Driver Responsible For Killing 7 Bikers Is Arrested After Spending Saturday At The Beach, Sources Report Drug Use, Prior Accident


WWLP is reporting that the truck driver in the fatal crash that killed 7 bikers in New Hampshire has just been arrested.

A driver from West Springfield who was involved in a deadly accident in New Hampshire over the weekend has been arrested. Hampden County DA Spokesperson, Jim Leydon, told 22News, 23-year-old Volodymyr Zhukovskyy was arrested at his West Springfield home Monday morning by Massachusetts State Police. Leydon said Zhukovskyy is scheduled to be arraigned sometime Monday. Zhukovskyy was driving a Westfield Transport truck in New Hampshire Friday night when he collided with 10 motorcyclists, according to Damien Gasanov of Westfield Transport. Gasanov said Zhukovskyy was on his way back to western Massachusetts when the accident happened. Seven motorcyclists were killed and three others were injured in the crash. Zhukovskyy was a new driver and the trip was only his second with the company, Gasanov said. There is no word on what Zhukovskyy is charged with at this time.

Earlier in the day we published a blog showing his disturbing Facebook posts, while pointing out that we would reserve judgement until it’s determined that he did something wrong. Now that he’s been arrested we know that the police have done their due diligence and determined that he is indeed at fault for this accident. He deserves a fair trial, and if found guilty then he deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

We also received a message from a source who knows Zhukovskyy, and they’ve informed us of some more details regarding his past. This is what our source tells us.

’Id like to start off by saying that we’re not only sorry, but also embarrassed that he was a part of the Russian/Turkish community.

He’s known for his cocaine and heroin use. He’s an avid cocaine user, that I know for sure. But he also hangs out with a friend that I had to drop over heroin use, and other people tell me he does it too. Dartaryan is too kind of a person, even giving ratchets a chance when they really shouldn’t be getting one, making himself also responsible for this tragedy.

But what really concerned us, is this photo that I will send right after this message is what Vlad’s sister posted the day right after the accident.

He was somehow not arrested and went to the beach with his family the next day. If I were to accidentally kill 7 people I would be screaming and crying in bed trying to figure out the best way to kill myself , but no, this guy went to the beach and threw up a “hang loose” sign.

And one last important thing, I know that he was actually working for a different company one or two months ago and got fired because he somehow tipped a huge truck over while driving through Texas. No one was hurt that time but he was obviously fired and the fact that he was given another chance is insane. Everyone around here knows it’s drug related because we all know him as an junkie idiot, we thought he was clean because he plays a good sober act but we were very wrong. There have been a lot of comments about the Russian community and I’d like to say that none of are defending him we’re saddened and disgusted by this tragedy. I have so much respect for veterans and all bikers, I pray for them and their loved ones.

The fact that he was ever hired to begin with is the real crime here. People like this are what they are. He should be held accountable for what he has done, but he never would’ve had that opportunity had this company not hired him in the first place.


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