions or else you’re killing people.

Mary Ellen also has no tolerance for people who wouldn’t wear their decoration obedience mask, because she naively believed throwaway masks saved people’s lives.

During the BLM riots she predictably lectured other white liberals about trying to out-white-liberal each other, while not realizing that she was doing exactly what she was complaining about.

Her job as a good white liberal was to justify rioting and looting of American cities, because a black man was killed by a cop in Minnesota who was immediately arrested, tried, and convicted.

Then when one of her friend’s stores got looted by rioters she shared a GoFundMe for it.

Oops! Why did you guys look the place with prepaid phones, lotto, and cigarettes, with the big Western Union sign in the window? They support George Floyd! They’re one of the good ones!

Mary Ellen wasn’t the only librarian in Dedham who objected to the Christmas tree though. There was also this lovely young lady.

Imagine looking like that, applying for a job around children, and then getting it. Imagine trying to be taken seriously as an adult with a door knocker hanging off your nose, your lips stapled shut, and your hair a different color depending on what day of the week it is. When did Barnum and Bailey start staffing public libraries? You don’t even have to hear her talk or read anything she has to say and you automatically know what all her opinions are.

They/them’s slave name is Meredith Fournier, and they describe themselves as “queer, mentally ill, and rad as heck.”

Naturally then they/them was hired to work at the public library as the youth services librarian.


Because these are the kind of people who should have direct access to other people’s children. Good luck figuring out who’s Dad in this picture.

Just kidding, there’s not such thing as Dad or Mom because that suggests that gender is binary. The omnisexual children’s librarian has arbitrarily decided that children will not miss the Christmas tree at all.

Yea, what do kids need Christmas trees for? Kids hate Christmas. Haven’t you seen Home Alone? Good thing our resident circus freak has chimed in to make that decision for them. Now try telling her that children will “continue to have a wonderful time at the library” if they take down Pride flags and see how that goes.

Mary Ellen and Meredith believe that they/them will be killed because people protest kiddie porn in libraries, but luckily no one will be killed if there is no Christmas tree.

Oh look, a white northern woman who uses “y’all.” I could’ve told you she had purple hair and a door knocker in her nose just by reading that alone. But if you have time in your day to petition the library to get rid of a Christmas tree then you probably shouldn’t be lecturing others about having too much time on their hands. Just sayin.

For the record, we do have time for this because we refuse to cede any ground to the communists. We let shit like this go for years and then acted surprised when children started putting money in drag queen thongs. The communist seeks only to destroy our cultural institutions, and they do it one step at a time. You cannot cede a single inch of territory to the communists, because they will never be satisfied until they have complete control of society.

Lisa pointed out how as the librarian she proudly participated in Juneteenth and Pride celebrations, but Meredith didn’t like that.

“There’s a huge difference between celebrating a marginalized group of society who is being killed for being queer.”

No one is being killed for being queer. No one is going to die if we take down a Christmas tree, but no one is going to die if they keep it up either. You just hate Christmas because you’re an  unpleasant human pin cushion.

Meredith said that taking down the Christmas tree was a “small sacrifice to make” for those who felt uncomfortable by a symbol of love, giving, and togetherness.

“The comfort of marginalized people is more important than a holiday decoration.”

No, it’s actually not. Jesus literally devoted his life to the marginalized. Christmas is a celebration of his birth.

Newsflash – it’s not everyone else’s job to give up things we always had because you’re pretending to be “uncomfortable” with it. No one would object to a Menorah or a Kwanzaa stick in the library, and if they did Meredith and Mary Ellen would accuse them of being bigoted. They just hate Christianity because they associate it with conservatism. It’s that simple.

But at the end of the day this decision wasn’t made by 2 miserable communist librarians, it was made by the library director Amber Moroney, who gutlessly gave into their demands.

Here’s the email she wrote to people who were upset about the tree being removed.

TL;DR – It’s OK because they also cancelled Halloween and Thanksgiving too. They’re also promoting other displays of Christmas, but the tree had to go.

“We are driven by a desire to be inviting and inclusive.”

No, you’re not actually. You’re telling people that Christianity is offensive, despite closing on Christmas Day to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This is two pages of word salad nothing. She doesn’t know why she’s removing the tree, she just figured it would be easier to appease the communists rather than tell them “no.”

On that note, I would encourage everyone to contact the Dedham Public Library and demand that they put the Christmas tree back up. This woman is clearly a coward who caves to mobs, but we can do mobs too. Amber’s email is [email protected] if you’d like to write a respectfully worded email sharing your thoughts. Also, I would encourage everyone to spread Christmas joy by going to the Dedham Library Facebook page and writing “Merry Christmas” in the comments (and maybe some Christmas trees too).

There is an update to this story.

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