Every Single Senate Democrat Voted To Confirm Rachael Rollins For US Attorney Despite Threatening To File False Police Report Against Reporter On TV 


In case you missed the news, Road Rage Rollins was confirmed by the Senate yesterday to become United States Attorney for Massachusetts.

Every single Democrat voted for a woman who knew she was being filmed, and still threatened to make up a charge against a reporter who wanted to ask her about why she used her state issued vehicle to threaten a woman in traffic. A woman who openly abuses the power of her office, doesn’t prosecute violent crimes, attacks the free press, and constantly uses race to deflect whenever she is caught in a scandal. There is no such thing as a moderate Democrat.

You know a candidate is bad when even people like Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski can’t vote for them. Not since 1975 has this happened. These nominations are supposed to be a simple and smooth process, but this one wasn’t, and most of that is thanks to Katie Lawson – the Dorchester woman who Rollins threatened in traffic last Christmas Eve. She joined me on the Live Show 3 weeks ago to talk about this at the 47 minute mark.

Tonight she’ll be on Tucker Carlson at 8 PM on Fox News, so make sure you’re tuning in to that. Afterwards she’ll be joining me on the Live Show again at 9 PM, so make sure you’re subscribing to our channel by clicking here.

The big reason this failed is because Republicans wasted time painting her as weak on crime. Newsflash – Democrats like that. Telling them that she’s not going to prosecute criminals is music to their ears.

But what they should’ve done is just play that tape over and over again of her harassing a reporter. Not once was it shown at any of the hearings, and I guarantee not one Democratic Senator even saw it. Now all of a sudden after it’s too late Fox News is interested in hearing Katie’s story. It’s like Republicans want to lose just so they can complain about liberals running amok.

The bottom line here is that elections have consequences. Republicans could’ve easily won the Senate if they showed up to vote in the Georgia runoff election on January 5. Instead Trump told them their votes didn’t matter, even though David Perdue had beaten Jon Ossoff in November, and thousands of Republicans didn’t bother showing up. Democrats did though, because winning is actually important to the communist. And without election wins you can’t get people like Rachael Rollins into office.

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