East Providence Mother Starts Fundraiser For Kids 5 Days Before Christmas Despite Pictures Displaying Tattoos, Jewelry, Booze, And Blunts


We live in a society where shame no longer exists, and consequently you see posts like this from an East Providence mother five days before Christmas.

According to her Facebook page she works at “Mommy drinks wine and swears.”

And that certainly appears to be the case based on her Facebook pictures.

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That tunnel right there is sloppier than the Big Dig.

This woman evidently wants the public to pay for her children’s Christmas on December 20. She just got a part time job, which is swell and all, but might I suggest finding employment in at least September or October next year in order to avoid having this problem. She says she’s a single mother with three kids who recently obtained part time employment, which means she qualifies for every form of assistance ever. Or she could just ask this guy to chip in.

The worst part is how they try to guilt you into it by using their kids as props. Meanwhile her Facebook page shows that she has plenty of money for booze, tattoos, jewelry, blunts, and cocktail dresses. All of those things were more important to her than making sure she was able to give her kids Christmas gifts. Every person who gives money to her is telling her that this sort of financial mismanagement is OK. The she’ll learn absolutely nothing from this and do it again next year. What people like this really need is to hear the truth – your priorities suck, you’re lazy, you’re not a victim of a tragedy, and it’s no one else’s job to finance your Christmas.


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