Easton Police Reveal Women Lied About Attack On Trump T-Shirt Vendor, They Double Down With More Lies


TB Daily News published a blog yesterday casting doubt on a Facebook post out of Easton, alleging that the police did nothing after a man running a Trump t-shirt stand was assaulted by multiple vans full of people.

The Brockton Enterprise saw this story and decided to look into it themselves. Turns out our premonition was correct.

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Of course instead of just admitting that they found out about this story by reading TB Daily News, they cited “social media” as their source, which is what mainstream media outlets now do in order to avoid being accused of libel. But at least they got the story right and verified that our gut feeling was accurate.

A Facebook post claimed a veteran selling Trump 2020 merchandise on the side of the road was “attacked” by people who jumped out of vans, spit on the man and drove off – all while a police officer, who was directing traffic nearby, told the victim there was “nothing he could do.” But police say the incident didn’t occur as reported on social media. They say the woman who made the post wasn’t actually present when the incident occurred and that the alleged victim described a “very different encounter” – one in which the officer who was accused of idly standing by had actually already left the scene.

Deputy Police Chief Keith Boone told The Enterprise that police only learned of a potential incident on Monday morning, after the Facebook posts were brought to the department’s attention.

Translation – the Deputy Chief found out about it because he reads TB Daily News.

This of course contradicts the alleged eye witness testimony from Sandra Duhamel.

Beehive Betsy claimed she was “across the street watching,” and was the primary source for these allegations. Now she’s accusing me of being a “typical lib” for putting words in her mouth.

Particularly her own words.

As it turns out the other “witness,” LoriAnn Johnson, wasn’t really a witness, and the man running the stand was her employee.

On Monday morning, Boone said he read the Facebook posts and spoke with the officer who was working on Sunday. He said the officer was “quite puzzled” by the post because he wasn’t approached by anyone, nor was anything reported to the Police Department during any of Sunday’s shifts. Boone said he asked the officer to locate the woman who posted that the officer had done nothing in order to determine if she was a witness to a crime and to help police locate a potential victim.

“The officer was able to locate and speak with her Monday and learned that she was not present, nor did she know exactly what had occurred, other than her employee was the alleged victim involved and spoke to her after the incident took place,” Boone said.

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Hate to see it.

She lied about the number of people involved in the incident, and their ethnicity.

The woman told police that three vans pulled up in front of her employee while he was at the corner of Turnpike and Foundry streets and that “15 Spanish looking people jumped out,” Boone said. She claimed that they surrounded the worker, spat on him and called him racial slurs. She told the officer she was under the impression that he tried to speak to an officer and that nothing could be done.

A group of 15 Latino immigrants attacking a white American Trump supporter would certainly mobilize the base and lead to more t-shirt sales. She knows this, which is why she chose to lie.

The employee insinuated that she was lying too.

Police also contacted the man who had been selling merchandise on Sunday.

“He described a very different encounter than previously explained to the officer,” Boone said. “In fact, he stated that approximately 20 to 30 minutes after the motorcycle run had gone through the intersection and the police officer had left, a ‘tinted Audi truck’ pulled into the parking lot.” The man told police that two people – a man and a woman – exited the vehicle and yelled at him. They called him racial slurs and spat on the ground, he said, but did not spit on him, as was reported on social media.

“He was asked if either of them physically harmed him or attacked him in any way. He stated they had not,” Boone said. “He was asked if he attempted to speak with a police officer or contacted the Easton Police Department at any time regarding the incident. He stated that he had not.”

The man told police he didn’t report the incident because “it was just verbal,” Boone said. Police asked the man about the possibility of 15 people being involved or any vans being present during the encounter. He told officers a brown van was in the corner of the parking lot, but no one got out of it or approached him.

I think we can all picture two liberals seeing a stand like this, stopping their car, and getting into an argument with this guy. After all, Trump Derangement Syndrome is very real. All she had to do was just say that happened and she’d get support from MAGA people. But instead she chose to embellish it (a lot), and threw in that they were Latino in order to increase already simmering racial tensions in this country. However, instead of just admitting that she lied LoriAnn is now blaming her employee for “exaggerating” the story to her (which she blindly reported as fact anyway), blaming the Enterprise for reporting quotes that her employee and the police gave to the reporter, and claiming that the employee didn’t go to the police because he was embarrassed.

Keep in mind that she was explicitly clear previously that the employee went to the police and they did nothing.

This led to anti-police rhetoric and more t-shirt sale for her.

She had the chance to clear this up with the Enterprise but she chose to lie on Facebook instead.

Johnson, who posted the initial comments on Facebook, didn’t respond to a request for comment. Boone said he was disappointed and that it was unfortunate some members of the community would berate an officer on social media based on the circumstances.

This is what people do now. They insulate themselves in bubbles and don’t talk to anyone outside of it, because they know that no one inside the bubble would ever question a story that goes along with the narrative the group is trying to push. Social media and cable TV have conditioned us to surround ourselves with people who don’t challenge what we say, so long as the narrative is confirmed. In Jussie’s case it was “Trump inspires hate crimes,” and in LoriAnna and Sandra’s case it was “We’re victims of illegal immigrants too.”

Who cares if an innocent police officer gets dragged through the mud?

“The officer in question is one of our newer officers who was raised in town and takes great pride in serving his community. He, along with all of our officers, strive each day to make Easton a great place to live, work and raise a family,” he said. “We all try to create positive interactions with the community on a daily basis and the notion that an officer would turn his or her back on someone being attacked is outrageous. But, we can only control what we can control and will continue to set out each day committed to delivering excellent police services to the town.”

As long as LoriAnn can sell more t-shirts.

Despite the police and the employee confirming that Lori and Sandra lied about the incident they and their supporters are doubling down by framing this as a liberal mainstream media coverup.

The facts don’t matter anymore. The only thing that matters is the narrative, and it doesn’t matter how you get to the narrative, so long as you get there. This is why you should question everything you see and get your news exclusively from TB Daily News. Because we aren’t beholden to any person or narrative, we just report the facts.


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