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Democratic Campaign Organizer For Powerful Rhode Island Politicians Sent Graphic Rape And Murder Threats To Strange Women Online 


This is Jordan Goyette from Warwick.

He’s a radical left wing activist who has run political campaigns for several elected officials, including a man who calls himself a woman and changed his name to Giona, Congressman Seth Magaziner, failed Senatorial candidate Jennifer Rourke, State Rep Paul Jones, and State Rep Brandon Potter.


He is the political director for a communist organization called Reclaim Rhode Island.

According to Go Local Providence he was also the field director for failed Providence Mayoral candidate Gonzalo Cuervo.

“I’m proud to have Jordan on board,” says Cuervo. “He brings an extraordinary energy and expertise in building a grassroots-powered campaign to our organization. Together with our past hires, I believe we’ve assembled a team that will win this campaign for the people of Providence.”

In July he testified at a hearing as a proponent of a “pleasure based” sex ed bill sponsored by twerking State Senator Tiara Mack.

During his testimony Jordan bemoaned the fact that he wasn’t taught how to maximize orgasms when he took sex ed as a student in Rehoboth, MA, and complained that people were calling him a groomer and compared him to Charles Manson for supporting the pleasure based sex ed bill (that teaches kids how to put a condom on a cucumber and tells them there are 98 genders). He made sure to check his white privilege during his testimony by pointing out that Tiara Mack gets it worse than him because she’s a black woman.

Joining him was a middle aged man dressed as a woman, who claims to be a doctor and a pastor, and whose voice sounds like a 13 year old boy going through puberty due to all the hormones he’s ingesting. The two of them were present together at the Cranston Library where they hosted a protest because the library allowed a conservative woman named Nicole Solas to talk about the dangers of gender ideology.

But despite claiming that to be an advocate for black women, and alleging that black women receive more public scorn than white women, he used his platform to attack a black female doctor because he believes that only rich 82 year old white men should have opinions on man made viruses.

Oh no, the black woman doesn’t think the obedience face diaper that Tony Fauci previously admitted was useless, doesn’t stop the spread of COVID. She better just sit down with her funny accent and listen to the white men when they speak.


Jordan often lectures other men about being abusive to female candidates for elected office online.

However, this is ironic because Jordan is an abuser himself. On Christmas Eve a young woman, who goes by Bree Leigh Garneau on Facebook, posted a warning to women in her area after receiving graphic messages from Goyette, in which he talks about killing and raping her.

Bree has posted a lot of sexually provocative things on Facebook, which made Jordan apparently believe that he could treat her as subhuman. He began by messaging her “Merry Christmas skank,” before telling her that she’s lucky she’s hot because she pisses him off.

Translation – I find you useful sexually, therefore I will allow you to say things I don’t approve of.

He then asked when he could make pornographic movies with her, and told her that she knew she wanted his underwhelming schmenzer inside of her.

To be clear, no woman will ever, under any circumstances, want someone who looks like this inside of them.

She specifically told him no, and that she had no interest in him sexually. But he refused to take no for an answer, and said he should be allowed to sexually harass her because he previously talked about chopping her head off.

Evidently he paid her so he could tell her how he wanted to murder her, and believed this entitled him to have sex with her.

He then described in graphic detail what her final moments would feel like as he strangled her to death with her own panties and anally raped her. He said that after he was done with her she would be “just another thick slut” he dumped in a shallow ditch. Finally he sent a picture of 3 porn stars and compared them to Jordan and two other women named Tawny and Adrienne.

Both Tawny and Adrienne are likewise complete strangers to him, but he found images of them through Bree’s page and posted them online. Both women are young, attractive, and unlikely to have any sort of sexual interest in a balding 26 year old communist who climaxes to thoughts of murdering them.

In his testimony at the Rhode Island Statehouse he said that he was unfairly compared to Charles Manson for supporting the children’s pleasure based sex ed bill. But he also had a fetish with rival serial killer Ted Bundy, who murdered and raped dozens of women Bree’s age.

