Doctor Ruth Levesque Tells Unvaccinated Patients Not To Show Up At South Shore Hospital Expecting Treatment If They Get Sick


This is Ruth Levesque, a doctor (OBGYN) at South Shore Hospital who delivers babies.

Dr. Ruth recently posted on Facebook that those who choose not to get the COVID vaccine are not welcome to show up at her hospital if they get sick.

She’s exhausted guys. You have to give up your rights because she’s exhausted. Healthcare workers are the only people who get tired when the workload increases, and we must do everything in our power to make sure their days are more relaxed.

Now imagine if she said this same exact thing about fat people, since they’re much more likely to be hospitalized for a variety of things, and much more likely to need a ventilator if they get COVID.

“If you chose not to exercise and diet then don’t show up at our hospital and expect to get treated when you’re sick. Obesity is preventable, and not exercising is putting an insane and unnecessary stress on our overworked healthcare system. It’s not an individual choice anymore. It impacts all of us.”

Although this is true no one would ever say that because obesity is a protected class and giving people honest medical advice that could save their life isn’t allowed because it could hurt people’s feelings. Don’t live a healthy lifestyle, just put this big pharma juice in your body instead.

This is yet another example of the social acceptability of dehumanizing people who choose not be vaccinated and/or wear masks. Tomorrow night I will be speaking at the Wachusett Regional School Committee meeting and addressing this topic. An emailer last week said she wanted to come to the meeting (this meeting) but wouldn’t because there would be too many unmasked, unvaccinated people there.

We are members of the community, being openly treated like disease infested parasites for our beliefs, and the scary part is that they’re not ashamed to use this sort of dehumanizing language at a public meeting. Look at the way the Tracy Novick cult of white suburban Karen pro-forced maskers talks about us.

Look at all those scary parents who don’t think it’s OK for their children’s schools to prevent them from breathing fresh air! They want to kill you. You’re a good person, and they’re bad. They are a threat to your survival. You thought that uncivilized swine like this only existed in rural Appalachia, but they’re right in our backyards!

Luckily, as Wachusett School Committee member Lauren Salmon-Garrett pointed out, bigots like this were allowed to send emails instead of speaking at the meeting “for their safety.” Being around people like us is dangerous.

And yes, that is The Jen Vacca, the Marlborough kindergarten teacher who bragged about indoctrinating her students and posted incendiary and bigoted things about people with different political opinions than her on Twitter before being exposed last year.

Of course these people are all friends on social media.

“Need to poke fun at someone? Go after folks protesting need to not wear masks.”

This is what they think of you. It’s OK to go after you, mock you, dehumanize you, and abuse your children.

Jen and Tracy Novick took issue with a Dawson Elementary School kindergarten teacher who spoke publicly (and bravely) about why she doesn’t want her students to be masked. She stated that Fenway Park allows 40,000 unmasked people every night, including kids.

“I wonder if anyone can highlight the difference between Fenway Park and a classroom. This is a tough one, take your time.”


The condescending, smarter-than-thou attitude of these people is what makes them so vile. But had Jen and Tracy actually listened to the teacher’s speech she specifically made note that although the games are outside, every person in the stadium goes through the concourse multiple times, where they are packed in like sardines with thousands of other people to use the bathroom, get concessions, and exit the stadium.

People like Dr. Ruth, Tracy Novick, Jen Vacca, and Lauren Salmon-Garrett think it’s OK to treat you like disease carrying animal if you are hesitant about the vaccine or don’t want your child to be forced to wear a mask. They blame us for being the sole cause of the pandemic. This sort of dehumanization is how every authoritarian genocidal regime has always begun.

  • Chinese, Russian, and Cuban landowners were blamed for the plight of the poor by communist revolutionaries
  • The Tutsis in Rwanda were a minority group blamed by the Hutus for the nation’s problems, and were presented as disease infested cockroaches, leading to 900,000 murders by machete in the course of one month
  • As we speak Afghans are being murdered by the Taliban for being disloyal traitors who forced Western values on a radical Islamic people
  • The Jews in Nazi occupied Europe were first painted as disloyal and blamed for Germany’s economic misfortune and loss in the first world war

I know you’re not supposed to make Nazi references, but I’m just here to point out that this is how every genocidal regime always starts. Step 1 is ALWAYS to present a smaller part of the population as a threat to the rest of the population’s survival. 

When I left last week’s School Committee meeting I thought long and hard about where pro-maskers were coming from. A month ago one of 22 members was wearing a mask and he looked ridiculous. A month later almost all of them were. What changed? Why did none of them question this? What did they seek to gain from trying to force a mask on my child? What is their motivation? They’re not making money off of this and they don’t like wearing masks themselves. But these images shared by Dr. Ruth Levesque answer that question.

These people will do ANYTHING Anthony Fauci tells them to do. He said it was OK to take off masks so they did. Now he says kids should wear them so they obediently follow directions without asking any questions. Fauci has told them that questioning him is questioning science itself.

“Attacks on me are an attack on science.”

This man comes across as a friendly grandfather, which is what makes them like and trust him so much. It’s how every successful cult leader comes across to their followers. He is their cult leader, not Joe Biden. Biden does what Fauci says. These cult members are not interested in a second opinion. They actually want second opinions to be censored and silenced.  If you criticize his constant moving of the goalposts, the fact that he’s been wrong so many times, or the politicization of the virus (by condemning the Sturgis biker rally but not BLM riots or Obama’s party), then you are attacking science itself.

We need to make it clear that this sort of dehumanization will no longer be tolerated. People like Ruth Levesque should be cancelled and lose their jobs because their open bigotry endangers the lives of millions of people. I for one, would not feel safe in her care, and no patient should ever feel this way about a doctor.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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