Dighton-Rehoboth Principal Suspends And Investigates State Championship Coach After 1 Parent Complains About Kid’s Playing Time And Coach Yelling

High school parents are out of control. Two years ago we published the insane emails that Braintree girl’s basketball parents had been sending their 3 time state champion girl’s basketball coach because parents were upset about playing time. Last year around this time we exposed Andover Superintendent Shelly Berman and a failed country music singer parent of a hockey player, after they used a personal grudge to make up a complete lie and had DCF investigate their highly successful coach.

Well, it’s happened again, and this time it’s at Dighton-Rehoboth Regional. This is boy’s basketball coach, and 41 year veteran baseball coach Bill Cuthbertson.

Despite the enormity of his success (DR won the State Championship in 2016) he has been suspended for the last month from coaching his team.

Bill Cuthbertson was placed on administrative leave with pay after a pair of alleged incidents in January resulted in him being banished to the sidelines by D-R Principal John Gould.

“I know that my basketball players, members of the D-R community and staff, and Doug Kelley — my athletic director, are very upset by all of this,” said Cuthbertson, who will meet with D-R’s Title IX administrator on Thursday to review the allegations.

For the past two weeks Cuthbertson has been in basketball limbo, unable to coordinate and conduct practices for the Falcons or coach any of D-R’s scheduled games. Upon the retention of legal counsel, Cuthbertson was granted a review of the alleged matter. He was informed Tuesday that the investigating officer would meet with him to review the complaints. When Gould placed him on leave, Cuthbertson said he was told that “it is no longer safe for the kids to be around you,” based on unsubstantiated claims of favoritism and verbal abuse.

“Favoritism and verbal abuse.”

Translation – some parent thinks Johnny is a lot better than he really he is and claims he should’ve been starting, so he went and whined to the gutless principal that the coach was too mean and yelled at kids during practices. Yea, this guy looks like a real monster.

Look at those kids!! They look horrified!! God knows how many mean words he said to them when they did something wrong!!

Dighton-Rehoboth Regional School District Superintendent Dr. Anthony Azur said in a prepared statement that “after discussion with Dr. Gould, our High School Principal, we have placed the Boys’ Varsity Basketball Coach on paid administrative leave while we review matters that have recently come to our attention regarding the basketball program.

“This action comes during the season and we realize the impact this may have on players and the coach. We have taken steps to ensure the program continues uninterrupted by designating Doug Kelley, Dean of Student Activities and Athletics, as interim coach while we conduct a review which is fair to all parties and respectful of the privacy and rights of all.

As usual, school administrators love to show us that they never consider what is best for kids. Because what kids need is structure and consistency. Getting rid of their coach halfway through the season for unknown reasons does the opposite of that. It also teaches kids that they are guilty until proven innocent, and all of the things they worked so hard for can be taken from them if one of their teammates has a shithead parent who faults everyone but his own kid for their lack of productivity.

His record speaks for itself:

Cuthbertson has served as the boys’ basketball coach at D-R for the past 17 seasons after coaching the girls’ varsity for 11 seasons. He is scheduled to begin his 40th season at the helm of the baseball team next month. Cuthbertson’s career has been marked by the MIAA Division 2016 Division 2 state baseball championship in addition to 23 conference championships, innumerable Coach of the Year awards from a variety of newspapers, including the Sun-Chronicle, and election to the Massachusetts Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame.

And parents and alumni speak incredibly favorably of him.

So what does a state championship winning coach have to do to get fired after 41 years of public service?

Principal John Gould told Cuthbertson that one of the allegations is that (Cuthbertson) “yelled at and berated the team after a handshake line at a game within the last two weeks.”

Oh no!! Not yelling at children!! Coaches are never allowed to do that. God forbid kids are taught (gasp) discipline!! But, but, but….FEELINGS!!

And of course there’s no due process or anything remotely resembling it….

“But when I asked him when this happened, and where the incident occurred, Gould told me, ‘I don’t know.’ When I asked him who had made these allegations against me, he would not tell me. I’ve been sitting here for a month with this situation hanging over my head,” Cuthbertson said. “I know my players are hurting because of the upheaval all of this has caused. My heart breaks for them.”

