East Hartford Mother Wanted For Blackmailing Friend She Caught Sexually Assaulting Her 6 Year Old Son For $120 To Not Call Police


The East Hartford Police and Hartford Courant published an announcement yesterday afternoon looking for a mother who is wanted for blackmailing a man after she found out that he raped her 6 year old son. Her name is Angel-Marie Carillo.

However, her name has since been completely scrubbed from the Courant’s article (although it still comes up when you search for her name because you can never really erase something from the Internet).

I have no idea why they’re protecting this woman, because what she allegedly did was was one of the lowest things a mother could do.

She invited this man into her house, found pictures of him sexually assaulting her son AND other children, and instead of contacting the police she blackmailed him into paying her $120 not to turn him in. Then she ended up turning him in anyway, and got away with it for three months until police discovered text messages between the two of them. She didn’t care that by not turning him in this violent sexual offender could potentially hurt more children, because $120 is $120.

And by the looks of her constant whining on Facebook, she could use the money.

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She and her “wife” have been mooching off the system for years.

But all that free money from the government wasn’t enough to pay her bills, and she was willing to sacrifice the safety of children all over Connecticut for an extra $120.

Here’s the worst part – this diddler admits that he’s raped DOZENS of children, and is a well known sex offender.


A timeline of how the state of Connecticut treats child rapists like Paul Grimsley:

  • Convicted of molesting a child in 2002.
  • Gets out 2 years later.
  • Violates parole three times by looking at kiddie porn.
  • Admits to probation officers that he’s raped exactly 58 children.
  • Goes to jail.
  • Gets out.
  • Moves in with this skag.
  • Rapes her kid and others.

I don’t know who cares about the safety of children less – the mother who brought a well known child rapist around her two kids, or the judges who let this well known child rapist out of prison in the first place.

He didn’t just offend once. He sexually assault fifty freaking eight freaking kids!! Not 55 or 60. Just plain 58. He keeps an exact count. Sexually assaulting children is the only thing he knows how to do, yet he wasn’t incarcerated already.

And this is ironic.

Say what you want about Lynette Scavo, but she cares about her kids on Desperate Housewives and in real life. And, she might not be perfect, and occasionally will bribe someone to take her kid’s SATs, but she’d never accept $120 from a monster who sexually assaulted her children in order to stay silent.

What we still don’t know is, why did the Hartford Courant publish her name, and then take it out?

It it was an accident they’d issue a retraction. Instead they just took it out and pretended like we all didn’t see it. Shady.


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