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Exposing Chef Mike Fucci Part 4 – Wage Theft, Attorney General Investigation, More GoFundMes, Abusing The Elderly


Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this series to catch up. We will be discussing all of this in detail tomorrow night on the Live Show at 9 PM. Anyone who has been victimized is welcome to call into the show. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Chef Mike Fucci was supposed to do a Zoom call at 6 PM yesterday explaining himself.

But apparently he didn’t have time to come up with a good enough lie so he cancelled.

During one of Fucci’s many video posts begging for people to give him money to receive treatment for stomach cancer he knew he didn’t have, he mentioned how one person he “thought he loved to death” told him “who cares” when he told her he was sick (1:40).

He was referring to a woman he had been dating and lying to for several months. Mike is married to his business partner Jennifer Fucci and lives with her at her parent’s house in Newton. His girlfriend found out about that after speaking with the mother of the child Mike abandoned from another affair, and refuses to pay child support for. Here’s a message he sent the mother of his child, accusing her of not putting his feelings and needs over the needs of the son he has never met or paid child support towards.

Every time I think I can’t be more disgusted by this person he finds a new way to prove me wrong.

After discovering the truth about him in January his latest girlfriend dumped him, and in a desperate appeal to prevent her from leaving him he made up the lie about having cancer. She told him “who cares” because she knew he was lying, as everything he hd told her had turned out to be a lie.

But he had actually been staying at her apartment so often that he voluntarily paid her rent, knowing he had outstanding child support and many other debts that needed to be paid. When she dumped him he sent her this email, telling her that he was going to spend the thousands of dollars he had in cash at the casino instead of helping her with rent.

Mike didn’t just sleep with women on the side, he promised them the moon and the stars. Since she dumped Mike he has been using dozens of burner accounts to contact her, accusing her of being abusive to him, painting himself as the one who was trying to help her, apologizing, threatening to take her to court, accusing her of being a junkie and a bad mother who “murdered my heart,” and telling her that he wanted to marry her.

Every relationship he has always ends with him portraying himself as the victim and gaslighting the other person into feeling bad for him. He always tells his victims that they are the problem, not him.

During the pandemic Mike sought out media attention, constantly portraying himself as a successful business owner who was getting screwed over by Charlie Baker’s mandates. Here he was on NBC 10, demanding that the government step in to help his restaurant.

Meanwhile, the government was giving money away to restaurants left and right. He was either too lazy to apply for a PPP loan or had some something he had to hide from the government that prevented him from doing so.

Nevertheless, his supposed activism was popular in right wing circles so he sought out the attention of people like Gerry Callahan and Howie Carr, appearing on both of their shows.

He became so popular that Geoff Diehl got him to host a fundraiser to support his campaign for governor, which barely lost to Maura Healey by 30 points.

In fairness, Diehl is arguably as big a con-artist as Fucci.

Chef Mike told people that he was the biggest threat to Charlie Baker in the state, and became a target of his administration as a result of his activism. He accused Baker of sending Attorney General Maura Healey after him, even though she didn’t serve in Baker’s cabinet. During a stream Mikes said he “murdalized Charlie Baker so bad in the press” that he sent that “little f*** face Maura Healey,” but that his attorney “chewed up up and spit her out.” He briefly flashed documents that he wanted people to believe were the AGO coming after him for violating COVID mandates.

But if you look closely at the documents you will see that the letters from Maura Healey were about alleged wage theft at his business, and dated February 19, 2020 – weeks before any sort of restrictions were put on businesses like his.

If you look closely it says that the 3 people he didn’t pay wages to – Karel Darosa, Douglas Bearse, and Kenneth Dascoli – were on a Department of Corrections work release program called 103 CMR 464. This program lets convicts who are still in jail work outside of jail, and has strict guidelines about deductions from their paycheck so that victim witness fees are paid. I assume that the state must supplement business owners who participate in this, because why would someone hire a person who is currently incarcerated instead of person who isn’t? Darosa was in jail for stabbing someone on the way home from a boy scout meeting! Was he that desperate for workers that this was all he could find, or was he being paid by the state to take them in?

Either way, he didn’t pay them, and they’re not the only ones. If you’ll recall in Part 1, Mike received a negative review on Google after accepting $6K from a church youth center and not catering a Christmas event they were holding.

But there’s a bigger story behind that. The reason that Mike didn’t cater the event is because all of his employees quit because they weren’t being paid. Fucci texted the one remaining employee on Christmas morning asking for his help. This employee was owed $3,500 already, and as a result was unable to afford Christmas gifts. The employee believed Mike to be a legitimate business owner due to his standing in the community, promotion in the media, and his promises to get people on the Food Network like he was.





The employee was a hard worker who found $140 worth of losing scratch tickets in the trash while cleaning Mike’s office, and couldn’t believe that he could afford to play the lottery but not his employees.


Fucci claimed they were gifts, but that was obviously a lie.

He then continued to give the employee the run around for weeks, always making up excuses for why he didn’t have the money.

He also dodged this employee previously by making up a lie about hiding out in Vermont because he knocked out a “made guy.”

Another employee quit after never being paid because he catered a wedding with raw chicken, and they were so disgusted by it that they didn’t pay Mike.

Working and not getting paid was such a common theme that I haven’t heard from a single employee who ever was paid. One employee was owed $6K before getting blocked by Fucci on Facebook, who would taunt them bragging about blowing thousands of dollars at the casino. This employee reported temper tantrums in which Fucci punched holes in the wall and destroyed televisions.

If Mike had applied for a PPP loan the government would’ve paid for his employees’ wages. Instead he started a GoFundMe that raised over $15K and pocketed the cash.

In the description it said that he didn’t qualify for PPP loans, but didn’t explain why.

He even lied afterwards and said that it was mostly family members, not customers, who donated to the GoFundMe.

Mike was infamous for treating his employees in a disparaging manner that made customers uncomfortable. He made this post on IG explaining himself.

But he wasn’t just rude to employees, he was also incredibly horrid to customers. Here’s a video he posted complaining about an 85 year old man who complained that he couldn’t walk on the sidewalk because Mike hadn’t shoveled in front of his store. He told the elderly man to “go get a f***ing shovel” and stop “busting my balls over a snow pile that’s got nothing to do with me.”

Mike obviously wasn’t paying his rent in Needham and they eventually kicked him out. There was some suspicious damage in the building that police are still investigating. He was running out of options, needed cash, and came up with the cancer lie.

But the craziest part about all this is that Mike Fucci isn’t even a real cook. Stay tuned for Part 5 coming next week.


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