Since she previously mentioned being paid by him in their conversation I’m going to guess that Bree has some sort of Only Fans account. Another woman with an account came forward and said that he sent her inappropriate sexual messages while she was pregnant, long after she had deleted her account.

This is the danger of porn and Only Fans. Some people can handle it because they know it’s not real life. Others, like Jordan, are not content with browsing the Internet, taking care of their business privately, and moving on with their life. They view the female performers as sexual objects with no souls who they can use to get off. They pretend to be male feminists and call it liberating, but really they just enjoy treating women like subhuman trash.

The young female victims, who don’t seem to have any sort of political affiliation, contacted Reclaim RI about the disgusting behavior of their political director. They released a statement two days later announcing that they were cutting ties with Jordan. However, they also admitted that they were made aware of his behavior in May, and instead of separating themselves from this sexual predator and deviant they had him “spend 6 months engaged in intensive transformative justice.”

Any time you see buzzwords like “transformative justice,” or “restorative justice,” that’s just communist speak for “not punishing people for bad behavior.” Schools use it as a way to avoid suspending disruptive students, which makes it impossible for other kids to learn. Courts use it as a way to keep criminals out of jail, which ensures more people will be victimized. Reclaim RI used it as a way to allow this serial deviant to continue to sexually harass women, while masquerading as a champion for women’s rights. There are probably many more victims he has contacted in the last 6 months while Reclaim RI sat on this information and did nothing.

The reason they refused to disassociate with Goyette was because he was useful to them. Jordan has worked on too many campaigns to count, and the fact that he was the party’s chosen speaker to advocate for legislation illustrates the amount of political power and influence that he has in Rhode Island. One of the politicians he’s closest with is State Rep Brandon Potter, who co-sponsored the pleasure based sex-ed bill with Tiara Mack, and helped organize the Cranston Library protest.

Potter is from Cranston, and in this episode of “6 Degrees of Turtleboy,” Goyette and Potter campaigned to defeat incumbent Democrat named Christopher Millea in the primary.

You may recall that we blogged about Millea in 2019 when he sued me on behalf of his client Kathryn “Failure Swift” Narcissi, because we blogged about her being kicked out of Kent Hospital for faking an illness, and for videotaping her cuck husband Metro as he attempted to watch TV after a long day of providing for her. You could tell he was a serious attorney because the complaint was WRITTEN ENTIRELY IN CAPS LOCK, and said that she was injured because the blog hurt her feelings.

The ACLU defended me in this case, since an elected official and a judge were trying to censor legitimate criticism from a reporter. We of course won, but not before Failure Swift fired Millea because she accused him of working in collusion with me. My issue with Millea was that he knew this lawsuit was meritless and had no chance of winning, but he took her retainer anyway, despite the fact that she is clearly mentally unbalanced. Millea had previously been brought up on charges of contempt, before being held in contempt again the next year.

It was my contention that Millea was coming after me because he was a Democrat and I am not, but after the blog was published he called me and asked me to take it down because he said he was a moderate. Evidently Brandon Potter didn’t like this which is why he challenged him from the more progressive wing of the party. Jordan Goyette has enough political influence to unseat incumbent elected officials like Millea.

Jordan is now predictably claiming he was hacked after making all of his accounts private.

Thus far only one elected official, State Rep Paul Jones from Smithfield, he campaigned for has publicly condemned Jordan.

We have reached out to Potter, Cuervo, and Rourke for comment, but have not heard back from any of them. All of them were quick to denounce Brett Kavanaugh based on no evidence at all, but are silent about a predator they are close with who has ample amounts of evidence proving his guilt.

Just remember – these are the people who call you the bad guy because you don’t want kiddie porn in public libraries. They are the people who call mothers like Nicole Solas a Nazi white supremacist, and protest her existence because she doesn’t think the state should sexualize children. These are the people who call you a bigot for calling them exactly what they are – groomers. We will never, ever stop calling out and exposing deviants like this, and I don’t really care what meaningless words the communist will call us in a vain attempt to stop our movement.


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