This is how schools work. A parent makes a baseless anonymous complaint, gets to stay hidden, and the coach loses his job while he’s “investigated” during the middle of a season. How does this benefit kids again? Oh right, it doesn’t. It just benefits the ego of the parent who thinks he’s the coach.

And of course this:

An initial complaint was filed Jan. 7 against Cuthbertson by a parent who felt that his son was not being given sufficient playing time.

Playing time. God I hate this.

The fact that they get to remain anonymous is complete and utter bullshit, considering the destruction their selfish actions cause. Of course that’s just school policy. Luckily we have a different policy – name and shame. We found out the names of all three Braintree parents, and the Andover father who caused all the problems. Let’s find out this one too. If you know who the parent is who is doing this, let us know by emailing [email protected], or message TBNews on Facebook, so we can make them Turtleboy famous. This kind of behavior needs to end.

As many of you know I taught and coached for 11 years in the public schools. Luckily it was track and field, where for the most part there are no starters, but it still came with plenty of out of control parent drama.

At Doherty High School one of the kid’s I coached had a mother who taught gym and wanted the job. So she complained that I miscounted her son’s laps in the 2 mile when he thought he ran a 45 second personal record, which he didn’t because he missed a lap. After that he told me he didn’t have to listen to me because his mother was gonna take my job anyway, and he ended up being right.

At Millbury High School I coached winter track, and you have to run outside during winter track. One parent of a 7th grader demanded that kids only run on routes that he approved of. I did my best to accommodate, since he was active in town politics, but with the snow sometimes certain routes were impossible. I was let go after winning the league title at the end of the season because it was easier to get rid of me than it was to stand up to him.

At Shepherd Hill it was constant parents whining that their kid was faster than another kid and should’ve been in the 4×400 relay instead of the 4×800. Others complained that my Worcester-style coaching discipline hurt their kid’s confidence. I had to deal with insane parent emails all the time (read the book if you haven’t already), so I totally get where these coaches are coming from.

At these schools it’s ultimately up to the principal to make all decisions. Athletic Directors work for them and do their bidding. And if you get a gutless one who likes to give into parents instead of standing up for their coaches, the kids suffer. That’s what’s happening at Dighton-Rehoboth. Principal John Gould is only in his 2nd year there, while coach Cuthbertson is in year 41. He obviously doesn’t value positive role models for children and would rather cave to the demands of one out of control helicopter parent.


Gould used to be the principal at Dartmouth High School, where he got himself into a bunch of controversy when he did the same thing with well liked school resource officer Paul Arruda. What did the Dartmouth cop do wrong? The school tried to keep it hush-hush, but according to people in the know the police officer was trying to keep the doors closed in an era of school shootings.

Some parents said the incident happened on Dec. 4. and involved Arruda refusing to prop doors open in the building. Principal John Gould disagreed with him about the doors and had him removed as SRO. Arruda did not come in Monday, they said. Other parents said they and their children were not aware of the incident until a resident posted a sentence about it in a closed Dartmouth Facebook group Tuesday at 7:07 a.m. The post had 190 comments by 7 p.m. Wednesday.

“The problem is that apparently an officer was forced from his post by a principal who isn’t complying with practices put in place to keep our children safe. There was no public address about this,” said one comment.

So basically the cop didn’t want to keep the doors open, which is the protocol, the principal did, the cop didn’t listen to him, and he was fired for trying to ensure the safety of over a thousand children. It’s clear at this point that John Gould actively works against the best interests of kids wherever he goes.

So what was his reason for leaving Dartmouth for DR anyway? He wanted to be around his kid:

John Gould, the new principal at D-R high school, used to work in Dartmouth and wanted to be closer to home so he could see his daughter’s games.

Kind of like Shelley Berman at Andover. This guy becomes principal at a school he really has no historical ties to, and one of the first things he does is gutlessly suspended and investigate one of the most well respected coaches in the state, and all because one whiny parent thought his kid wasn’t getting enough playing time.

Let’s find him.


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